I'm super pleased this morning because I managed to finally pull of this dress that I have been avoiding like the plague for the past year.

This dress has like a cottoney material that just sticks to every curve and bump on your body.

And I haven't found the right bralette to wear with it.

I used to wear a strapless bandeau and a normal strapless bra but both didn't work.

The dress kept clinging on to the place where the bralette kiapped me and just made my armpit fat look damn jialat.


I tried this new bralette launching tomorrow. Omg it's magic. ✨✨

Notice how there aren't any bumps or ridges at the chest are? 😍

Here's an unedited pic just to show you how awesome it is.

And with slight adjustments, almost everything is hidden and held in place well 😍😍

Photos we posted on the site!

It comes in 3 colours and unlike the regular bralette whereby it hangs on your neck, this one is super comfy to wear and has a back panel.

I don't know how to explain HAHA. But I made videos for all the new launch products, complete with my rambling and nagging!! So you can go watch it!

I freaking love this piece.


You can hear my rambles. I was too lazy to type all the commentary down so I decided to record a video.

Let me know what you think! Maybe I should record a video for all the new products so it's more detailed ✨

Also in this launch…the Barely There Bralette.

This is definitely a huge upgrade from the original Floral Nipple Bralette. It's super soft and I'm not sure how the band got so so thin and soft but it's definitely super comfy to wear.

It's one of the pieces our model kept cos…it's super flattering and gorgeous. Even the embroidery is softer than what we usually have.

The devil is in the details and the details are in this video hehe. So pls go see and listen to me nag πŸ˜‚

I first posted this one the obchicks group I think on Day 4 or 5 of the challenge!

Hehe this piece is damn unique. I almost considered not bringing it in, but then aiyo how to resist! 😍

If you want to hear me nag πŸ˜‚

This has adjustable band size as well!

I'm having a mini glee #throwbacj watching videos on YouTube and I have about 100 different feelings seeing Cory Monteith on screen.

I used to really really like Glee in the earlier seasoned and Cory was my main eyecandy. Big, tall, fair and rosy cheeked guys are my this.

I was so sad when he overdosed and I remember watching Lea Michelle sing this song in the tribute episode.

They were dating in real life.

I spent the entire night lying in bed wondering what their lives were like.

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