Good morning!

Anyone feels that…without coffee you're just a hungover robot?

That's me. 😣

Ever since Daniel started his 8am gym routine, I've been getting less and less sleep and I'm so hungover 😂😂

Definitely more productive but so tired!!

Picture is a card I made for someone who recently lost a precious companion in her life.

My OOTD for today is my FAVOURITE top from Taobao. It's damn comfy and I've worn it maybe 40 times already 😂 and I only got it in Feb 😁

Putting this up only cos I'm doing the #100daychallenge and I am taking pics of my bralette and my outfit everyday 💯

Everything will be ok

I remember when I was in the lowest point of my life, I wrote this phrase out on lined paper over and over again.

You know how when you're stuck in a rut and you don't know where to go and what to do?

I found that it helped keep my hands busy and my mind still.

And somehow, repeatedly writing the phrase made me believe that ultimately, everything would indeed be ok.

And true to the universe's way of applying time to your wounds, everything will eventually be ok.

It's quite funny how this line actually came from a cartoon called Bravest Warriors (yes, another cartoon) where this super cute creature called a catbug (voiced by a real 6 year old) responds to a intergalactic emergency by saying "everything will be ok"

If he could believe so, so could I.

Big Fish Small Fish

We went all the way down to the far end of Punggol for lunch today!

Spending more time on social media has really helped with adding a touch of freshness into our lunch spots.

If it were up to us really, I think we'd be eating at the food court near my house forever. 😂

I saw an old friend post about the fish and chips here and I plotted a route immediately.

I love fish 🐟 and chips 🍟

We were way too early do Daniel took the opportunity to get some suntanning done ⛅

How can someone love the sun so much, I don't know.

Btw talking about sun…I don't actually use sunblock or any other type of skincare 😁 and I think being on Dayre makes me increasingly worried about it 😨

Will post about this someday.

Boshi damn HILARIOUS.

Purposely whipped out his sunnies 😎

They have a student promo for the dory and it's 6.40 for a set with drinks!

Quite worth it even tho there's only one piece of fish. It's quite big tho!

The chips are very very thin and looks like florets. I like.

My fishy fish.

I used gloves. I liked that they provided gloves. I don't like my hands dirty.

Also! The best thing is that they have free flow sauces like salted egg, cheese, xo cheese and tartar. And also Daniel's favourite malt vinegar.

💯 would recommend. Indoor seating is super limited tho!

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