My entire days have been dedicated to taking stock, packing and making sure that everything we're preparing for Artbox is ready.

Even made a trip down for a site reccee today and tbh the booth is really tiny. Especially since I'm going to be sharing the booth with a friend, it might really be super duper tiny in the end.

But I'm confident things will work out fine! If you're coming, we'll be donating to the BCF with every bralette purchased so do good while shopping!

Also took some pictures of this kiddo today!!! He's growing up so quickly πŸ˜…

Littlest puff, please don't grow up so soon! #dayrebabies

What is 暧昧?

Was trying to explain what 暧昧 means to @chenshiqi but ended up going around in circles and not being able to convey the message across properly.

Not sure if it's because my idea of 暧昧 is slightly different from what it literally means?

I think traditionally it means is like when you have feelings for someone but it's like a not here not there stage in the relationship?

But for me it's a kind of feeling whereby it's bittersweet and kinda awkward.

I think there are truly some bittersweet moments that made Daniel and my relationship in the beginning. It's moments like that which I look back on in fondness cos you know you'll never ever get to relive that. And even if you do you probably won't feel the same way anymore

Some of my friends LIVE for the "ai mei" feeling and say it's the reason why they aren't ready to settle down yet. Cos when a relationship gets more stable you kind of lose that bittersweet and ambiguos kind of feeling.

I hope you guys aren't sick of photos yet cos I'm practicing my "photography" haha. πŸ˜… Chasing the golden hour everyday.

Love the base lace the Rosy Posy is made of. So dainty.

Still my favourite piece of the lot 😍 #ourbraletteclub

Something new?

Dudou for the fabulous princesses πŸ˜…


Just done with preparing our little showcase for Artbox and man to quote @chenshiqi, we feel like death!!! πŸ’€πŸ’€

Hopefully everything works well so our efforts don't get flushed down the drain. I was so tired at 12am that I was sending weird messages to @ivyyt and @tshihhwee πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Sorry for freaking you guys out πŸ˜…

What a horrific picture. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ If you're wondering why there's a spoon in the middle of our artwork, well it's a trade secret #nola #kidding

I'm totally ready to concuss right now but there's still 100 things to prepare. I guess it can wait…..??? πŸ˜‚

So so so excited to meet you guys and can't wait for the day I can finally reveal our big, exciting secret. But till then, my lips are sealed πŸ˜‚

Just read this article written by Michelle Phan, explaining her absence from social media for the past year.

I think this cannot have come at a better time. And I couldn't have written it any better myself.

I've been quite a recluse on social media most of my life, deactivated my Facebook a few times, kept my Instagram private and am hesitant about adding acquaintances as friends.

Opening up on Dayre came as a surprise to even myself and I was appalled by how fast it changed my life.

I used to not bother about what I wrote, whether I sounded politically correct or if I took the most neutral stand on sensitive issues. Because I had a max of…30 followers? All of which knew me personally or at least had a vague idea of my character.

But when my following on Dayre started to grow, it somehow created this immense pressure to be unoffensive? I didn't even dream of being well liked or popular, my first thought was to just not to attract too much attention or hate πŸ˜‚

I cannot even begin to imagine how much more stressful it has to be if you needed to spend your every second and day trying to get people to like you, remember you and talk about you in order to stay relevant.

The internet is a scary place. And it's a place that isn't governed by rules or truth and justice. It's a place where the herd mentality wins and a place whereby the truth means little to nothing.

If you have popularity, you have power.

And sadly, like what Michelle mentioned, you can argue all you want, churn out all the evidence and all the concrete proof and no one will bother if they didn't already give a shit in the first place.

The argument will always be moot when you're convincing someone who doesn't follow the rules. Like playing chess with a pigeon, who doesn't give a hoot about whatever skills and strategies you have and who will proceed to shit all over your chessboard.

I guess that's the internet for you, and to be able to survive, you gotta be able to see past all the empty talk and focus on what you want to do, and do a kick ass job while you're at it.

I don't think it has made me a better person, because all I've become is more paranoid and overly cautious, but I guess the one good thing is that it has definitely made me stronger.

All the times I had to hold my tongue in reply to the pointless arguments and the countless moments I've willed myself to look away from the webs of lies that have been spun to look like and then accepted as the truth, each time as done nothing but to make me stronger.

I might not have gotten it as badly as Michelle Phan did when her first cosmetic line launched with a flop, but I guess some things don't change even after a year of social media detox.

People still believe in the popular opinion and you can do nothing to stop them from wanting to believe in something that you know isn't real.

I guess even after a ten year hiatus from social media, you'll log in to the different and newer platforms only to realise that things stay the same. The only way to beat the system is to look in from the outside and wonder if the people inside realise that they are trapped in so many ways.

#latenightrant #brainfart

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