Finally counted the number of bralettes in the luggage and the number is 121!!!! 🎉🎉

Our winners are @poonmeixuan and @remember520 😍 Remember to create an account on our site and let me know your bra size so we can mail out your prizes 🎉

Our ultimate winner is….@sendeetoe who wins a 1 year OBC subscription woopie!!!

Some of you had closer guesses but didn't fulfill the requirement of the contest 😅😅😅

Anyway, I finally found the motivation to bust out my camera to take proper photos of the new swimsuit and the Stay With Me bralette that we're bringing to Artbox this weekend 🙈

I really miss taking nice photos. I think the convenience plus advancement in cellphone cameras poisoned the relationship between me and my camera 😥

The Birds of Paradise Swimsuit

The sheer panels 😍

I've almost forgotten how much happiness taking photos at the golden hour can bring. It's almost as if everyday like clockwork, the skies shower us with a gift that you can simply capture as long as you're armed with a camera. 😍

@mytypeofrunaway I'm sure you'll agree. Thank you for inspiring me with your beautiful photos as well

Check out our tiny OBC ribbon! I love how cute and useful it is in differentiating sizes.

The Stay With Me Bralette

@themerrymaker's favourite bralette will also be available for purchase at Artbox this weekend.

I love the soft grey, nude and pink that this piece is available in. We actually sent some of these out in BSKs and have had amazing reviews about how these fit.

M is the largest size for this, but it fits up to 80B/C

While taking this photo, the clouds decided to come out and say hello. Which explains why it's a little darker than the previous photos.

It then proceeded to rain after I put my toys away. So thankful for the short moments of sunshine that let me take these pictures.

#obc #ourbraletteclub

This one was taken using my phone. Haha. The HW camera is already pretty awesome but nothing compared to the camera. I wonder how I stayed away for so long.

The Summer Secret Swimsuit

This isn't embroidered as some of you girls original thought, but equally pretty. It'll be available in the second Artbox installment (hopefully) along with some other unreleased designs but I couldn't resist taking a picture of this today.

I like how it's darker and less spritely but fits right into the botanical theme 😍

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