@flawed I FOUND THEM!!! HAHA. And will be putting them up on the site as well! ✌️✌️

I wanted to talk a little about DIY-ing your bralettes. Or pimping them up or blinging them up 😂

As most of you already know, the thing about buying mass produced products vs tailor made products is that we are not one size fits all so sometimes we make compromises when purchasing cheaper but not so fitting stuff. 😂

I know if given a choice, we will all want to buy something that fits us to a T, but sometimes we don't have the luxury to do so.

And most of the time, it only takes a few moments or a stroke of genius to make a mass produced product fit you better.

Something like when you go to G2000 to buy a pair of work pants and you fit the waist but not the length so they help you alter it??

You can do it for bralettes also!! @poppy1308 and @modebeauaimer and @angieishikawa have been altering their own bralettes so they fit better. And I know @makeupcraze has used extenders to make the straps longer. And I really like the idea!!

It's not that I'm trying to save myself trouble by preventing you all from refunding the bralettes or exchanging them. But if you find a design you really like but it's slightly too big or small, it's quite a pity if you just give up right?

For example, the padded lattice design is super gorgeous but it comes with a flimsy back plastic clasp instead of a hook which drives some girls mad sometimes 😂😂.

In this case, you can just unpick the seams, remove the plastic hooks and attach new ones.

We've also been looking out for better quality padded cos I've realised that for the $8.80 bralettes the padding don't tend to hold up for too long. After all it's at quite a low price point.

But the fabric and overall bralette usually is quite ok made. So in order to help the entire piece last longer, you can actually swap out the internal padding for a better quality one, AKA upgrading your bralette to help it last longer. ✌️

Been thinking of whether to get the silicone or foam ones…🤔

How come don't just bring in better quality bralettes?

I think it'd be interesting to try the tech approach whereby you buy a single basic unit of something and then slowly upgrade it to a level of quality and functionality which you like.

So for example padded bralettes start at $8.80 with like a not so good padding. For people who don't like the padding, they can wear it without the padding without extra cost. For those who are ok with the ok padding cos they hand wash, they can also keep it as it is.

But if you're a hardcore lover of padding, then you can consider "upgrading" your padding by purchasing a better quality one.

This way, everyone can just start off with a basic unit and only "upgrade" when needed. Useful right!!

So I kinda need your help cos I'm still deciding whether to bring in the silicone "chicken cutlets" 😂😂 or the foam ones. 😂

If you guys have preference can let me know! I was thinking of silicone ones but the OBCrew thinks that that will be very heavy? But I'm thinking that it will definitely last longer 🤔

Anyway, the Grey Forget Me Not is the latest colour addition to the Valentine's Sets and it's in a pretty kick ass shade of grey. Lighter than the usual ones you get from the Standard midi and standard lace bralettes.

LOL. I suck at flatlaying. Those tiles are the ones I got from my #dayrehomes adventure and are the ones going onto my access balcony floor 😂😂😂

So don't say I never share #dayrehome updates ok!!! 😂😂😂😂

And the Not So Secret Admirer set in Black! I've always talked about the lilac colour and some others have purchased the maroon and shown them on Dayre but I think this is less seen! 💪

We are completely out of the maroon this time round tho!

The front clasp floral will also be available in Pink tonight! Limited to just a few pieces la cos I'm just clearing off whatever is left! 😂

And the back view! This will be available in S size and suitable for 75A/B to about 80A/B!

Have fun! VALENTINE'S SETS are back in stock ♥️

Oops, it's 12am already and I am not even halfway done with the zhng post HAHAHA. FML. Maybe I will put all the information up on Ourbraletteclub.com so it's easier to reference.

Have a good night's rest guys and thank you for all the love and support 😘😘😘😘 #obc #ourbraletteclub

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