I really don't know what I did in my past life to deserve you girls, but my promise is to just keep working harder and to keep becoming better. 💪💪

@ivyyt Thank you for making me cry in #BKK. 😭😭😭 And for all the #OBCHICKS who have made our lives so so so so so different. @chenshiqi @boshifang @thenniel @mrschow_yiiyin @chowchowsheep We are all thankful, gratefuk and super duper appreciative. ♥️♥️♥️

#OBC #ourbraletteclub

Shall share photos of the cheddar cheese toast since we're waiting at the airport.

This is from After You! I quite like how the cheese and butter are salty. 😅😅😅 After You is the only dessert we constantly go back to after every trip 😍

Strawberries from a whole sale can that only cost us 80 baht for 1kg LOL.

I really love the neighbourhood our hotel is situated in. Bustling with activity but without too much foot traffic and super local!!

We wake up to sweet crepes outside our hotel and come back to zichar stalls at our doorstep. ♥️ Also, the entire street has about 10-13 24 hour convenience stores so you never get the feeling of like ~danger~ at night.

There's also this claypot steamboat place that opens till late and is just super amazing to have at 2am. Except that I have the constant fear that the pot will topple over and give me first degree burns. 🔥

It's super local tho! And damn comforting.

Sticky rice and the BEST Larb and Grilled beef/pork salad. ✌️

We're back in SG guys!! But give me some time to KO first k cos we only slept for 2 hours last night. 😅😅😅

Paiseh paiseh but I promise to reply all the comments from the previous post and update on launches!! ✌️✌️

Just sent out an emailer guys! It contains details of the next restock and launch!! ✌️

If you wanna get more reminders or join our mailing list, more information can be found on our telegram channel @OBCAMP ✌️✌️

#OBC #ourbraletteclub #obcamp #obcrew

I messed up and there's a typo in the link for OURBRALETTECLUB.COM

I am fool with fat fingers and they went to http://www.outbraletteclub.com instead. 😂😂 BUT GUESS WHAT. I bought the domain instead HAHAHAHAHAH. NOW YOU CAN NOW GO TO Outbraletteclub.com and still not get lost.

Thanks internet. For saving me from being a fool.

Do remember to check your junk and promotions folders! 😅

Btw if you just signed up for the emailer, you'll still be able to receive the previous email I sent. 😚😚

So don't worry! ♥️

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