🎉 Good morning!! 🎉

First order of business for today is to cart out one more ceiling fan from #taobao because we are so impressed that we are installing one more in our master bedroom. That makes 6 ceiling fans in one home 😅😅 excessive? 😅😅 #dayrehomes

I'm super excited to share more about the house but it's honestly still quite messy now. The air-conditioning will be going up today and the heaters and stove tomorrow so I think we might start sneaking in more photos during the weekends! 💪

Anyway, if anyone was wondering, here's how the ceiling fan looks like when switched on 💪 I didn't expect the wind speed to be so strong but I'm damn satisfied with it for now.

When it's turned off, it looks just like a normal round light! And it's actually quite quiet even when spinning at top speed. The lights also vary between white, natural and warm. 😍 We chose wall controls because I always lose remotes so I rather have it fixed on the wall 😅

Our running errands today and I'm still constantly surprised by how often I wear this ugly ass romper HAHAH.

It's green and striped and i don't even like both design/colour but I keep wearing it cos it is SO COMFY?? 😅

This is a sign of auntieness 😅😅

Lunch break! We're having Gold Thai for lunch because I've heard so much from my SMU friends about the affordable and yummy Thai food but uh I'm disappointed 😅

I'm not sure if it's just me but the basil pork rice was not basilly and the pad Thai was…Grey and not very nice ah HAHA. Saving grace was the Tom yam soup tho! 😅 that was not bad.

Now we are gonna pop over to MERELY ice cream! Heh it's owned by my friend's fiance 😍

She's the artist behind these super cute postcards!

The whole ice cream shop is filled with her illustrations hehe. I love it. We worked together back when I was still a budding journalist at Catalog Magazine. 😅

I interviewed her for a feature and we became friends! I'm happy that she decided to pursue what she loves and that she loves what she is doing now.

Always amazing to see where passion takes people.

Daniel's passion in life is ice cream 😅

And these people definitely love ice cream too!

I got the butterscotch and Milo flavours. Omg I gotta say their one scoop is really gargantuan 😅😅

Since we're on the topic of food, have you guys tried the chicken pies from here?? IT'S AMAZING.

I always buy like 6 back at least. 😅

They don't have a fanciful store front but the smell is amazing and their food is amazing also!

My favourite is their chicken pie but the curry puff is good too!

The whole store is manned by old people and everything is made by hand manually 😂 so old school.

The filling in the chicken pie is also super generous.

Check out this auntie sitting right in front of the shop and peeling potatoes for the curry puff. DAMN OLD SCHOOL i love it.

HAHA they also have this notice put up. Hopefully you're lucky enough to not turn up on their random day 😅



In case you forgot how it looks like 🙊🙊

I actually like the nude also HAHA. Really is signs of ageing. 😅

And this in 4 colours!

You can chat with us on Telegram again! 😍 Our bot (ourbraletteclub_bot) is up and running again;

Just search OURBRALETTECLUB in telegram and tap on the bot!

Just click start to initiate a conversation! And i will receive your messages 💪💪💪 Come chat with us! Hehe. I'm ready to handle all your chats 😍😍

Bestfriend Chen is modelling the nude version of the Tiny Rose cos…she likes the nude HAHAHA. And now she refuses to take it off 😂😂😂

Sharing an inside pic of the bralette! Cos someone wanted to see the padding. There's no push up! Just a very comfy thin layer!

The Tiny Rose Bralette and the Balconette Midi Lace Bralette are up!!! ♥️♥️

One last snack before the night strikes 12! 💪 Late night IKEA run with the OBCREW 😂

Does anyone else love their boiled hot dogs as much as I do? I never knew I could like boiled ones so much 😚😚

Also, the spring rolls at the snack stand are surprisingly good! I think it's because they put curry powder inside! ♥️

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