I'll update my panty post tomorrow cos by the time I finished packing last night, it was 3am LOLOLOL.

But that's not important. What's important is….

@modebeauaimer our #TTGOTM has posted wahahaha. Please go check it out ♥️

This girl is damn hard-working and joining the likes of @angieishikawa and @poppy1308, she altered the Mini Padded Midi to a cross back so it fits better.

No need to alter the cups guys!!!! Just need to alter the straps. So smart!! ♥️♥️

Throwback Thursday: Valentine's Day Extra Instocks

We're counting and tagging sizes now LOL. So fail need to manually cut poor thing 😅😅😅

And will release the extra stocks on Thursday! For the exact timing, follow us on Telegram or our mailing list. Will also update our OBCHICKS group to confirm the designs we will be releasing! 💪💪

The usual favorites like the forget me not, hush hush and not so secret admirer will all be back in stock.

For the PPGs, there will be pink XL for the FMN sets so if you want it, remember to check them out on Thursday!! 💪💪

So what's next for #OBC?

We have some extra exciting news to reveal this weekend (hopefully) and new designs coming in next week, on top of the panty post that I'm slowly trying to finish up on 😅

Will definitely share some images of the new designs which I personally think are super interesting!!! 💪

Like this gorgeous piece with a crochet T-BACK and comes in this rust colour. ♥️

Comes with a super cute forked link with the cups, front gold clasp and underwire with no padding. The cups are also very distinct and there's a little peekaboo effect between both cups 😍😍😍

I forgot to add that the front clasp bralette will also be available in… what I think is teal 😍😍😍

And of course, ever faithful black. ♥️♥️♥️

And remember this? 😍♥️♥️♥️♥️

I finally negotiated a better price and a price I feel I'm willing to pay for. So we are gonna put it up for real!!!!

So pretty. Will definitely wear this as a top when I'm going out at night…Which is never cos the only going out we do is to geylang for supper 😭😭😭😂😂😂

And also because I'm a creature of comfort, I also brought in these padded but no underwire bra (lette)s that are more simple and less racey.

I really really really love simple stuff for a change sometimes because they can be so underrated. So some days I wanna let my boobs take a chill pill and not be so ostentatious.

I think this is the first bralette ever without lace HAHA. By my definitions this is still a bralette 😂

I think the little rose with its 2 cute green leaves are damn cute?????? HAHAHAHAHA. Or is it just me.

#dayremummies this is a good potential design for your boobies too!!

HAHA ok I'm sold. I love the flowers. I'm gonna keep the black and nude for myself. 😍

Remember my story about getting my mum to buy me garters so they could hold my thigh high stockings up?

Well, I'm bringing them in as well. 🙈 And I miss wearing my garters and socks and prancing around the streets of Shanghai in Winter without a care in the world ✌️

Maybe these will bring back some awesome memories. HAHAH. I bet I'm the only one who thinks of non sexy memories when I see garters 😂😂

Pair them with your hush hush or not so secret set maybe? 🙈

Red for the sexy…

Still got cute little bows!!

Anyone need a garter wearing tutorial? ✌️

Black for the mysterious…

And white for the #dayrebrides!!! ✌️✌️

I have about 3 more bralette designs and 2 more undies to post up. But I think I might keep them for another day. You know… try to keep you all waiting HAHAHAHAHAHA kidding la. Just wanted to take actual pics and try ons.

Speaking of try ons, I read an interesting post about try ons and opinions/concerns regarding them. Some of you have asked me about this and were concerned for my safety. And I really appreciate it. I think I'll address this topic another day. If I'm chatty, tomorrow?

Hehe and btw Husband Ng knows I post these try ons and so does most of my family. So don't worry k, HAHA one of the #OBCHICKS and I had a very cute conversation about this before. And I really quite enjoyed it. ✌️.

Ok off to bed and if you didn't know, I already named all the bralettes and panties above muahahahahahaha. The pics and names are on FB 😂

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