Silence can be very comforting.

Sometimes at the end of a long day, and a week of being online excessively, being alone and being quiet can be very rewarding.


Cutting your hair can be very liberating.

Especially when you do it yourself, with amateur tools, and you can do it any way you want. Without having someone else tell you how short to go.

I always have the impulse to keep cutting, to keep going shorter.

And then when I finally put down the shears, I beckon it go grow faster.


Being busy is like a time machine.

Only that it propels you faster and further forward, never slowing down.

Everything has been an organised mess recently. And while we are definitely moving forward, I sometimes wish we could be taking adult steps instead of baby ones.

But, better forward than back right?


Make time for dates and good food.

Even if it means sitting at the counter watching the chef's work and talking about how good the fish is for about 3 hours.

Make your belly happy and you'll find that your heart follows too.


To take things lightly.

To the ones who left and the ones who returned.

To the feedback, the complaints.

The fun stuff and the not so much.

The promises made and those to be broken.

To let them slide off like water on goose feather.


To learn to look back on the good times and use them to fuel you through the bad.

Check out my ridiculous expression and how I choose to include this as a full page spread in our photobooth



That discipline is something that requires focus and dilligence.

And is something you can learn, develop and train.

It's ok to fall of the track sometimes, as long as you don't lose sight of the end goal.


Find the courage to walk away from the things that don't matter.

So you can finally walk towards the ones that do.


Your demons will always chase you.

And recently they've been hot on my heels.

Sometimes I find myself slipping. Staring into space, consumed by the actions that used to bring me comfort.

Consumed and confused.

But as long as you don't let them catch you, a day away is a day won.


To come to terms with the fact that it is ok to not be ok.

That it's ok to agree to disagree.

To be cleverly clueless. And to be cluelessly clever.

To be a tiny bit of happy-sad and a whole lot of sad-happy.

To be incoherent, drunk and foolish.

But most importantly, to have the courage to be honestly you, and to be unapologetically me.

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