Goodbye February! ♥️

I always have a love hate relationship with February because it's the shortest month of the year. That means if I'm having a bad month, good riddance and good bye faster. But when I'm having something jolly going on, then 28 days is really way too little 😂

This Feb has passed wayyyy to quickly for me. I feel like I haven't even had time to get to know it, and now it's gone.

But oh well, guess we can all only look forward to march now 😅

Things that went down in Feb

We launched our first major backorder in Jan 2017 for Valentine's day and it was a HUGE thing to me. 😂

I still remember sitting on my bed and sweating my butt off because we were launching the preorders and I was nervous about the uptake. 😅😅

So funny how the response for these were do much better after we closed the preorders and the actual stocks came 😂

Is it because got me to model?? 😅😅😅

The packing was insane tho cos I was super ambitious and wanted to tag the bralettes with our brand card and a short description of each bralette.

But so worth it! Because we really thought long and hard find a suitable name for each design and even tho we didn't design nor manufacture these ourselves hehe. It was still fun to be involved in packing! ❤️️

Seriously super pretty and I wish I had the luxury of time to do this for ALL the bralettes.

But then again my ultimate priority is speed so I rather spend time mailing orders out quickly. And also to keep costs low which is why we don't rly have pretty packaging and our polymailers sometimes look like trash bags 😂😂😂😂😂

I run my business the same way I run my life. 😂 if no plastic bag equals cheaper stuff. I dowan plastic thanks. 😂😂

All processed and ready to be packed and shipped.

My first vday with #OBC was spectacular even without flowers, champagne and a romantic candlelight dinner. 😍😍 I think I will remember this Valentine's for years to come.

By the universe's generosity, we took a break from #obc duties and watched a musical 😂😂

If you wanna know how we got free tickets without the intention of getting any, you can read my post on @braintango:030217

This was kind of the highlight of my month because the kindness and generosity of strangers around me really made me so happy. Uplifted even!! 😍

So I will remember to pass it on everyday. 💪

Went back to my favourite city in the world (besides SG and PVG) and with my favouritest people in the world no less.

We had such a great time despite sleeping only 4 hours every night on average and despite it being a super short trip. ♥️♥️

I love you BKK forever and ever. I love you food, your people, your crazy jams and grey streets. 😍

I love your food.

More food #afteryou

And the awesome hotel I always stay in. 😎

This little bugger grows way to quickly! 😂 @mrschow_yiiyin ♥️♥️

He's been so adorable and chubby recently and watching him grow up has made me realised how fast time goes by and how much I can miss in the blink of an eye.

I am just happy that he still is a part of my life and that he is still willing to lie in my arms like a little marshmallow because I know soon enough he will be running around like a little rascal.

#dayremummies you guys seriously are champions.

I swear I've had enough suppers to last me an entire life just this month alone. 😂😂😂 Super unhealthy. But Aiya. What to do.

We typically start work at 10am and end at around 2am which means…SUPPER TIME!! 😎 Our favourite spots are Rochor Beancurd at Geylang and BBQ box at Kallang HAHaha. Otherwise it will be Mr Prata near home.

Anyone with supper spots in the east that are fabulous please let me know!!!! 🎉🎉

I love suppers and I cannot lie 🙈

Oh man HAHAH. Another 4am sleep time. 😂😂 I always find it hilarious cos sometimes when I go to sleep my mum is already awake. She sleeps at 8/9pm and wakes at 5am to do her stuff and go for her morning walk.

Anyway I'm turning back Dayre time just to conclude my post properly! February is gone now and by the time this goes up we'll be 4 hours into March which is so scary!

Truly is a too many things to little time kind of situation. 😂

Anyway, I've been posting very little product updates on Dayre nowadays because I realised how easy it is to be consumed by work. And also cos there's really quite a lot of buzz going on around here right now over bralettes!

So I'll try to share more about my daily life instead! If you're not already in our closed FB group ( , well you should!

I post more freely there, kind of like when #obc first started out and I flooded my Dayre with try on pics. 😂😂

This morning I asked for help to post "moving stickers" cos I was so n00b 😂😂😂 So come chat with me there! I also post quite a lot of pics about new designs I'm considering bringing in! I feel like it's a more organised way to allow feedback on certain designs. ✌️

Aiya you see you see. I say I won't talk about work so much but I all I talk about is work anyway. 😂😂😂😂😂

Goodbye February! I hope that with our goodbye I also bid farewell to my nervous stress habit of clenching and gritting my teeth 24/7. 😂😂

See you guys in March!!! ✌️

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