We've come so far as a gender and it's really amazing to see all you girls embrace your bodies and talk about it openly. ♥️

Today is about you! Have fun hehe. And always remember that we should be #girlssupportinggirls! 💪💪💪

All of you are #girlbosses of your own lives and of your own rights. ✌️

My lunch buddy for today. 😂😂

A minute after that, he fell asleep LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

Mummy @mrschow_yiiyin has stuff on for today so he is me and Grandma Chow's #DOTD date of the day ♥️♥️♥️♥️

LOL putting a twist on the sorry cards. 😂😂😂😂

Btw my prince charming changed out of his ah pek clothes cos he's gonna meet the ladies 😂😂😂 #handsomebaby #dayrebabies

Anyway! To celebrate #IWD, or 三八妇女节 (this tickles me EVERY TIME) we will be running our first and tiny sale on #OBC! .

I think that it's really quite difficult being a woman sometimes and we should all celebrate our strengths. We don't need a special day to acknowledge how amazing we are, but it definitely doesn't hurt to have a day dedicated to bring us. 💪

I first heard of #girlssupportinggirls from @charlottewangwang who also introduced me to the title #girlboss which I think is super cute ♥️

I think the idea is really really really worth pursuing because as girls right, we are always labelled as being bitchy and problematic even towards each other 😂 not sure if it's a stereotype or what. But people always say if you have a group of girls, there's always bound to be problems 😂

But it's not true la! Girls on Dayre are really quite nice and so far through #OBC it's been fun talking to all of you and the amount of patience you girls have for all our silly mistakes and our delayed mails 😂 Really just paiseh.

And…! I think it's a super good initiative to have girls watch out for each others backs. For example, the #obchicks closed group on FB and OBCELL group were all customer led initiatives to help each other 💪 So kudos to all of you!

So…we're having a small little sale on our shop tmr for those who still wanna get the Valentine's sets 💪💪

I know it's not much, but it's just to get into the festive fun 😂😂 The code will be released via email and on our telegram channel! 🙈

The grey Forget Me Not set will be available in all sizes! This one doesn't have underwire and padding but has plastic boning at the sides! ♥️♥️

My sister-in-law's favourite. LOL. She has like all the colours 😂😂😂

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