We're having way too much fun unpacking. This is @chenshiqi trying to pull off a Kendall Jenner with the Peekaboo Lace #bralette.

The new gen of this is so much stretchier and prettier 😍 HAHA. Will be available in the restock as well! In both black and white hehe. 😅

#ourbraletteclub #obc

Woohoo! It's 2:40AM and I finally got some time to lie down and Dayre heh. I love Dayre-ing because I actually get to note down what happens in my day and look upon it and laugh. 😂😂 Super zilian but nevermind. I secretly see and laugh myself happy 🙈🙈

So this is what went down last night…

As you girls know, I was up late sending the emailed out cos I wanted to give #OBChicks an earlier notice. 😂 I told @boshifang and @thenniel to go sleep early around 12AM cos we were all dead beat from the early flight and late nights.

LOL but after I was done with the emailer at around 2:30AM and went to sleep, I don't rmb falling asleep immediately. But I feel like my brain was still awake and I knowing of my surroundings.

I kept seeing things flash past around me even tho my eyes were closed and I felt like there were ants under my skin.

BUT THE SCARIEST PART was that I couldn't will my eyes to open or for my hands to move no matter how hard I tried. I even tried screaming but all that came out was like very slight sounds. 😂😂😂 fail max. And super scary.

Actually it isn't my first time getting sleep paralysis la.

It usually happens when I'm really really tired and my body "falls asleep" even though my brain isn't completely yet. So my brain can't will my body to move even tho I'm making a conscious effort to do so. 🤔🤔

It happened about 5-6 times last night and I eventually got so tired I fell asleep.

Hehe actually I fell asleep in Husband Ng's arms. I'm really scared of the dark since young and it has always been my dream to marry someone so I don't have to sleep alone.

I used to sleep with in between my mum and dad till the ripe old age of 8-9 years old (Primary 2-3??) and migrated to sleep on the floor next to her bed while holding her hand (and eventually her feet cos her hand got tired) until I was Primary 6 😂😂😂😂

So I'm actually really happy that Husband Ng and I got married young so I don't have to sleep alone anymore.

But I still sleep with my blankie covering my feet cos I'm afraid I'll get grabbed by monsters under my bed and I always face the side where the bed ends cos I'm paranoid that something will pop up behind my back.

I'm not worried about the other side cos I know Husband Ng has got me covered.

Aiya moral of this long winded story is that…

I have tiny balls 😂😂

But really. I am scared of the dark and I'm scared to be alone at home sometimes. I'm learning to overcome these and slowly but surely I know I'll learn to do so.

My friends always say my balls are damn big but honestly…don't have la. My real balls are small 😂😂✌🏻️

Also, being scared keeps you alive

So don't worry if you're a scaredy cat like me ok! HAHAHAHA. I'm scared of my Husband going overseas without me, scared of my parents falling ill, scared of my bills coming in, scared of my car spoiling, scared of disappointing my #obchicks, scared of taking risks and scared of not taking risks.

But in the end, I believe that it's my fear and pushing myself to overcoming them that makes me a better person altogether.

Ya la, sometimes I have huge balls like when I left school or when I threw all my money into this business. But behind those balls are a truckload of fears I have decided to compress and put into a little jar that I carry along. 💪🏻

Without fear, there's no motivation to overcome and improve. How to become a better person if you're not challenged? Right? ✌🏻️

Anyway, uh, sleep paralysis if you're reading this pls don't come and find me tonight.

I know I said facing fears is good but I'm seriously tired tonight. Can I take a raincheck? 😂😂😂

Oh and btw, the floral wonderlands arrived today!

We've been packing and packing and packing and packing but it still feels like we're too slow. 😞😞😞

I've been trying to find methods to refine our logistics process and even reading some research papers in my free time to improve on this but by being so involved in the process makes it slightly difficult to take a step back and just stop and think about it.

But I'm really appreciative that you girls have been nothing but patient. ❤️️

Thank you for seeing us grow and for being here for us along the way. 💪🏻 it really feels like we're growing not just as a business, but also as a community ❤️️

The amount of love and respect you girls have given me are way more than whatever I could have ever asked for and in return, we spend ALL our time devoted to making #OBC better, safer and more protected than it is yesterday.

To my friends @boshifang who works a full time job while juggling his school work and still finds time to come over to help and @chenshiqi who has so many cat worries and potential jobs to handle, I am always always always thankful for the amount of time and effort as well as fun joy and laughter you have brought me. 😂😂 It wouldn't have been so easy without you guys. Thank you for believing in #OBC before the world saw us for who we could be.

And to my brother and sister in law, @chowchowsheep @mrschow_yiiyin Thank you for the endless support, kind words and super cute kid who makes me want to work harder and become better so one day he can be proud of who I am and want to become an #OBCBB too.

And also, to my Husband, thank you for believing in me despite all the failed business attempts and big fluffy dreams. Thank you for never failing to take my ideas seriously, and for seeing my potential and always pushing me to reach it.

Thank you for holding me through sleepless nights and for smoothing out my brows when they are furrowed. For holding back your tongue when I am obviously being an idiot and for cleaning up my messes after.

I know I tell many girls that they don't need a man to feel confident, and that we can be happy as long as we are proud of our own bodies but I never tell them that it is you that helped me realise that too. Thank you for being so open minded about everything and for wanting me to be the best version of myself every single day. I adore you 🙈

Oops, not sure how it got so mushy in the end. 😂😂🙈🙈 paiseh. 😅😅

But as we move to our website (ourbraletteclub.com) for the launch, I hope every one of you girls, whether the buyers, the chatters or the silently reading supporters know that we will never have been able to go this far without you. ❤️️

Thank you for being the heart and soul and the foundation by which #ourbraletteclub is built on. And what a strong foundation it is indeed 💕

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