Spent the past hour trying to revive my laptop 😅 it's now stuck at the boot up screen and I'm so sleepy. 😱

My laptop has been with me since Year 1 of uni which makes it almost 5 years old. I wrote my first ever paid article on it and also wrote tons of love letters (emails) to husband Ng. I have a love hate relationship with it. 😅

Was having some negative thoughts and I wanted to purge by writing, but this baby doesn't wanna boot up 😭 I guess I just have to keep my thoughts with me for now

Guys, found my new calling in life….

To be a human mattress. Guess this is it already. Gonna stay in this position for the next 2 hours HAHAHAH.

Received the cutest note from Joanne today 😚😚


ToooOooOoOo cute!

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