This bitmoji gets me every time. Makes me wanna have pancakes and hotdogs and eggs for breakfast.

Sounds like it's time for McDonald's morning???? 😂😂😂😂

Ok but no. We had Mcs for dinner yesterday so NO TO FASTFOOD TODAY!!!

Although I think I might head down to Changi City Point to get some Jollibee 😂 I've actually never tried it tho I've read a gazillion reviews on it. IS IT REALLY GOOD??

Speaking of food….

We had durians the other day and it was glorious #dayrefatties #durians

HAHA I like how the Leica cam makes everything look damn dramatic with the aperture 😂

Uh I think we got the Ang Heh and the D24. There's this lady I always get my durian fix from at Tanjong Pagar and she's seriously the cutest.

She calls Daniel and I "boy" and "girl" and she has this cute pet parrot or cockatoo idek that she calls "zai" which is son in Cantonese.

DANG that bird is smart. He can say hello and a bunch of other stuff. So cute!

No pics cos he wasn't there that day 😂

Liu lian liu lian wo ai ni.

We also got a box of cheapish durians and the aunty gave us like extras for free HAHA. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

@chenshiqi doesn't wanna show you her beautiful face cos…No makeup HAHAHA.

When I say it….I do it HHAHAHS

#jollibee #review later ok HAHA.

My Jollibee Verdict


We shared 8 pieces between the 3 of us. HAHA. Boshi and Daniel had 3 each. And also spaghetti!

I liked the spaghetti but I thought it had quite a lot of MSG and I'm allergic to Msg so I didn't continue eating after the first 2 mouths.

The chicken rice was good and the fries with cheese and onion powder was good also!!!

And as I'm typing this I'm eating an ice cream cone 😂😂

Btw if you ever come to the far East and visit CCP, the Nike factory outlet is here and it's a wonderland.

I just lost Daniel to the Nike store. He always spends at least 45 minutes here checking out the buys.

We got all our flyknits here, for about 80-90 which is way less than what is goes for in the retail stores. Good stuff must share 💪💪


Husband Ng is obsessed with this. TURTLENECK FOR YOUR FEET 😂😂😂😂

I told Boshi to get this so he can match Daniel HAHAHA.

And Nike shoes for 20$????

There also addidas and new balance outlets here! I WANT THESE SO BAD OMF BUT it's for kids. And size 4 is the biggest.


Check out the little ice cream prints 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Today is panty packing day!


And in black/blue. HAHA this extra strap is super cute!

Baby feet are the cutest things in this world. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Only second to a sleeping baby HEHEHE.

#OBC got a new toy today!!! Actually it's just a mini light box la HAHAHA.

We've been trying to take nicer pictures of our stuff cos…LOLZ. I HAVE TERRIBLE PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS (to think I actually wanted to be a photog one day) so this box helps.

Btw I'm surprisingly liking the red panty. 😂

I'm still thinking of when would be the best to put the panty up since we will only be ready by Monday and is lunch time better or will some time after dinner around 830pm be better??🤔🤔🤔

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