I've been doodling non stop the past few days because we've been preparing for what I believe is a huge launch (even tho it's just one product) and there are so many marketing materials to finalise.

But tonight, we're finally finally done! And I've scheduled the emailer to go out, the product page is up, so I have some time to come around and share about our latest progress with #ourbraletteclub 😊

Can you guess what we're launching this time round?

It's not a bralette, but it has the ability to convert all bralettes into padded ones. And it's been something I've been working on for the LONGEST time.

From gaining inspiration, to searching for products, customising and finally producing. Mannnnn. I really hope this solves all the padded woes! 😝

You girls have been asking for padded bralettes over and over again, well, now you can use the PICK ME UP PADDING to convert any bralette into a padded one.

I've never been a huge fan of padded bralettes because I find them uncomfortable and generally not well made, which is why I've always focussed more on the unpadded designs.

But over time, I've realised that so many of you have been asking for padded bralettes and even tho I always replied saying that "you don't need padding, you look good the way you are" etc, but I guess I have never seen it from the perspective of anyone else but myself.

Also, who am I to deny someone of their own kind of comfort if they truly feel good wearing it? (Underwire is another thing ah. That is physical discomfort and not like a mental one)

So, I initially embarked on bringing in more padded stuff, but realised that there has to be another way to solve the padded problem.

I was inspired by the breast pads that mummies used and how it provide more coverage. Which is why we started looking. And found this and made changes to the material and gel.

And I realised that, I might not need additional coverage cos I work from home and have soft nipples, but other girls who need to give presentations and have more obvious nipples would definitely feel at ease if they had some form of padding.

Which is why we decided to produce the Pick Me Up Padding. 😊

Eh chow, you talk so much, can you show us what it is???

Paiseh πŸ˜‚ I'm damn naggy.

Anyway, this is what it is. A foam padding with lycra covering that adheres to your bralette and not to your skin. Essentially converting all your lined bralettes into padded perfection.

There's a little more padding at the bottom because this comes in one size and the push allows for the smaller girls to fit this perfectly as well.

It's not too thick and frankly quite light so no worries. It weighs only 40g.

For the bigger girls, stick this as close to the base of the bralette as possible. It will feel most comfortable that way. If you have a bigger cup size, it's normal that the top of the cup won't be covered by the padding, but it still feels comfortable because the edges of the padding are very thin.

The adhesive isn't super glue, so if you hold your bralette upside down, there will definitely be some detaching, but it prevents sliding and misplacement when worn.

Here's what it looks like when stuck on the inside of the bralette!

We requested for the adhesive gel to be placed all around the padding up to the edges so there is maximum surface area for it to stick. And it's really better than the first few samples we received.

Sticking it is also damn simple la. Just remove the soft plastic covering, aim and stick. Easy peasy. πŸ˜‚

They come with a storage bag and instruction manual on how to care and use them properly.

Actually they are really quite low maintenance. You can even throw them in the washing machine as long as you use a double layered laundry bag that does not contain anything else. If not lint and hooks will damage it.

Or else, for extra long life, hand wash la!!! Use mild detergent and hand wash.

But the most important thing is…

Don't dry them in the sun

The UV rays will damage the adhesive and then…nobody can save you already. πŸ˜‚

Let them dry in a shady area! If you're worried about mould, spray with alcohol or add a drop of dettol when washing it. 😝

Here's what the OBClassic Strappy looks like with the padding attached! Not bad right. πŸ˜‚

I'll post photos of try ons with the padding in the OBCHICKS group tomorrow!

Tbh this design isn't really a new invention or anything, it's just that most of the originals were intended to give an extra boost so they usually only included the bottom half of the padding (heart shaped area) to be added on to a normal bra.

The adhesive area was also usually very small cos you don't need so much glue if it's sitting in a proper cup. It will just fit nicely.

We simply made some alterations for it to suit the bralettes that we carry and produce in hopes that it will fit better!

So if you see a similar design elsewhere, please ah, we didn't patent this, we made customisations 😝

Anyway, it's $8.80 and comes with a storage bag and instruction manual on how to use and care for it! If properly cared for, it can last 7-8 months!

We are also offering free normal mail for the padding now, so it's $8.80 nett la πŸ˜‚

For those of you who placed an order and paid for shipping, don't freak out! We will refund you for shipping when day breaks!!! 😍

Shot a small video this morning while I was putting on the padding with the unlined Front Hook Eyelash Bralette!

Some of you have been asking if it works on unlined bralettes, and the answer is yes! The padding might be slightly visible and not as sticky on mesh materials, but it still works.

I posted a photo on the OBChicks group on the comparison with and without the padding and while I would like to say it isn't big. It is la πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Not sure how safe this is with the pervs lurking around but I still stand by my belief that ζΈ…θ€…θ‡ͺζΈ… except I heavily pixelised the face πŸ˜‚

Might remove this later when I come to the realisation but for now, left side has padding, right side doesn't. Quite a huge difference hor πŸ˜‚

But I still prefer no padding cos ~~~comfy~~~

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