Morning!!! So happy to be busy HAHA. Especially if it's because we're surrounded by beautiful stuff 😂

We're doing some planning regarding the launch dates of swimsuits because we have another embroidered collection that we are intending to launch! ✌️

Do note that official dates for launches will be confirmed via email and telegram or on Instagram and FB! Of course I'll confirm here also la but 😂😂 I blabber alot on Dayre so I might confuse everyone 😂😂

Seriously obsessed with embroidered florals. 😍😍 This bodysuit is seriously 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️

More embroidery 😍😍😍😍 the lace on this is really soft!

Interrupting the slew of photos with a cute baby. If you're wondering why my hand is at his belly, it's cos I was trying to show his parents @chowchowsheep and @mrschow_yiiyin how fatty his belly was after a feed 😂😂😂

This is as pretty as a poop! 😍 I like it. Hehe. But the floral emboridery has 3 layers so it might be more obvious under shirts.

Will update!

We're going to check out the newly lacquered floors in our house now!!!

Newly lacquered floors are awesome!!!!!!

But smell horrible 😂😂 #dayrehomes

Late night pantry restock HAHA. 😂 We have teabreaks at 5pm and I'm feeding a team of hungry growing non-teenagers so lots of junk it is. 😂

Just posted a try on pic of the Rosette Bodysuit on the closed FB group ( and I gotta say, this is almost as beautiful as the blackbird.

If you're not in the group yet, hehe, sorry ah. This black and white + blurry photo is for you. Hehe if you're requested to join but we haven't accepted, leave me a comment!

We're trying to be more careful about approving requests cos tbh there are a shit ton of weirdos out there. 😂

I'm not saying you're a weirdo and we gotta check you LOL just saying that the group is a safe space we are trying to create and protect, so we can never be too careful.

Thank you @chenshiqi and @ivyyt for tirelessly helping to manage the group too!!!! ♥️

Btw the bodysuit is super stretchy and cute and I totally see #dayremummies wearing it in a maternity shoot. So fun and different from the usual robes!

An alternative to the peekaboo? So pretty worn over clothes and fits up to 95C/D. Pretty pretty pretty.

Another one just for eyecandy 😍

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