My day was brightened when @joycelynnnnnn tagged me in her post! She's wearing the crochet crossback bralette in white and it goes really well with the pale blue top! 😍 #ourbraletteclub

Also went to collect deliveries at the new house and I'm still very very in love with my octagon tiles at the access balcony ♥️ #dayrehomes

Little acorn lights hanging in the closed living room balcony 😍😍😍

They are so super cute! Was originally worried they would be broken in delivery but everything survived!

Choosing Gates

Now that we have finally gotten the get go from the contractor to widen our main door, I can finally finally resume my gate searching process for our home.

And…In case you think I'm mad, yes I am going to ship my gate here from China. 😂😂 It might not be from Taobao cos we might need to get it custom made but then I have very specific requirements HAHAHA.

I want a sliding gate.

You know those scissors gates that are used in kopitiams and those old shops? Ya that kind HAHA. I am obsessed with them. 😂 And although our home isn't going for the vintage theme, I want it 😂😂 #nocompromise

If you noticed, the window grills in my home are also the sliding type. Means if you fully open them, they collapse to the side and you get an unobstructed view.

My father in law and husband were super against window grills in the beginning because of how ugly grilles usually are. But cos we live on the third floor so grilles are kind of necessary. Especially on the access balcony where it's easy to climb into. 😂

Gate inspiration 😍 HAHA. Not exactly what I'm going for but it's pretty!

More cute gates! 💪

I know there's this kind of "fake" scissors gate now! And i think its quite cute but I still very much prefer the accordion version.

To accommodate the fact that the accordion gate requires some storage space even after you open it fully, I actually changed the main door to a one and half leaf door HAHAHAHA. Kuazhang right.

I've actually found someone selling the scissors gate on Taobao but I gotta get the dimensions right and then install it myself HAHAHA INTENSE.

Same like how my contractor refused to help me with the window grilles and my father in law and Daniel had to fix them 😂😂😂 It was so painful.

Anyway if anyone is looking for the acorn lights, just search 北欧灯饰 and you should be able to find all the similar looking lights 💪

We're going to attempt to fix up one item in the house every weekend so I am actually quite excited HAHA. Cos all the sofas and tables for the house I have actually already bought just not installed 😂 I didn't wanna do it too early cos it's sooooo dusty. Hopefully everything is done soon so I don't have to wait to put them together any longer! 💪💪

Stuff I'm most excited to finally piece together…

My solid wood dining table! Search 实木北欧餐桌 to find it 💪

Husband Ng is huge on using only solid wood for the bigger purchases in the house so we didn't compromise on quality for this table.

We initially wanted a full wood table but somehow almost all the solid wood ones had really chunky wooden legs which made the whole table look damn bulky. 😭

So in the end we found this! With silver legs which I am thinking of DIY-inf to gold or rose gold 😂

The edges of the piece we chose have "natural edges" because Husband Ng likes it that way 😂 I actually prefer the straight edge but compromise!!! 💪 i already got my metal table legs so curvy edges it is!

The next thing I am super excited to unpack as well is this cute blue sofa! It's a tiny 2 seater that we are putting in our mini living/study area in the master bedroom and is meant for me to lie down like a little boss on 😂

I especially love this piece because I've always wanted a pop of colour in my sofas but we agreed that we didn't want the colour to be in the living room where guests will see it. So I squeezed this into the master bedroom too!

I think it's quite funny because most people plan their room layout and then buy their furniture, but I actually spent most of my time furniture shopping and then finding places to put them 😂

This piece is the reason we have a small living area in our master bedroom HAHA.

In hindsight, I rather this be yellow than blue now considering how yellow is OBC's brand colour ♥️

Lucky the fabric sofa covers can be customised and changed! 💪 No leather for me!

Another thing I am super excited about! The vanity that I unboxed on @braintango:201116! 😍😍

This was really really too beautiful to be true and I thanked all my lucky stars that it came intact. I was damn happy because I wanted a vanity that was full of compartments for storage cos I always max out the shelves in my current toilet and find all the toiletries strewn around very unsightly HAHA.

So this was perfect!! 😍 And the colour of the wood was perfect too.

Really can't wait for the contractor to help put this up so I can admire it in all it's glory. I LOVE IT ALREADY 😭😭😭😭

Plus it is a floating vanity (no legs) so water won't damage the wood (not solid wood!)

I'm quite fearful that the dampness in the toilet will cause the wood to deteriorate over time but I guess if that happens…I will buy a new one? 😂😂😂


About #taobao homes…

I will find a time to consolidate all my buys and reviews once the house is really completed and share all the purchase links if they are still available!

And since we are on the topic of Taobao links, I just wanted to share that a lot of research, planning, coordination and conversations go on behind each and every item I purchase from Taobao so I hope that you guys will see more than just a link when I share my thoughts about them!

I'm sure this is the same for every other person out there who shares their Taobao loots and reviews.

If you're not a veteran on Taobao, it takes ALOT ALOT ALOT of effort energy and time to sieve through all the phoney products and ugly designs to find one that is beautiful and worth the price.

Plus, sometimes it also requires you to look beyond the ugly photos the seller takes to see how it fits in place in your home or together as an outfit 💪

So thank you to everyone who has ever shared a Taobao link or done a review! I know how much time and effort it takes so if you wanna keep the links to yourself, totally understandable. 😂

I actually prefer giving search terms because that way you get to browse through a smaller pool of products that are in the same theme. Then you can explore more and see more stuff!

I think that's the real fun in shopping on Taobao.

I cannot even begin to describe the number of times Daniel and I have laughed at ugly ass products or like tried to decipher what the seller is trying to tell us.

#dayrehome purchases are even worse because when it comes to furniture, you really need to get measurements down to a T. Our window grills fit JUST NICE like seriously not 1mm more or less and it was such a relief cos if the measurements were wrong, then goodbye liao.

You'll also need to be able to piece together different pieces of furniture and styles from different shops to create a coherent story for your home.

It's different from walking into a furniture shop like Castlery or Muji and getting most of your furniture there. These designer shops usually have a coherent theme already so even if you pick 20 items from there, your house will look cohesive and nice.

On Taobao, everything looks different and every shop has a different style.

One shop sells only beds, another only lights. No shop sells coherent themed stuff unless you wanna pay exorbitant prices for specially curated theme shops.

So sometimes it's more difficult to shop for a coherent look for your home. But I think that's the fun in doing things the weird way. And I think the best way to experience that and build a uniquely you home is to really dive into TB and start searching on your own. 😍

But if you need a helping hand, you can always comment to let me know♥

Anyway if anyone needs a sea shipping guide, there's a post I did quite some time back about it @braintango:031116

And the hashtag I use to document all my Taobao adventures are #chowbao! 😂

Ok goodnight I'm going to sleep now! We will be packing all the #bsk orders tomorrow so exciting! 😂 better sleep early….Since it is already 3am now 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


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