Happy Sunday guys! 😎

Bitmoji has the cutest illustrations ever. What does happy sundog even mean?? I don't know and I don't care. It's too cute 😂😂

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Sunday so far! 😍

What I was up to last night 😂

The title sounds very misleading but…HAHA no la it's not what you think! I'm very PG13, besides the excessive showcasing of beautiful boobs 😂

If you guys didn't know, the very sweet and gorgeous @sweetpea ran an OBC giveaway on her Dayre last week and I was given the honour of picking one winner from the entries!

I usually choose giveaway winners by using a random number generator cos…aiyo 😅 but having to read through all the comments and getting to know the girls who commented is a really really fun thing as well. 😊 So thank you for joining and for sharing your reasons in wanting to win the OBClassics!

It was really so so difficult to pick a winner because I really felt like I wanted to give everyone a bralette. 🙈

I kept WhatsApping Pea this 😣😣 constipated face because it was so so difficult to choose. It felt as though after reading the comments and Dayre posts, you get to know each submission better and you truly want to pick them as a winner…but there can only be…one winner? 🙈

But don't worry! We will be partnering more and giving away more so keep your eyes open! 😅

There were also so many random thoughts in my mind and I ended up tossing and turning in bed, with sleep eluding me. And I thought I'd share these thoughts before I fall asleep. Quite abit of them I've categorized into another topic that I'm still thinking about whether to share 😂

My mind is like a vat of jellyfishes mixed with spaghetti noodles, which is a huge mess, so 😅 please bear with my mind farts 🙈

On body positivity and feeling good in your own skin

Quite a few of the comments I read mentioned about how they've always wanted to try bralettes but was worried that they are too big/flat to try them out.

It was one of the biggest realisations I had when I first started #obc and one that still leaves me very confused. Apparently, we girls are so so so so so so lacking in confidence, that no one thinks they'll be able to pull off bralettes unless they are VS model type of body shape.

The big girls think they are too big and the small girls think they are too small. Which means that…the general population thinks that they can't wear bralettes 😣

I always feel so so sad when I read about how "the chest is too small so not sure if the bralette will good on me"


The bralette is a bralette. And you are the main point. But why do you have to worry when you are already beautiful to begin with? The bralette is there only to help you see the beauty you already have.

I know I know, it sounds like a marketing gimmick…but it's what I know to be true because mummies who buy a bralette always come back to let me know how a simple change to their lingerie cupboard can change the way they feel the entire day.

Yes, it sounds scary to have to change your mindset that a perky, perfectly round boob shape is the ideal boobshape, but…baby steps.

We're always trying to find ways that help girls see their own beauty. And I think reading those comments were a good reminder to think bigger, further and deeper in that direction.

I've always visualised OBC as a brand that is body positive, but I've never dared to openly brand us that way because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to send that message across clearly.

But…I think we are getting there. We have some stuff planned (product wise) to help girls who love the assurance of their regular bra ease into the bralette life and I really really hope it helps. 🙂

I guess reading the comments also let me know that there's quite a few of you out there that are eyeing the bralettes but never had the courage to try 🙈

I just wanna say, try the bralette starter kit! It's refunds in CASH if you don't like it! Practically zero risk 😎

On online responsibility

I think the stress of having to choose a winner + given the responsibility of having to pick one even though all were worthy got me thinking about how, we all have some kind of responsibility since we are given the right to express our thoughts on public platforms.

I went to read @mytypeofrunaway 's post on social policing and I really agree 100%.

Not sure why people think it's ok to be mean (both anonymously and named) on social media just because it's online.

But! This is a can of worms I also want to leave for another day. Just thinking about online responsibility for a bit and how things could be done better.

I agree with sending out an email to settle stuff personally with people you don't see eye to eye with or if someone accidentally steps on your toes. Instead of having to openly discuss.

Also, I think when we're online we just think that it's ok to be a little more open/vocal about our thoughts?

For example, we're all slightly (or maybe a little bit more than that) bitchy in real life. Ok I don't want to generalise la but I am!

When I'm talking to @chenshiqi or when we are in the office, I always make remarks about the lives of others or like an old schoolmate that are….not so nice. But remember, that is in an enclosed area with people whom I know and I trust.

My words won't be replayed and it won't be heard by a potential million other people. That's different from online.

I think alot of us view our own blogs or Dayre as our private space where we can look back on our day/lives and share our opinions without worries.

But the difference is that it isn't really private and if you say something hurtful about someone else, dude, gossip spreads like wildfire. And even if you never intended to hurt, you do.

I'm not going to be a saint and be urge you to be nice to everyone and think only good things cos God I try so hard but all the bitchy stuff comes out anw 😂

The thing is we are all entitled to our own opinions and thoughts yes. But I think that entitlement kind of ends when you have the ability to hurt or even destroy someone's life.

It's all just mindless gossip and harmless banter until one day, someone takes it too far and online wars turn into physical hurt and harm. So please try to be more mindful of what you post online. Cannot control thoughts, but can control actions!! 🙂

Oops I took a break for lunch and now my thoughts are all in a cloudy haze thanks to food coma 😂

We had lunch at Soi Thai Soi Nice and oh man, the food was good good good good good 😋 Really got BKK standards 🙈

I'll put up a proper post on it soon. But man, the food, the Huawei Leica Lens and the sunlight = awesome photos…..taken by my Husband Photographer 😂😂 so nice to be able to eat in peace while someone else snaps away #dreamteam #dayrefatties

Anyway! Throw back to one of the weekdays where this fella came over looking super dapper in his striped onesie and we couldn't resist but match him 🙈😍

What do you mean by I'm obsessed? I must do it before he grows up and doesn't wanna match with his Aunt anymore!

Children grow up so so quickly. I can hardly remembered how fatty kitten looked like when he was a newborn.

Everytime I look at children, I want my own, but at the same time feel like I'm not ready for the responsibility. 🙈

How ah? #dayremummies how do you know when you're ready to have kids?

I've had this discussion with some of my friends and some of them have NEVER considering being childless. Like having a kid is naturally in their life plan and that they want it to happen.

Some…know they will end up having children even tho at this point of time in their lives, they still don't want them yet.

Then…there's the ones like me who yoyo between YES and NOOOOOO. 😱😅

Will I wake up one day and just…know?

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