This morning's brunch situation! 💯💯 We went all the way to Dempsey for breakfast at Huber's butchery. The breakfast was ok and worth the money!

A giant crossant and a generous serving of ham for $8 and eggs, sausages and bacon for $10. Not bad!

Got a whole bunch of photos to post about but so busy measuring swimsuits the entire afternoon. 😅 if you're looking at the launch tonight, there are measurements up already!

Decided to launch these mummy friendly swimsuits tonight as well…cos why not right? 😅 they are available in a few sizes, up to 4XL and are super comfy.

This scalloped ribbon one is just TOOOOO cute. I want one for myself 😅

This pic is blurry but baobei mao it is always a pleasure waking up to have breakfast with you 😍😍

Pretty mummy @mrschow_yiiyin wore this cute baby teething necklace from @babyhilarious today and little bubs was having a heck of a time biting it 😅😅

Going grocery shopping after breakfast!

I gotta say these guys love their meats.

I really like gourmet markets like these that know their difference between cuts, dry aging and the various cured meats. 😍

Meat lover's heaven.

My only takeaway!

I have the softest softest soft spot for Spanish ham and Spanish food in general. Evrerytime we have a special occasion dinner, I always always request for Spanish (if not Italian) food.

I blame my stint as a Food Writer for spoiling my taste buds rotten. I can never forget how the restaurants used to send us a tiny block of aged Spanish Jamon iberico as a welcome invitation for a tasting.

I know this doesn't look appetising, but IT IS THE BEST. Spanish ham is super delicious 😅 And if you're interested in trying, don't scrimp and get the lesser aged ones. Always go for the 52 months or older. You can see the difference in the colour of the meat (the darker the better) and it also differs greatly in taste.

Good Spanish ham is savoury, but sweet and nutty at the same time. When I eat it i place the entire shaving flat on my tongue and chew on it lightly so I taste EVERYTHING.

The fats then melt in your mouth and you can taste this waxy, savoury, complex flavour that gets more intense as you chew and I LOVE IT.

This tops the charts as one of the best things I've ever eaten and is one of my favourite foods in the world. HAHA. I am obsessed. But you can only eat a small amount at once if not it gets a little too greasy.

Yes, I'm a huge foodie 😂 I used to have 4 tastings a day and I ate non stop. Very bad for my waistline 😅


Btw Husband Ng is a huge foodie as well. Christmas is our yearly indulgence and we really go all out in preparing Christmas food for our family and friends.

Last year, Daniel was so obsessed with creating the perfect burger blend from scratch, he spent the whole night hunting for oxtail and shinshank and spend the entire morning extracting the meat from the bones and removing silver skin, then minding the meat by hand.

I find it super troublesome, but the taste was completely worth it la.

I have another friend who is a huge huge huge burger junkie like Daniel and every year he comes to talk about burger meat and stuff with husband ng. They don't even hang out normally but he turns up for Christmas without fail and is always in deep discussion 😅😅😅

Swimsuits are up!!! 💪💪 including this piece you've all been coveting for! 😍

I feel like I'm in love 😍

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