Like Macbook, like owner. 💀💀💀💀

Can't believe I almost died in MY thanks to a cup of fruit juice.

Not sure how many lives I'm going to need if the number of things I'm allergic to just increase exponentially 😂

But #livefastdieyoung right? #allergies

Thanks for all the care and concern both in the comments and for those who left me a message on email, chat and telegram 💕💕

Yesterday the MO asked if I needed an MC and I was like aiya weekend coming MC also no use 😅 And then proceeded to tell Husband Ng to take a picture so I can post a picture on Dayre to show my "bosses" aka all you girls. Haha.

Sorry we've been slow in replying chats or packing orders!

So what happened yesterday…

I was in a great mood and we decided to have fruit juice, cos why not right. So I got the DETOX JUICE which contained kiwi, pineapple, green apple, red apple and honey.

At the same time I went to queue for my FAV Bbq store in JB which is at city square mall "KIMDO BBQ".

@chenshiqi was collecting the juice and once it was done she walked over. I took a sip and it was ok la. Quite nice. Then I took another sip and I felt like my entire throat and stomach was burning 😅

I remember telling husband Ng "WAH this juice is DAMN acidic man!" And @chenshiqi said hers worse more sour and I actually took a sip. 😅 It was sour but didn't give me the same burning feeling.

Thinking it was gastric (which I am also damn prone to), I popped 2 antacids and just waiting for my BBQ lol!

Then idk why I started sneezing non stop like 6 times in a row. Call it instinct or whatever la. I immediately popped 2 antihistamines. 😂

I usually sneeze when my nose is irritated and instead of popping pills I'll just let it subside on it's own but I just instinctively took 2 pills yesterday after my sneezes 💪🏻

I half expected the flu to go away on its own quickly cos I eat the uncoated chlorpheniramine so it kicks in quite quickly. But holy shit it didn't go away and instead got itchier and itchier. By this time the roof of my mouth had began to itch and my throat started clamming up with mucous and phlegm.

Hahaha I think by this time Lydia, BFC and HN already began to notice something wasn't right lol. But me being me in awkward situations, I tried to crack jokes to relive the tension but obviously failed when my voice was trapped behind the wall of mucous 😅

I took another 6 antihistamines after that and Daniel went to get Citrizine (Zyrtec) from the pharmacy and I ate that too. I could feel the flu stagnating so I guess that was good?

But then my eyes and face began to swell up and I looked like a tomato 😑😑😑😑 how gorgeous. I kept trying to use tissue to wipe my eyes cos it was SO FREAKING ITCHY and tearing but I didn't wanna mess up my eyeliner HAHHAAH WTF SO HORRIBLE AND VAIN

Eventually we went to take a seat at Baskin Robbins so I could rest but then i realised by that time I was breaking out into hives/a rash and I needed to poop. ☹️

And this was how I knew it was bad

So I went to poop and lo and behold it was liquid (sorry TMI) HAHAHAHA. But basically I knew it was from the juice cos I only get diarrhoea if the allergy was to something I consumed rather than inhaled.

I got this once when eating ramen and it was so bad all the blood rushed to my head possibly due to the adrenaline and my entire head was purple.

After I walked out from the toilet I told Shiqi I was feeling much better uh but she didn't believe me. 😥

Then I realised it was cos I was turning into like a tomato woman. And also mystique. So like the last time, I started developing a rash all over my body and it was in patches and bumps and it was just super itchy.

The bumps were everywhere. Behind my ears, chest, arms, legs, tummy and like it looked like my skin had became that of mystique's in Xmen, except in red.

This was when I popped the last pill (Fedac) which was my strongest medication. It knocks me out.

And uh this was when I caved in and agreed to go see a doctor. Partially cos the rash was really bad and my skin was burning up and also cos I was still wheezing and I couldn't really breathe properly.

But it was 6pm on a Friday…aka the worst time in the world to be sick. So we decided to go to a hospital instead 😐

I hate A&E cos it sounds damn serious and usually takes damn long but I found that with allergies I usually get attended to immediately

Anyway, I was attended to immediately after registration la and like they immediately opened an IV line for me. At first they said injection but then suddenly an IV line was opened haha.

Daniel said he would have fainted then (he hates blood and needles) but after my previous allergy attack in Shanghai where I was on exchange alone and where I took a taxi to the hospital and had my blood taken through a counter window + sat and held my own drip + IV line, NOTHING SCARES ME ANYMORE

Ya so on top of the 11 pills I already popped, I was pumped full of steroids and even more antihistamines. And slowly the symptoms subsided.

The only time I leave my Ventolin at home, I need it 😑😑

They kept the IV line open for about 15 minutes and came back to flush a little more medication into my system. Then we were more or less done la 😅 You can actually see my rash in the pic but LOL it's unsightly.

We went to a private hospital btw, because it was nearer and the waiting time would be have shorter.

Lucky we were smart enough to buy travel insurance even for the day trip. ✌🏻️

Little wins. Anyway that's about it la. I can't believe I wasted half our time in MY because of a silly cup of fruit juice.

I can't even begin to imagine what people's lives are like when they have crazy peanut allergies.

I think the only thing that saved me was the rush of adrenaline my body produced (no epipen fml) and the large array and amount of allergy medicine I carry with me day in and day out.

My friends always ask me why I bring so much medication and call me a walking pharmacy. BUT NOW YOU KNOW GUYS. It can save my life and your life too!!

Best thing. I carry around paracetamol even tho I am deathly allergic to it. Haha. Cos it's so useful for others around me.

Anyway, moral of the story is…

Always bring your medication and eat your meds when you need to

And also, remember to listen to your husband and go to the hospital. Don't wait until you turn into mystique before you go.

Also, I've realised that @chenshiqi and my coping mechanisms are quite similar in the sense that we just freeze up. Hahaha. I kept telling her to stop looking at me so intensely cos it was freaking me out 😅😅😅😅😅😅

But thanks guys, wouldn't have survived without you guys watching my back ✌🏻️

I've battled allergies since I was super young

And I think that it has just gotten worse as I grow up.

I used to only be allergic to dust, pollen and leather cleaners, but then developed an allergy to paracetamol and subsequently most classes of painkillers including aspirin and diclofenac.

Lately, the food allergies have come and it is predominantly MSG. But suddenly I have FRUIT ALLERGY???

Sigh. I know allergies are degenerative but WAH this is DAMN scary and unexpected.

Btw, so sorry about the delayed launch of the tiny rose bralette. Not sure if we will be able to continue launch as usually but will definitely send out an emailed and telegram blast before we do. 😅😅 Sorry!

Lastly, does anyone else suffer from chronic allergies as well? Would love to hear from you guys too!

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