Hello there!!!! ♥️

Perfecting my calligraphy for these 2 words while packing the BSK 😂😂

All the BSKs being packed today! 💪💪 If you bought a BSK please tag us in your unboxing!!!!! ♥️♥️

So excited for you girls to receive them 😍😍

@sandydandy has some mad flatlay skills I swear! Another instance of #girlssupportinggirls cos hehe. We put some bralettes on loan for the #sugarflysg styling shoot!

Actually 100% of the effort goes to @sandydandy la.😂😂 Cos I'm so bad with flatlays.

She also very kindly sent me a clutch and I haven't opened it yet cos the packaging is so pretty 😍 I've been wanting to take photos. I'LL TAKE PHOTOS NOW!!! (After I finish this batch of cards 😂)

Thank you again @sandydandy ♥️♥️

There are a variety of colours to choose from but I picked grey cos it's so versatile and I've been lovin grey shades recently. 😍

And this is in such a pretty shade of grey!

Comes with a little gold medallion that I think would be perfect if I could add a little customisation. 😍 My initials maybe?

And a cute little tassle! 😙

HEHEH it's so cute and small.

I like how the clutch is big enough so I can put my wallet, phone, keys and other knick knacks! I hate small bags but this one is roomy enough!

Ching's Cakes

We're in for a treat tonight! Just went to pick up the cakes I ordered from @chingzx AND I AM SO EXCITED.

I don't have a sweet tooth but I really really really like @chingzx baking.

The first time she gifted us chocolate cupcakes and salted egg yolk biscuits and peanut biscuits and pineapple tarts AND IT WAS DIVINE!!!!


Super yummy! I'm not a huge fan of earl grey but I like this!!! ♥️♥️ Very fragrant. 😙😙


😙😙😙 Very rich in flavour and the cake is quite sense so yummy.

Uh in case you were wondering, ya we are thinking of trying all the flavours muahahahaha.


I love chocolate. This one is damn moist and with little crispy bits inside 😍😍😍 my current favourite 😂😂


This is shiqi's favourite OMGGGGGGGG. If you like specaloos and the lotus biscuit, you will love this. It has cinnamon in it and it's like Christmas!! 🎅🎅



Quoting Daniel "If you love Milo you will love this la"

It's Milo everything and it has crispy Milo nuggets at the base layer as well. I AM A HUGE FAN OF MILO so my taste buds are singing.

You know how sometimes the cakes say they are Milo but taste damn meh. This is like BOOMZ full on Milo flavour 💯💯💯


On to our second last flavour. OMG I'm fulllll but this is yummy. @chenshiqi says this is very moist and yummy. ♥️♥️

There is a funny story about red velvet cake. On my 21st birthday, Daniel offered to bake me a cake. He asked me what cake I wanted and I said CHOCOLATE cos I love chocolate.

And guess what. He baked me a red velvet cake. Cos he says the base of red velvet is chocolate and he wanted to bake a red velvet cake. So……..

I got a red velvet cake instead of a chocolate cake like I wanted. 😂😅😅😅😅

Husband Ng please bake me a real chocolate cake for my birthday next time thank you 😂

And the last one!


This is basically, Bandung lychee! If you like Bandung you'll like this! ♥️♥️

Anyway I sliced all the cakes into half to try and will keep the rest to eat tmr yay! 😍😍

If you girls wanna order cakes, @chingzx is baking more this weekend so pls telegram her @chingzx to order!!


Ending off the day with a boobie pic 😂😂🙈🙈 Hustling in the HUSH HUSH! 😍

Every girl needs a bra(lette) that gives them an extra boost for the day. Kind of like superman and his cape 💪


P.S: Bralette hook extenders will be up on Ourbraletteclub.com tonight! 💪

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