HAHAHA, my Bitmoji is just like me…so obiang 😂 who still says WOOT in this day and age???

But today is seriously a good work day…here's why.

We restocked the Blackbird Bodysuit!!!!! 😊😊 So many of you girls have been asking for this to be restocked and now they are!

It is also now available in S, M, L and XL sizes!! 💯💯

In case you've forgotten how it looks like….it's this super gorgeous piece 😍😍


We also discovered all whole bunch of old designs while packing for the Books and Stuff flea this Sunday!!! 😍

All the memories 😂 Aiyo.

We'll be bringing down all the old but gorgeous designs this Sunday like the Drunk on Merlot and Seafoam Green!

If you want to give them a try, come find us at Link Hotel 😊

We also have 2-3 pieces of the Saturdate left! 😍😍

We're all out of the Saturdate bralette 🙈

And this navy blue piece that was meant for me but I'm too puipui to wear it now 😛😛😛

If you're interested in any, you can chat with us online to reserve them! 💯💯

Sharing my #100daysofwatercolour #wip for tonight.

Everytime I start on a new canvas, I get super frustrated because I know exactly how I want the final image to turn out like, but don't possess the technical knowledge required to break the painting up into parts.

I always end up having ridiculously ugly beginnings cos I can't see the steps between blobs of colours and the final piece I'm trying to create.

But I guess it teaches me alot alot alot of patience and reminds me that you can't rush things sometimes. I don't paint well, but I definitely enjoy what I do. And sometimes that's more important that the outcome in the end.

That's all for today 😂😂😂😂😂 Not 100% satisfied but better than expected. 🙈

Hehe if you wanna suggest something for me to draw let me know! I wanna try practicing everyday but I have commitment phobia 😂

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