Just sent out the latest emailer for the panty and frontclasp/bodysuit launch! 😂😂

HAHA listen to me talk about Goodies for Booties and also… check out my EDM making skills. I hope I have improved and stopped linking to the wrong website 😂😂😂

If you've ever typed outbraletteclub.com and found yourself on the right website despite the typo, it's cos I made a typo in the previous emailer and ended up having to buy the errornous domain. 😂😂😂

Well done Chow 😂😂

I posted some try ons of the bodysuit (THE BLACKBIRD) up on #OBCHICKS, our closed FB group!

The material is really thin and light and the lace isn't scratchy. Plus it is lined with cotton at the ladyparts so it is extra comfy. Button closures also ensure that peepee time is a breeze 💪

The capped sleeves are slightly unforgiving tho 😂😂😂😂

Here's another pic that shows off the lace HAHA. I would recommend wearing higher waist pants cos uh check out my belly button trying to say hello 😂😂😂😂

But overall this piece is gorgeous 🤤🤤

The crochet back bralette launching today is also quite gorgeous!

The back lace is slightly on the stiff side (nothing compared to the standard midi lace) but it will hold up to washing. 💪

The front clasp is also in gold (try on pics in #OBCHICKS on Facebook) and the forked connector to the bra cups are just too cute ♥️

The Y shaped or forked connector ♥️

Anyway! We're running a fastest fingers flash sale (FFFS) tonight for the lace panty category! (FANCY PANCY, GOOD FEELING, OSUM POSUM)

If you get 3 pieces, you'll get $4 off. Starting at launch time till 1am 💪

This is my favourite piece from tonight's launch. ♥️ Available in Black and Grey (S,M,L)

Anyway if you've bought panties from me, these are nothing like the $2.50 kinds we used to bring in. I encountered so many problems with the previous batch because of the poor quality sewing at the bands that they kept snapping and I gotta keep replacing them. 😱😱 almost stabbed myself.

If we're talking about comfort, then the Ol Faithful is definitely the most comfy. I will always pledge my allegiance to cotton undies but holy it's so hard to find a cute and comfy design. Which is why there is only 1 this time round.

Will definitely try my best to bring in more, but hehe I have one in each colour to myself 💪♥️

It's also available in Navy and Black which are period safe! 💪

Btw, panties and bodysuits cannot be exchanged and refunded for credits!! 💪

So please check the measurements carefully ok! 🙈 don't need to chiong to check out 💪

And, we're launched! ♥️♥️ 😚😚

See you guys on ourbraletteclub.com! 💪

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