I hope you guys are having an awesome Friday! 💪

Today I wanted to share a little about all the not so nice things that are going on in my life. 😂 I know there's always this suspicion that people on SM try to mask reality by creating a perfect life on IG, FB or even Dayre. And that like you only see the good stuff not the bad.

I think it's true tho that we try to censor the negative stuff when sharing, but I don't think it's because we try to make the rest of the world jealous 🙈

I think it's not true that people who want to share only positive and perfect things on their social media are just trying to achieve a portrait of a perfect life.

At least not for me la! 😂 I only share the good stuff because there's already so much negativity going around. If I have the ability to share some thoughts, it will mean more to me if I put some good vibes up for circulation. Cos it's a circulation and it will ultimately come back to make me happy too.

It took me awhile to realise this because for quite sometime, I believed that the only way I could write moving, touching stories were if I channelled all my energy into turning sadness into words. (If you're interested in reading, I used to blog at braintango.wordpress.com)

I think it's only after coming to Dayre that I realised that there's already so much sadness going around. That everyone needs a funny story to help brighten their day. ☀️

Granted, no one can ever have 100 days of positivity and 200 days of smiles. But I guess the good thing is that we all try and it really helps that we do. 👏🏻

Even if the story starts out bad, I'm sure there's a way to make it good in the end. After all, this is life right? No matter how bad things get and how bleak your world seems, there's always a chance to make things better as long as you're alive. 💪🏻

And while the saying is so old, it really does make enough sense. When you're trapped in the darkest and deepest well, the only way you can look is up. And at the end of the tunnel, you'll see the bright light that tells you, just keep swimming. Everything will be ok. 💪🏻

Which is why today I'm gonna share about the things that are jialat in my life and try turning them around! Afterall…


When Sai Weng loses his prized horse, it might be a good thing in the end. ✌️if you all don't know this story, let me know I can attempt to explain also HAHAHAHAHAHAH

#truestory #nojoke

Those who have come to my place to self collect anything would have known that I live in a Terrace house…So 3 stories.

The first floor is the common space which belongs to both my mum and I. Which means I try not to keep any of the #obc stocks here cos not very pleasing to the eye ah 😅😅

The second floor is basically my mum's personal space for her bedroom is there and LOL. I don't dare to piss her off.

The third floor is my domain LOL so I helm over 3 rooms.


The amount of walking space left is probably 25% and I basically have stocks LITTERED EVERYWHERE. I have to empty like easily a huge refugee bag of trash everyday and basically want to kill myself. 😅😅😅😅

Plus you get those little films of plastic from the polymailer seal thing AND THOSE ARE THE SHIT TO WORK WITH. THEY CLING TO YOU LIKE SUPERGLUE OMG.

Ya HAHAHA and we ran out of toilet paper on the 3rd floor yesterday but I got no time to go replenish cos OMGGGG so many things happening at the same time.

Initially we ran out in my room and then we stole from the guest toilet. But now both are out so….HAHAHAHAH. Uh we just using packet tissue now FOL.

I'll go buy later 😂😂😂😂

The good thing is that…

I actually have enough things to fill up the entire space and having more stock = growing business!! So yay!!! ♥️

Plus, I actually have enough space at home to run #obc out of it instead of needing to rent a storage space elsewhere. Yes things are messy now, but things are great. And although I'm going crazy from living in this mess, my time is spent on meaningful things and the mess is symbolic of all the b00bies we are virtually hugging ✌️✌️

Beyond the house I'm living in, I received a phone call from my contractor the other day (who btw has been MIA since the week before CNY) and he told me my toilet bowl was broken.

Broken as in smashed broken.

😂😂😂 I have always been damn proud of how my toilet bowl arrived from #taobao without harm. But after leaving it in my new home for 2 months, it got brokened 😂😂😂😂😂😂

I used to be damn enthusiastic about #dayrehomes but then my contractor kept delaying and I lost steam 😢

My initial reaction was to accuse him of breaking my toilet bowl cos LOL if not him then me ah?

But then Aiya no point right? Cos I accuse him he won't say yes and the only thing that will happen is that he will think I'm crazy.

SO I'm just going to buy another toilet bowl from Singapore instead. #life.


The good thing is…

I'll just treat it as a reminder from the universe to not be cheapo when it comes to important stuff LIKE YOUR FREAKING TOILET BOWL.

Regardless of who broke it, what is done is done. Who knows maybe after I install the toilet bowl it will crack under the weight of my butt and it will cost even more to reinstall it. So…Better now then later I guess!!

Plus what if it's cos this toilet bowl won't be able to flush away my poop!!??? 😱😱

It's taking me quite long to talk about this because I generally don't deal with death that well despite having quite a few experiences with it.

Daniel's grandmother (his father's mama) has been sick for awhile now and she moved in to my in laws place a few months back so she could receive specialised care.

The past week has been extra difficult for the family because her condition worsened and she suffered a second stroke while she was home.

I think the person who had it worst is of course, Daniel's Papa who although doesn't show it was considerably affected by this.

Some of the conversations we had included quality of life and how death is not as scary as living without the basic enjoyments life provides. Before her second stroke, Daniel's grandmother who although wasn't mobile, was capable of eating solid food. The second stroke took away that luxury and she was put on a liquid diet.

We talked about how it could still be considered a life worth living if she was already deprived of most of the comfortable things we simply fail to take note of everyday.

This sparked a conversation between Daniel and I about what we'd like done should we be in the same situation. Easy for Daniel la, he just said let him die. Cos what's the point right.

But to me, at that point of time, it's less about you and more about the people around you.

Like I guess when you're that far gone, you being alive is more of a consolation for your family and to give them time to accept the truth. I also dk, but I guess when you no longer have that much of a consciousness, and you can help to make the transition easier………….


But anyway, Daniel's grandmother passed away this morning. And she's what sparked this post of positivity.

I think it's really easy to get lost in your own sadness or that of others, but it's difficult to shine your own light.

All week, we've been struggling to pack all the orders and it's been especially difficult for Daniel who had to shuttle between work and family. But we decided not to give in to the negativity and find ways to see the light instead.

So, regarding the good in this, I'm happy Grandma is in a better place now that doesn't involve any pain or sadness.

And I'm happy that she had a life well lived to the ripe age of 91.

I'm happy she had her son's with her and her grandchildren too. And I'm happy I managed to see her evrerytime we visited our in laws and that Daniel got to spend time with her too.

There's always sadness in death no matter the age or the reason. But instead of focusing on the losses, we should remember the gains we had in life and the moments shared.

Of course it's difficult and even as a new family addition that barely knew Grandma, I can already feel the sadness radiating and bouncing off the roofs. No doubt about the family who have known her all their lives.

But I guess that's life. And we just got to keep moving forward.

Thank you @peoneve for making my night better ♥️

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