HAYYYY! It's me HAHA. Cozying up to you all on Dayre tonight cos I have a whole bunch of poop to finish up and I want some company 😂

Poosh! Accomplished the first thing on my to-do list and sent out a new emailer!

Apparently, we're running a sale! 😂 Sets, bralettes and panties are going for 30% off so if you're looking to stock up or try something new, now's the perfect time!

Don't say bojio ah!

Padded Lattice now going for $6 😂😂 It was previously out of stock!

We've also been working with some girls on IG and aiyo, all of them are so so so so gorgeous and talented? All these photos they take with their smartphones and in like their homes/outdoors put my product photos to shame 😣

I can already hear you all chanting "Get a model already!" and I hear you!!!!! We are working on something so don't worry k. No more looking at low res photos of my own boobs. 😂

I'm sure you guys are pretty sick of them by now 😂

Aiyo, there's really so much effort that goes into taking a nice photo in Instagram 😣 The styling, the shooting, the editing.

And also having the confidence to show off your body and appreciate its beauty!

Okok last pic 😂😂 if you wanna see more, you can follow us on IG! @ourbralette.club

Got . cos someone took our name already 😂 #lol

OMG MORE THINGS TO DO. 😣 I better get back to doing it 😓

*claws face* I'm too tired to continue! I will update this space with the details of the little project I'm working on when I wake up tmr 😂😂😂

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