Literally me today. HAHA. Still high on meds and not enough Fs to give 😂😂

Also woke up to @ivyyt being crowned EP of the week so 👏👏👏👏 one more thing to add to my happy list 😍😍

Anyway, more things to be happy about because we're gonna have a midweek launch on #ourbraletteclub so I'm definitely excited for that. Plus, it's the Tiny Rose Bralette and the Balconette Midi Lace that we are launching so double excited.

PLUS, we're gonna have dinner at my shortlisted banquet location! ğŸŽ‰

So I guess this week is really looking up for me! HAHA I must one of the most chillax #dayrebrides again. The last time I planned my solemnization ceremony 2 months in advance and now I'm probably one of the last to confirm my banquet location for a ceremony in November 😂😂 Really is last minute until cannot.

Plus, our #dayrehomes luck seems to be back again! Our contractor is finally getting his ass down to getting some stuff done and apparently my main door widening is approved. WOOHOOOOOO.

Just placed orders for our stove, sink and storage heaters!!! ğŸŽ‰ğŸŽ‰ğŸŽ‰

We've been eyeing them but never carting them out cos of the delay in renovations HAHA but not we finally have them woohoo. If anyone is looking for cheap hardware can let me know. 👏👏

Prepping for the emailer that's going out tonight and one of the designs in the new launch is the BALCONETTE MIDI LACE BRALETTE that @ivyyt and I have been QC-ing non stop and nitpicking about. We don't produce any of our own designs yet, but I do spend a lot of time choosing them.

It's kind of similar to the ever popular standard midi lace design except that the lace and lining is thicker.

The shoulder straps are adjustable and set wider apart, giving it the classic Balconette cutting.

It has the same LUP over your head design as the Standard Midi and will be released in 2 sizes, the TTG size which is super tiny 65-75A/B and the PPG size that goes up to 85C/D!

And available in Grey, Pink, Navy and Black!

I thought the balconette design abit kiap armpit but it was ok in the end (maybe my armpit too fat) but it was super flattering in terms of neckline. Not as revealing as the usual V neckline of the Standard Midi!

Available in 4 colours! My personal favourite is Navy blue because it's only my favourite colour in the world (together with maroon and yellow) but the salmon pink is quite cute as well!

The midi for this is also longer than the standard midi so if you're intending to wear this under a sheer cami or cardigan, it actually provides slightly more coverage. I also feel like the Balconette/sweetheart neckline provides more support for the booby girls.

I tried this on the other day and posted it in the #OBCHICKS group!

If you look closely, it also has eyelash lace details at the edges. 😂 and I like how the upper portion of the cups are translucent i.e not lined so there's a contrast between the lined and unlined areas.

QC by Ivy also says that this lining is thicker so less worried about nipples showing!

Close up of the navy piece. Now you know what i mean by the unlined portion at the top creates this peekaboo effect that is so cute. Unlike the Standard Midi that has a fully lined cup!

Also, finally a navy blue staple piece! Alot of you girls mistook the Royal Blue for Navy previously but this is true Navy this time! 💪

So compact HAHA. We're trying to make things easier for ourselves and zipping all the bralettes into ziplock bags with name labels so we stop messing up.

If you girls were one of the victims of our horrible mumble jumble ups, we apologize!!! So paiseh 😥😥 We are working to be more accurate and efficient! 👏👏💪

I also managed to swap out the plastic clasps of the half moon bralette and replace them with the hooks from another bralette so I can fit it now!!!!

Woohoo. Yas. I'm thinking of starting a DIY section on the #OBC website to host tutorials and all the DIY necessities. It's definitely on it's way already since we ordered all the hooks and extenders so I'm super excited!!

I love DIY-ing or zhng-ing my own stuff so woohoo!

Now that my banquet is moving forward…

I can finally resume thinking about my Gua plans!! 😚😚

I'm even thinking about not having a gown and just wearing a gua through the whole banquet. Uh but not sure what's gonna happen during the gate crash and ceremonies cos I'm still super clueless about that 😂

#dayrebrides help? 😥😥

Anyway, if anyone is curious about why my gua obsession is so intense, it's because of this.

The mother of guas worn by 刘诗诗. 😂😂😂

Plus also maybe cos I was secretly raised to be a Chinese princess by my mum so I guess I need to go fulfill my calling in life now 😂😂😂😂


Uh, and if anyone is even remotely interested, i once posted a long ass post on 褂s way back in November last year.

@braintango:081116 HAHA. I even went to the extent of explaining the different kinds of gua and their origins. So yes, I am confirm obsessed 😂

And just like that, before the stroke of midnight, the latest emailer has been sent out! 💪

If you haven't received it yet, remember to check your junk mailbox or your promotions tab! If you just subscribed, no worries, we will be sending out the same emailer to new subscribers again tomorrow at noon 💪

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