My #taobao loots are here!

And I need help choosing an outfit for my brother's birthday lunch today. 🙈🙈

I've narrowed it down to 2, but I still can't decide on which 😅😅 I'll be updating on IG stories so if you're there, see you! PLZ HALP CHOOSE, I'm there with the same handle!

(P.S I'll be back to do a review on the stuff I got! 😊)

My room is a mess 😅

But these 2 are my choices! I need to be comfy cos it's a buffet and I want to eat like a beast 🙈😅 #noshame

And I don't wanna dirty the dress cos…it's steamboat and soup always comes flying.

So I'm more inclined towards the red dress for now. Except that it makes me look like a pregnant jellyfish 🙈🙈

Ok now let's get to the review proper…

😅 I've never really done it before cos I've mostly reviewed home stuff, so I hope this is useful la!

The link to this wrap dress is here!

And, @themerrymaker this is a true wrap dress!

I steamed iron this last night. So the frills at the bottom are super flouncy 🙈😅

It's really quite a gorgeous piece?? And I'm a UK12 so all the PPGs you know you'll be able to fit this piece. It's still a tiny bit big on me. Without the sash, I look like I'm drowning and have no waist 🙈 but I approve of this!

Material is ok la. Very thin linen type? Confirm will have alot of creases.

The moment your camera decides to focus on EVERYTHING except you. 😅😅


Anyway wanted to show how the frilly frills look like from the side. Cue awkward hand placement. 🙈 The length not bad also! Not too long not too short!

A few things I didn't like about the dress tho…is this snap button closure.

Every time I tug on it to unbutton, I feel like the dress is gonna tear 🙈 Would be much better if they put a normal button instead?

This is really very very cumbersome and makes the dress feel fragile.

It's also not sewn on very well? So you might end up losing the button too. 😅

Ok next is this red boobalicious dress that I think is not really my character. But I've been damn *inspired* but @charlottewangwang and her fashionista vibes. So I took a leap of faith.

And I like it!!! I love how free I am in this even tho uh I look really fat cos of the boobs (and cos I'm quite big) but I still love this with a passion.

Btw it's what I chose to wore today. It passes the buffet belly test!

Hur hur hur. I really really like it. Daniel always says I look good in red but I rarely wear it cos it's so loud, but this one…is…cute.

I paired it with the black Backburner but on hindsight, the red would have worked really well as well 😅 Maybe I should do a bralette change tonight before dinner 🙈

Hehe it's an open back design that's held together at the top by a metal ring. 🙈 I like.

The front deep V can be a little…too much for most people cos it really cuts quite deep, but I wore a bralette so I don't really mind.

Only when I sit down and the V exposes abit of my tummy rolls and I got a little self conscious. How big the V is also depends on how tight you tie the ribbons at the front.

This had so much potential! And I really wanted to like it cos of the tropical prints but it turned out to look quite funky for me (maybe cos my PTP is pretty big).

The material was not bad, slightly stretchy tho! But the apron cutting was….abit weird on me 😅

HAHA it makes me look like I have a huge belly.

I'm wondering if I tied the sides too tight? 😅 But the prints are gorgeous???

Hello peekaboo!

This romper was my most anticipated piece cos I love rompers and this length + the colour and prints just made me go 😍😍🤤🤤

But sadly, I had to do some DIY piece for this cos I'm not sure why it was so weird?

There was this horizontal band that was supposed to give your boobs some modesty at the side but it was impossible to fasten.

It is super cute tho! 😍

Loose and fabulous for the days you don't have any shits to give 🙈

I wore a bodysuit under this (see, bodysuits are so damn useful) so I wouldn't have to reveal too much skin at the side.

Without the strap to hold the fabric in, the armholes are HUGE. But perfect with a bodysuit!

Stay with me guys! We're nearing the end!

Anyway, this wrap top is gorgeous also. I find the material much better than that of the wrap dress. And they also used a better button for this. So funny.

Not bad…please don't judge my shorts. I was lazy to go dig out something from my cupboard so I just paired it with this..since it came with the orders 🙈

Not bad at all.

Is it me or are these V necked wrap tops super modest. Cant even see the straps of my bralette 😓😓😂😂😂😂

Or is it…I slutty? 😂😂

I got this thinking that I wouldn't be able to fit in it but LO AND BEHOLD it fit. And it's quite loose some more. I'm so damn happy.

It's a pair of skorts and it's a faux wrap around kinda thing but I love it love it love it!!!!

Super sturdy material.

Paired it with my bodysuit again cos………. ain't nobody got time to change.

And surprisingly, it looks good! I have a copious amount of bodysuits. I think I'm a collector. Or as they like to call us…hoarders 🙈😓😂

Daniel is damnnnnnnnnn hilarious. He asked me why my skirt makes funny sounds when I walk. Cos of the small studs 😂

And…now…as I searched for the links to all the pieces, I ended up adding so many more to cart. Think I'm going to have a part 2 of this.

So addictive. I thought I got over this but now…you guys…..have gotten me hooked again #ded 😂

Btw I accidentally carted out 2 pieces of the porcelain dress which I feel is slightly too small for me. I'll try to update this post with a try on tmr and will probably giveaway the other piece! So hang on tight!

Guess who's super obsessed with the shorts and wearing them out again today! 🙈

I'm going to get the black one also cos…it's comfy and I love it. ♥️

Just finished a day of packing orders and I can't wait to get back to trying on the porcelain print dress and ending this post!! 🎉🎉

Ok I missed out on reviewing this the last time…cos it was quite tight??? HAHA. And I DK why I stupidly bought 2 of this WTHECKKK. I always do this. Like I add to cart and I thought I didn't so I add again and there's 2 pieces. And I don't check at check out so I cart out everything -_-

There was once I bought 7 of the same beetle Zara top 🙈🙈

But on hindsight…it doesn't look too bad? The material isn't stretchy and is quite sheer but DK why it looks ok in the mirror. 😅

I'm an awkward duckling.

But eh it really doesn't look too bad? I wanted to give this away but it seems like I might keep it. But I'm not sure when I'll wear it? 😅 #hoarder

I gave the extra to my sister in law already! 🙈

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