If you're wondering why I am looking a little crazed in this Bitmoji, it's cos we just spent the entire morning finalising some plans and I can share it today!!!!!

Just in time for OBC's 100th DAY BIRTHDAY!!!!! 🎉🎉 #ourbraletteclub #bralettes #obc

We're running a contest!!!!!!

And we're giving away this PAMPER ME SILLY bralette if you win!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Plus there's also a grand prize which I will reveal later HAHAH. So now, you want to know how to join the competition??? 😊😊 (Plz say yes)

You know how when you go overseas and have to pack bras, you're always worried that you'll crush your padding? HAHAHA. Well ain't no such problem with bralettes (at least the non padded and non wired ones) cos they are so compact and take up so little space.

If you've ever made a big purchase from OBC, you'll definitely be shocked by how we squish so many bralettes into one tiny poly mailer 😓😓 some mad skills we have there.

Which is why for this OBContest, you'll need to guess the number of bralettes we can stuff into a luggage

What luggage? It's an American Tourister carry on luggage. We'll be posting up clues on the OBC blog tonight, including the luggage dimensions and the estimate number of bralettes we can fit into a polymailer so you can extrapolate from there 💪💪


We'll be holding the contest on all our social media platforms (Dayre, IG and FB) and choosing 2 winners from each platform. Meaning that if you join on all 3 platforms, you triple your chances of winning! 😱😱

You can find the participating instructions for each channel in their individual posts but they are similar one la 😂

For Dayre, simply follow and like this post and leave us a comment with your guess and tag a friend! If you win, your friend gets a free bralette also 💪

I feel like I'm incoherent… but basically, guess number of bralettes in luggage, like post, follow, tag friend and win this gorgeous bralette 😅😅

And your friend will get a free bralette (random design) from us too! 💪💪

But that's not all…

One of the luckiest girls will also snag a 1 year subscription to OBC and we'll mail out a bralette a month for 12 months!! ♥️

Hehe. This is also us beta testing our subscription service which we…. will be explained more in another blog post 😅😅 so many things going on.

So if you love OBC you gotta join for this 💪

Contest starts today and will last till 7/4/17 (8 days from now!)

Here's the luggage 💪💪

The luggage is now filled!!! 💪

Check it out check it out. 😅

Let the guessing begin!!!!

Tbh I also don't know how many pieces are in the luggage because we haven't counted it yet 😅😅 But if you want to change your answer feel free to delete and comment again ok HAHAHA.

Remember! Joining on all channels triples your chances of winning!!! ♥️

Clues are up on ourbraletteclub.blog!!! You can also participate on IG and FB now. 💪💪 I'll get the OBCrew to guess and maybe we can Instastories it 😅😅

My dear obchicks, 600 seems like alot of bralettes to stuff into the luggage ah 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

So tired now! More exciting news this weekend tho
💪💪 Also, note to self to send out emailers 😅😅😅

The contest is now closed! We'll release the answer + winners soonn!! 😍

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