Good morning! The OBClassics are now restocked in all colours and sizes! 😍😍

The Strappy has smaller cups, but a more stretchy band. 😊

And the midi has bigger cups with a tighter band for more support.

If you wanted to get them previously but didn't manage to, here you go!

I used to love the blue so much, but the pink is quickly catching up also. Aiya, I love both la 🙊🙊

Oops, I got distracted yesterday 😂

Just wanted to share about my favourite points about the OBClassics so you girls know what to expect!

> I love how the lined cups and the sheer midi portion form a contrast and that the unlined midi area is sheer! The colours are really ethereal looking at the midi area. 😍

> Adjustable shoulder straps and loosened chest straps. Some of the feedback I've received is that the chest straps can be slightly loose, but that's also because we specially requested for it to be lengthened.

Cos when the straps are short, they tend to tug on the shoulder straps and create this warped look when the shoulder straps are pulled in.

> The lace is super soft, but not the type that furs easily. I specifically requested the lace to be softened 1 level softer than the max level 😂😂 cos I wanted it to be super comfy. My manufacturer wanted to strangle me 😂

> Colour. COLOUR COLOUR COLOUR. Because we dyed the lace ourselves instead of choosing from a selection of ready made lace,

so that means that we got to choose the specific shade of blue and pink. Is it the next time I can make OBC yellow bralette? Plz support ah @tshihhwee @ivyyt @chenshiqi @chingzx 😂😂😂

> Rose gold hardware. I TELL YOU. HAHAHA this one really 😂😂😂 Backside itchy. When we were done trying and see all the samples then I suddenly wanted rose gold hardware and then HAHAHA. Everyone went crazy finding good quality ones 😂😂 But aiyo no regrets. Worth it 💯

Hehe also wanna share some pics of the girls in the OBClassics 🙈🙈

Hehe I wear the L/XL midi and the cups are really power. HAHA. For the midi, the cups were extended more to the back so there's really no room for sideboob. The Strappy is a little smaller in cup so I'll get side boob sometimes 😂


And then just this morning @taivlys received her OBC parcel and sent this to me 😍 Hehe thanks for letting me share your photo 😍

HAHA she left me a long note on her order, and when we were packing, Husband Ng said someone wrote me a love essay 😂😂 Thank you ah! I feel so loved now. And I get to feast my eyes early in the morning also 😂

Hehe more OBClassic Midi try ons! Why so many dusty blue! If any of you bought the pink and are ok with sharing your photos with me, let me know ok! 😍

Aiyo. This blue….

And a pretty in pink picture! I kept a strappy pink and midi blue for myself! 😂

And of course TTG represent, in the midi 😍 Hehe.

More pink! I'm obsessed with all the photos you girls are sending me. I swear I just hoard them all 🙈😂

And…if you need more convincing…😂🙈

What is it like holding the OBClassics for the first time…

I still remember when the OBclassics first reached me, I was still super sick from the Artbox sun and rain episode that Daniel didn't tell me when they arrived.

I remember groggily climbing down 3 floors because I heard rustling and then…I saw the unmistakable shade of pink and blue. 😍

Aiyo. I think it feels almost like first love.

The first photo I ever took of the OBClassic 😂😂 still got my feet in the background. I sent this to @chenshiqi who promptly spazzed out and came over to try them on 😂

Memories……………….😂 I'm such an old person

(sneaking back to finally finish up on this post 🙈)

I just wanted to say that I have utmost respect for people who create, produce and then treat their work with the greatest integrity. Because it's really not easy and sometimes you just want to take the easy way out.

But ultimately, it's all worth it la! Even through my snot and phelgm, I was squatting there by the OBClassics and feeling like the happiest person ever. 😂 And that kind of feeling is really difficult to find.

I'm super sappy EVERYTIME I talk about #obc because…idk. It's like suddenly my life revolves around it now. 😂

I know that I sometimes make starting your own venture sound like a crazy scary thing, especially on nights when I stress myself out and let the pessimism consume me.

But to be honest, I've never woken up dreading the work day, ever since I started working on this full time. Sure, sometimes the stress makes me cry, sometimes I tell people I regret it.

But I've never had that dreadful feeling deep in the pit of my stomach anymore. I used to get it every morning I needed to wake up and drag my feet to work (even at what I thought was my dream job), but that feeling is a stranger to me now.

On days like these, when I'm flooded with love from all your comments, first buy hurrahs and love notes on order forms, I am the happiest person in the world. 🙂

Thank you for showing everyone that we are all beautiful inside and outside and for being brave enough to share your pictures with me.

I am honoured to be more than just your typical bralette seller and and happy to call you girls my friends 🙂

Ok, that's enough talk for now! Or else, sappy chow will be so sappy the screen cracks 😂 Thank you for the wonderful day and please send me photos or tag us in a post if you love the OBClassics! 😍

Goodnight! 💓

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