Finally got a chance to wear nicer today instead of just wearing pyjamas the entire day 😅

Weeeeee we are having lunch 😄😄😄 Finally lunching out. Why? Cos we are doing deliveries for a mummy event ♥️♥️ #dayremummies

Bralette delivery! ✌️✌️

Anyway if you haven't joined our contest, go go join at @braintango:300317

Just uploaded a DIY tutorial on our blog!!! ✌️✌️✌️

@chenshiqi has me hooked up on this ridiculous game 😅😅😅😅😅😅

The in game her is pregnant with a royal baby and is in love with the baby daddy's brother 😂😂😂😂😂

So drama. HAHAHA.

Anyway guys! Remember @chingzx? She's doing another bake sale!

She's the one that baked these cakes!!! ♥️ I'm going to share the details now!

For Macarons…

For Cake Slices…

She's also super duper cute and doing on OBC SPECIAL CAKE

😂😂😂 cos I'm so obsessed with yellow, the cake is gonna be yellow and tastes yellow too ✌️✌️

To order, chat her up on Telegram and let her know! Her telegram user is the same as her Dayre one @chingzx 😂

I'm helping her blast this out because I've tasted her cakes and biscuits and tarts and cupcakes AND THEY ARE AWESOME and I think you'll like them too. Also, #girlssupportinggirls so why not right? ♥️

Hehe now I can go back to playing episode 😂


#episode #LOL @tieponytail pls post progress updates also. I'm kpo about how other people's stories turn out 😂😂

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