I'm on to a very very fatty day today 😂😂…

Cos this just came!! 😋

Apple pie anyone? 🙊 Daniel is an ultra pie and sweet treats monster, so when Janine from @oldsengchoong offered to send these over, I was like yes! 🙊

I expected it to be a rectangular smaller Apple Pie, but holy, it was huge and will easily fit 8-10 people 😱

The crust of Uncle Seng's Apple Pie was super buttery and flaky and tastes like my mum's pineapple tarts 😂 I liked it cos it was also salty so it balanced out the sweetness from the apple filling. 😋

The filling was also very generous, you can see la the crust very thin. And it's more of the slightly thicker kind, not the gooey kind you get from McDonald's. 🙊

But besides the Apple Pie, they also sent over 2 of their signature butter cakes. Omg, lucky Daniel went to the gym this morning. 😂 If not really fat die him.

We got the Wolfberry and Rose Wine butter cake and the original butter cake! Dan liked both, I liked the Wolfberry one more and my mum liked the original one hehe.

I think the Wolfberry one was more interesting and everything with a little bit of booze is always better hiak hiak 😋

I seriously appreciate how the cakes came vacuumed pack. And the packaging for the Apple Pie was in a hard box, not the soft kinds you usually get from bakeries.

This made it easier to transport. Cos you know how sometimes you buy butter cakes and they put it on baking paper and you get those very unattractive blotches of oil on them? This one confirm won't. 💯


If you're looking to order some cakes for teabreak (hello office snack! Ask your laoban to sponsor!)

You can use OSCXCHOW at checkout for 20% off! Just head over to http://www.oldsengchoong.com to check them out! 😍

On picking bridesmaids…

@themerrymaker's 20k giveaway prompted a series of thoughts in my brain that chain reactioned into some of the stuff I'll be sharing about below 😂

Basically about bridesmaids and choosing them. Cos I think it posed quite alot of headaches for some of the #dayrebrides out there. This is really a situation of too many friends not good, too little friends also not good 😱

But first! A gorgeous photo of all my bridesmaids during my solemnization and a huge thank you to them for helping me out and wiping away my sweat 😂

And also for doing all the backbreaking work since there was SO MUCH DIY going on during the wedding 😂😂

Really is xinkule.

[ How I decided on the number of bridesmaids ]

I am a super duper practical person. So before I even thought of who I wanted to be there for me, I thought of the ideal number of bridesmaids I wanted to have.

Even number is the best, just putting it out there ah. Cos when you take photos, you can be in the middle and flanked by an even number of bridesmaids on each side.

Composition 💯💯💯😂

That's how um, I decided that I want to have 4 bridesmaids HAHAHA. Told you, I'm damn practical already. I also told Daniel to choose 4 groomsmen cos…same reason la!

So symmetrical! I like!

Even as a whole group it was very very very balanced and I really liked that.

And since we are talking about numbers…

[ Don't be bothered by the norm ]

My brother ALWAYS laughs at me because he thinks I don't have many friends. And at a point of time I was quite bothered by what people would think if I only had 4 bridesmaids (other brides have like 8-10 wtf)

But…I didn't really care in the end la. I'm not the kind to hang out with people whom I am not very close to, so even if I wanted to pick like 10 bridesmaids, I won't be able to do so. Cos…I really don't have??

So no need to be pressurized ok! Haha, I was damn distraught when one of my bridesmaids was going to be overseas for the Chinese banquet cos that ruins the 4 BM quota 😂😂😂😂😂😂

But then I didn't want her to fly back also. So let's see how and play by ear la!! No bridesmaids also ok, but then I'll always have @chenshiqi and Fawn so no need to worry no one to wipe away my sweat 😱😂

Some people think it's damn 威风 to have 5 Ferrari convoys come pick up the bride 🙊

Ok I give it to them, that's really eye catching but not for us la! 🙊

We are the kinds that will see the convoy and be like…wah unless they managed to borrow all the Ferraris at no cost, if not I rather the money we save and go eat nice food 😂

So yeah! There's no standard number of bridesmaids you need to have, don't be pressurized!! HAHA.

[ Pick the ones closest to your heart ]

I always joked that my friends should pick me as their bridesmaids next time cos I'm very useful to have as a Taobao procurement officer and like DIY extravaganza.

But tbh, don't la. Please don't pick your friends on how useful they will be. Pick them because they've seen your relationship through time, or through milestones and you'll genuinely be happy to share this moment with them. And you know they will be genuinely happy for you too.

Pick the ones who will be there to touch up your make up, arrange your hair and wipe your sweat when you're flustered.

And pick the ones who are not afraid to place their hands on your sweaty exposed back for a hug when everything is over.

Pick the ones that will endure your rants about how your made to measure gown came horrifically ill fitting and pick the ones who although can't help you alter it, will stand by you and your ugly gown till the wedding day.

Pick the ones who will wear anything you choose and give in to everything you ask for, because they know it's your special day.

Pick the ones who will trust in you to ensure that you will take care of them, from their outfits to their hair.

Pick the ones who will run after your train to prevent it from becoming dirty even though you as a bride obviously do not care 😂

But also, most importantly, pick someone whom you know carries you as highly as you do with them in their heart.

I know I do alot of things differently and I make alot of #dayrebrides want to yank their hair out in frustration, but I think this is one thing everyone should do la.

The most important thing on your wedding is to be surrounded by people who are genuinely happy to be witnessing your union and people who love you. Alot.

The rest of my wedding stuff, like wearing gladiator sandals, using pipe decorations and Xmas wreaths on my car, you can ignore.

But this one, maybe you can think about it.

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