My #botd is still the Forget Me Not in grey because I'm obsessed HAHAHA.

Not even going anywhere and must wear nice bralettes 😓😂😂

I RLY LOVE THE STRAP DETAILS even tho I can't see them 😂😂😂

Uh, also, we are on INSTAGRAM!! Like finally HAHAHA. I've always tried to stay away from Instagram cos I'm so bad with flatlays and taking nice photos.

But I realised aiya just try my best lor HAHAHA. And sometimes I'll use stock photos for the designs but oh well.

Let me know if you guys have any ideas for IG and want to see us post some other stuff!!

We're on IG at! 😍

I almost got scalded to death while eating cup noodles today 😱😱😱

Daniel and my mum have told me a bajillion times never to put my chopsticks upright in a bowl cos it's damn weird like jossticks. BUT I ALWAYS DONT LISTEN. 😓

So today I set my giant ass cup of noodles in front of my laptop at the edge of the table and as I was sitting down, my shirt hooked on the upright chopsticks and the entire bowl toppled on me 😓😓😓

I WAS WEARING NICE CLOTHES SOME MORE. So sad. I had to change out of my romper and wash my underwear cos they were soaked with Tom yam soup LOL. Lucky the romper was thick if not I think I'd be in the hospital with burns man.

I also had to pick up noodles from the floor and wipe down the whole table and floor plus wash the seat cushions. #life.

Too much work for early morning 😓

I'm wearing my favourite hairband in the world today. I think this has been with me for like 20 years.

My mum got it for me on our trip to Chiang Mai hehe. I'll see if I can dig out any photos of me wearing this as a little girl ✌️

It's super comfy to wear and it's in purple! My favourite colour as a little girl 😂😂 My mum used to say they thought I was colour blind cos everything they asked me was purple in colour #obsessed

Anyway! You girls are now able to shop by size and feature so it's a breeze to find the products you can fit.

Also, if you prefer padded, you can go to the feature section and select padded. If you're looking for something with underwire, you can choose underwire.

Thanks for letting me know what would help in navigating the site girls!!! ♥️

We're launching a whole bunch of stuff next week including the panties (which I will finish posting about) and the underwire bralettes and the tiny rose bralette!

I'll definitely be sending out an emailer, telegram message and posting try ons mainly in the OBCHICKS group!!

It's gonna be an exciting mid month for sure. We also have some insanely exciting news to share and I'm clapping my hands in glee 😱😱

I tried the seoul spicy burger for dinner today and it was…HAHAHA ok only leh. I prefer MCSPICY any day!

It was very messy because of the sauce and the sauce made the patty and the sauce was too sweet so…😂😂😂

@exiralc I took your advice and skipped the kimchi fries 😓


I also bought this pom-pom purin ez link card today!!!!!!

Victim of LINE marketing cos this was advertised via a line chat HAHAHA. 😂😂

SO CUTE THO. I love all things yellow and from sanrio. Not so much gudetama tho? 🙈🙈

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