Just a few things.



I learnt this the hard way last week, when a close friend of mine was dragged into the hellholes of internet drama due to a review she left online.

Somehow, I had a thousand things to say, but nothing managed to come out.

I think that running a business has sanded down my sharp edges alot. And made me so much rounder as a person.

But I sometimes feel like it takes away my character and dulls me. Afterall, round is a shape you'll fit into a cookie cutter right?

Another incident that occured that made me realise how much of a pushover I am now.

I reached out for a collaboration and like the many other rejections I've received, discomfort posing in lingerie was the stated reason.

Usually, I'll reply and explain that I don't require, let alone expect that influencers pose in lingerie unless they are comfortable doing so.

But this time, because she generalised lingerie models or people who post photos of themselves in lingerie as "racey", I let it go

In that moment, I was offended. And I thought of arguing, explaining, standing up for myself and for the others.

But someone, the anger fizzled out and dissipated in a resigned manner and made way for disappointment and lingering sadness.

I didn't act on it.

And I think it hurt more than biting my tongue would.



I feel that as I grow older, the more I'm afraid to fail.

I guess it's a classic case of the more you have, the more you have to lose?

I have to keep reminding myself that it's ok to fail and that being afraid to even try is the greatest failure of all. But sometimes even that isn't enough.

Because of this fear, I've pushed back a ton of plans, and caused a crazy amount of delay.

I remember being fearless not so long ago. And I miss it.



This is a bad habit we all have.


The bad habit of wondering what could have happened in alternate universe of life, if we chose otherwise.

"What if I didn't quit my job back then. Would I be happier now?"

"What if I had been just a tiny bit more careful when reversing the car. I would have saved a thousand dollars."

"What if we didn't choose this contractor back then? Maybe we already move in 4 months ago"

So funny.

We know we can't turn back time and we can't re-live our decisions, but yet we wonder anyway.

Wonder about the infinite possibilities that could have happened. Replay the scenes over and over.

Torturing no one else but ourselves.

So funny. We are so funny.

Haven't been updating as much as usual, but I've definitely been stalking you guys!

Sometimes it feels nice to play the role of the silent reader again. 🙈

We're sending out an emailer tomorrow morning and I hope it takes off! Not a new launch but a new initiative and I hope everything goes smoothly 😊

Thank you for all the concerned comments and messages. 😊

I'm fine!

Haha, just summarizing some of the learning points I've had while being away from Dayre.

But it's so nice to know that my thoughts are shared by all of you too!

P.S: I don't know why the Bitmoji is so buaysong even tho…#blessed 😅

Anyway, have you guys seen this???

I love love love this version of Despacito!

I tried so hard not to have feelings for this song, but it's so so catchy 😅

And now I can't stop listening to it.

I even wanna do a cover of the Chinese version 😂😂 must be poisoned!


July is always an insane month for us. Especially the first week!

I think we cram 3-4 birthdays within the first week of July and it's always a crazy crazy marathon of good food and birthday cakes.

Not that I'm complaining!

1 July —– My birthday 😉
2 July —– My brother-in-law's birthday
4 July —– My cousin-in-law's birthday
6 July —– Boshi's birthday (today!)
7 July —– Daniel's birthday

Haha it gets really crazy sometimes 😂🙈

Dear baby nephew,

Thank for coming into my life and making my 24th birthday so amazing 😉

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