I saw this poster outside a small collectibles shop at Sunshine Plaza some time back and it kept ringing inside my head.

I think sometimes it's easy to see the good life of a small business owner from the outside, but when the shutters close and the boss sits on the inside counting money and setting aside a sum for rent, stocks, salary and all the knick knacks, he's the only one that sees his frowns and worry lines.

I think tonight is one of those nights whereby I can't see pass the stress and the worry and the competition and the money and it just sinks in so deep and so suddenly that you kinda find it hard to find a way out.

Suddenly I feel like my workspace at home is in a mess that I can never ever tidy up and there is a pile of work related issues I can never stay a top of.

There are stocks just littered all around my home, old, new, unlaunched, discontinued, just sitting there, waiting to be handled. And no matter how many times we pack and stack and box them up, the tidiness doesn't last for more than a week and we're back to tiptoeing around boxed and finding usable space.

I look around me and finally realised why people will cut profits thin just so they can drop ship the heck out of everything and stay far far away from the logistical mess.

I open my Dayre and stay clear of all the hashtags I know can dampen my day. Which is why I seldom ever hashtag #bralettes or even check it out because it seems shops specialising in bralettes pop up like mushroom after rain. And I make it a point to not look through them.

But somehow, one way or another, it comes back to me. So and so has a new collection, so and so selling the same thing as you.

So and so… doing this and that…that tbh has nothing to do with me. But affects me anyway.

Having your own business means you worry about it every single day and during every waking moment. Business good, you worry about keeping the packing up to speed. Business no good, you panic and think of why.

Every waking moment, you worry about what happens, what doesn't happen and what other people are up to.

It's not like a paid job where after work, you drink beer and unwind and turn off your phone. In fact, tonight I was so high strung I checked my phone incessantly while watching GOTG.

I worry about what happens when @chenshiqi starts work, when @boshifang goes back to school, when Husband Ng starts his job search.

I worry about my wedding, my new home, the swimsuit launch this weekend and the embroidery launch after that. I worry about having no orders, too many orders and having too much to do.

I really dislike the night because somehow when it's too late to work, there's too much to think about.

Sometimes, in a fleeting moment, I almost regret leaving a good job, a stable life and never having to worry about what happens to obc and all the friends I've made through it.

But I guess that's life for you. For every dose of the amazingly wonderful, you get a side effect of the devastatingly terrible.

And I guess it's just one of those nights. Where you let everything come together and collectively bring you down.

Don't mind me, just a verbal vomit. Proof that everyone has these moments and as much as the going looks great and the view is all fine and dandy from the outside, everyone has these moments.

But guess what, in just a few hours, the sun will shine again and chase away all the terrible thoughts and the endless worries.

And I'm positive that once that happens, all will be right in the world again.


We're running a Mother's Day campaign and promo next week so keep your eyes peeled!

My mum and I have a love hate relationship (like most mother daughters out there) but I cannot deny and feel grateful for everything she has done for me 😍

I'm so happy she's receptive to bralettes now cos she used to wear wired bras at home and it was uncomfortable and she would complain but didn't want to wear a bralette 😅😅 mothers….

Anyway, thanks for all the comments! I'm feeling much better now and a new day always brings new hope ☀️ Taking a teeny tiny break also helps!

I spent the afternoon cooking up Vongole which was devoured by my mum and Daniel. Then proceeded to laze on the couch and watch TV till late.

I did do some work but it was a teeny tiny bit, and we went out for dinner together as a family! Got to see my fatty kitten of a nephew so that was awesome.

Now we are home and I'm working on the new emailer and watching TV. Quite a perfect end to the night I gotta say.

Cant wait for breakfast with the Chows (and fatty kitten) tomorrow! We are going to Huber's butchery at Dempsey!! ☀️☀️

Speaking of taking breaks, we went for poptart the other night at Cherry. And I gotta say the music was pretty great. The crowd tho……HAHAHA. There were army boys SHOUTING at the top of their lungs and they hit chenshiqi's head and I was really quite mad at them for being so rowdy.

Plus, these young girls were dancing at the elevated edges along the wall and it was so dangerous? This drunk army dude pushed a girl off. Holy moly.

I think I better stick to my old hunts 😅

The new emailer is up!! ☀️☀️ I love designing emails haha. It's so therapeutic 😅

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