Breakfast of champions!! Milk chocolate swissrolls 🍫 from this bakery near my brother's house. It's called Olive and it's damn good!

If you like the swissrolls from rich and good bakery, this is a good substitute. The rolls are much bigger and fatter but equally soft and rich. 🤤🤤😋😋 #dayrefatties

And cheaper too!

And I sweated my butt off during lunch because of this bowl of noodles. 😭😭

Went to try the Kin Kim Chilli Pan Mee and I'm surprised that there was no more queue considering how it boasted a 2 hour long crowd last time.

Uh my mum was super annoyed cos the noodles were clumpy and tbh it wasn't crazy good la HAHA. I added way too much chilli and now I'm paying the price. 😭😭 My tummy hurts 🙊


I was browsing through Carousell today and am surprised they are having a charity event on their home page!

I love this campaign and think it's such a fun and good idea! If you guys have any items you wanna donate can go look through this list ok! 😄 #dayrecharity

But looking through this list also made me think about some stuff related to charity and I'll try sharing my messy thoughts 😂

What we think charities should behave like

While browsing through Carousell's list of charity items, we were saying that most stuff are pretty reasonable. Like school socks and shoes, canned food, books.

But then we chanced acrossed some lesser requested items like Makeup and Beanbags. Immediately our response was "why will they need make up and Beanbags??"

It's normal to think that charities should request for neccesities or daily stuff like toothpaste or books and calculators but when it comes to luxury stuff we think twice.

But beyond physical needs, I think charities are realising that mending the spirit is equally important as well.

Alot of the old people who need our help are actually more in need of emotional "contributions" than just monetary ones.

I used to be part of the CSC in my JC days and we spent hours every week helping out a senior's corner and they really appreciated our company.

Sometimes gifting them colouring worksheets or like simple puzzles were more fulfilling than a can of beans or a bag of rice.

Gifts of necessities are important, they help keep a person going about their daily lives.

But gifts of little luxuries enrich the spirit and soul.

I was initially taken aback when I saw requests for bean bags, make up and smartphones. But I guess a kind act is a kind act no matter what. And we have to have faith that the organisations requesting for these are doing it to better the lives of others in one way or another.

If you wanna donate…

Here's one interesting thing! They are looking for make up sets so elderly ladies can do some self grooming at home 😊

I think this might be really fun for the old ladies who are home and add some excitement in their lives. I might dig out some of my unused stuff for donation!

I used to work at magazines and bagged home a gazillion make up samples last time so good time to give them away! 😂


Ended off the night with Value Store shopping!!

This was selling at a dollar!!! 😱😱😱 I've never had Magnum chocolate bars before but I do love the chocolate on magnum ice cream so I had to try these.

It's not bad!!! For $1 I'd say it's definitely worth the money 😍

I really love the Value Dollar store. I bought 45 mini vaseline bottles for $4.50 😅 And like life bouy soap at $4 for 1 litre 😅

I am truly an aunty.

Such a nice break this weekend even tho we were still doing some work. We're now chilling on the sofa and watching Jurassic World. I LOVED CHRIS PRATT IN IT.

Funny how I never used to like Chris Pratt until this movie. I've seen him in Guardians of the Galaxy but never found him especially charming. But in Jurassic world, he's so so so different and mildly hot 😱

Some talk about #obc's focus moving on…

Just recently I received feedback about OBC's general design direction moving forward and it got me thinking about some things which I wanted to share. These are all my personal thoughts and OBC's brand strategy moving forward will be addressed on 💪

Functionality VS Aesthetics

I think as most businesses know, pretty designs are always the easiest to sell. Evrerytime I post a pretty bralette picture on the closed FB groups, the girls go crazy about how unique or pretty the lace are or how they are so beautiful 😭

If you check out the Handmade in BKK bralettes section on, you'll realise that they look very different from those on the site cos they really are head turners.

But sadly I don't wear them on a daily basis because I don't feel that they are hardy enough for daily wear. Yes they are super pretty but their stretch is often bad because the lace isn't softened or stretched properly and are often not meant to be made as lingerie.

The shoulder straps are also usually very thin and flat and of a ribbon like material rather than the elastic kinds. And the hardware isn't that good in terms of quality.

They are special occasion bralettes. 😅

I go for functionality and functional beauty

There has been feedback that the bralettes I've been introducing are fast falling into the category of functional bralettes.

Which is true! Because I place a heavy focus on comfort and utility. That's why we have a pretty stringent QC process and we reject almost 100 samples before we select a decent supplier.

I have a bag of sample bralettes that have failed the QC process just lying around OBC HQ HAHA. Don't know what I'm going to do with them 😅

All out latest launches have been functional and beautiful. Like the Balconette and the Tiny Rose. They are not crazy lacey and not crazy with colours but they make you feel good and look good. 💪

And I think that's really important for a business. I can bring in more of the handmade series for sure. The quality is pretty decent and it's drop dead gorgeous but it's not something I myself would wear daily and I cannot sell a product I do not believe it.

I'm sure you guys have seen the STAY WITH ME bralette that @themerrymaker posted about.

That's what I define as a bralette that combines both understated beauty with utility and comfort. If you're wondering how we QC bralettes, well, my mum tried the Tiny Rose, @ivyyt the Balconette and @mrschow_yiiyin the Stay With Me. 😅 And i try everything.

We wash the bralettes and wear them for awhile before I launch so I know that they are worth the time.

I posted a try on of this caged piece in the OBCHICKS group previously cos I was SO EXCITED when I received the sample.

But WTHECKKK after wearing it the cage broke. 😑😑😑

Which is why you never saw this on the website again HAHAHA.

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