I know it's Saturday already… but since I didn't get to update the past 2 days, hehe I get to update about our TGIF!!

Cos me in that bitmoji is exactly how our Friday night went 😂😂😂

It's our first Friday night out since #chowdanweds and we had fun! (By old people standards) ✌️😂

We were so excited to be going out on Friday night that we put on make up super early for work 😂😂😂 kanchiong

Also, my makeup shifu said my eyeshadow could be intensified, so we spent a good hour or so dolling each other up before heading out. #girltime

Really a much needed break + girl time!! 😍

Oh btw, #dayrebeauty contribution (even tho I'm not sure if this constitutes a contribution) but we both ordered the elf baked highligter from iherb after @chenshiqi hear Jeffrey Star rave about it and because we couldn't find the essence nude highlighter anywhere.

But after we ordered it, we found the essence one and bought one to share.

The verdict? Sorry JS, we both think the essence one is a clear winner. The pricing is similar (elf is $4+?, Essence 6+) but the essence pan is much bigger

Also, I'm a super noob at make up and didn't know you had to scrape off the top layer of the elf highlighter before using it so I kept wondering why there was no pickup by the brush 😂😂 #beautyfail

But even after we tried scraping the top layer off, it still wasn't as amazing as the essence one???

😂 Man

After alot of beautifying 😂😂😂 Dolling up is seriously super tiring.

The last time I put on so much makeup was when I took my grad photos. 😂 I really give it to the girls who put in so much effort to look good.

I mean I love the way I look but like I'm super lazy sigh.

With the same gang at the same club 😂

Actually, after knowing bestfriend Chen for 5 years, this is the second (?!) time we have stepped into a club together 😂😂

We did drink alot when we first became friends but funny we never went to clubs. 😂 And now we are old and rather stay home and watch TV plus airfry biggest and fries than go out on a Friday night 😂 #oldpeople

But it was spontaneous and fun! ✌️

Btw my #ootd of the night was the Bed of Roses Bodysuit in M size. ✌️I am legit obsessed with this bodysuit and have been thinking of ways to wear it so I can subtly show it off without showing too much.

I don't like my bellybutton to be seen so I changed into a high waist skater skirt after this and tied the flannel at the waist while leaving the top buttons undone. No belly button, no problem ✌️

Btw this bodysuit will be launched tonight (9/4/17) a 8pm! Sizing runs big so please size down!

I love the embroidery on this piece and how it's so so so soft and comfy. I did wear the standard lace unlined under this last night cos I needed a little more security. 😂 Especially if I'm going to be bopping around to music 🎉

Anyway, if anyone (lol I'm sure noone) is wondering, we went to Taboo which is a gay club on Neil Street.

And if you're wondering why we are at a gay club, 2ell it's cos I celebrated my 19th birthday at the now defunct Play club and got hooked onto going to gay clubs HAHA. More of like cos we made quite a few friends there after awhile so it became a comfortable place to go to.

After Play closed, we started going to Taboo and Tantric more often. I even had my Wedding after party at Taboo 😂

If anyone frequents these places too, let me know! HAHA. Bestfriend Chen is very talkative when she's drunk. I think you'll like us 😂😂😂😂

Btw talking about Chen, she has an alcohol allergy, but continued to drink alcohol like a pro HAHAHA. Her famous last words were "Chow! You know I've never been this drunk??? But I'm happy it's with you"

Babe, you definitely know the way into a girl's heart ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Anyway, this is the pic shiqi was talking about. 😂 Where if you look carefully, you'll see her falsies flying out from the intensity of our partying 😂😂

Ok la actually it wasn't intense at all. The music wasn't amazing so we spent alot of time laughing and talking outside the club ✌️😂 my favourite part of going out is to have drinks and talk plus laugh like mad.

Chenny discovered that Van and CK go to the same JC so the 3 of them went mad singing the school cheer in Maxwell Market 😂

Fatty Kitten's 4th Month Saliva Ceremony

My fatty nephew turns 4 months old and he's been the cutest sweetest and most adorable baby ever!!

So idk according to what tradition, he needs to eat Marie biscuits and a drumstick on his 4th month old birthday in order to "keep" the saliva and so he stops drooling non stop 😂😂

My dearest fatty kitten, please grow up to be happy, healthy and to be the gentlest and kindest person. 😍

Gugu loves you! ❤

Also a huge shout out to my sister in law @mrschow_yiiyin who recently just returned to work. Thank you for putting little fatty kitten first and for always doing the best for him! #dayremummies

The sacrifices mummies have to make just to give their children the best life ever. #respect

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