Hello from #BKK!! 😊

I have such a love hate relationship with early morning flights.

Love them so much because even when you land, you have a whole day ahead of you.

But…omg. So sleepy!

But we just checked in and are nuaing in the room now and it's only 11am!

I had wanted to do a what I'm packing post, but realised I don't pack much so…😂😂

Basically when we travel to BKK we don't like to bring wheeled luggages. Each one of us gets a bag pack instead.

Cos if you're taking public transport from the airport to city, the escalators only go up, not down. And lugging a luggage is a huge pita.

Plus! BKK roads are like rough terrain. Daniel's cousin had to carry his hard case luggage instead of dragging 😂

Cos the roads were sooooo uneven.

Anyway it's a pure holiday trip so no work for us!! ✨✨

No time also la, only here for one weekend so just gotta conquer what's important!

If you're on a crunch time, I always recommend Friday – Monday afternoon trips!

Will explain why later and share our plans 😉


We were a little more adventurous this time and decided to try a new hotel cos @tshihhwee and @rwrfn stayed here on their trip so I backside itchy also wanna try 😅

Booked the suite (which amounted up to only 90+ a night after discount) as Daniel's birthday surprise!

We're very unadventurous usually but since our friend is on holiday this time round, no point going to the usual hotel la!

I do miss the old neighbourhood tho!

The bathroom is really really really gorgeous tho.

But the room is pretty small for a suite.

Me and my Caterpillar brows are ready to take down BKK!

Today's schedule:


Conquer Siam, have lunch at Inter

Rod Fai Srinakarin!

Uh, eating at my favorite place in BKK and as you can tell from the empty plates,

I forgot to take a photo 😅

But if you visit Siam Square you got to eat here!


And order their Pad Thai, Tum Sua!

My favorite salad in the world.


I'll eat this everyday and I have to eat at least 2 plates 😅😅

It's basically your normal papaya salad on steroids and comes with vermicelli and pork rinds ✨✨✨

Their Tom yam soup is so-so but still better than any in Sg 😅😅

Btw if you're just 2 people, I recommend getting the Pad Thai, Pork Curry Rice with Boiled Egg and the Tum Sua.

If you're feeling crazy hungry, get the oyster omelette (not on hotplate).

Their oyster omelette is super good especially if you like the gooey kinds.

Plus their oysters are baby and super fresh. I don't like big oysters 😅

We're on the tuktuk back to the hotel now because…


I drank too much milk tea and um

I'm kinda lactose intolerant HAHA.


I refuse to poop anywhere else 😅

But so far, we're on track for our to-dos! Conquered Siam, Central World and Big C 😅

Very efficient đŸ’Ē

Haha wtf.

This was teabreak part 1.

I tried to annotate the picture but as you can tell, it's a half assed attempt cos my fingers too fat and I don't have a stylus ☚ī¸

Mango sticky rice and chicken rice are from Big C.

IMO it's the most worth it place to get Mango Sticky Rice. 85 baht ok!

Mangosteens are Daniel's absolute favourite. They were going for 25baht/kg???


He bought like 3kg 😅😅😅😅

I don't eat mangosteens

The last time we were in BKK he bought 5kg off the back of truck and proceeded to Google, is overeating mangosteens poisonous 😅😅😅😅😅

Not satisfied with the teabreak, cos corn was not sweet and the random balls had so much weird bits in it.

So I went to 7-11 to buy more food 😅 I'm just eating non stop here.


I wanna dabao 5 home.


Eat the white burger (which is just a kongbapao)


Pardon the stray mangosteen appearing in all the photos 😅

But it's so so soft and yummy.

Please eat it.

It's like $1.

I'm buying 10 home.

As you can tell. I love convenient store foods.

14k steps already!

And haven't even gone to Rod Fai 😅😅😅😅

Traffic in BKK is so bad we try to walk as much as we can. đŸ’Ē

Husband Ng is taking a cat nap now, so time for me time muahahahaha.

I bought baby bubble bath from 7-11 😅

Went to Rod Fai Ratchada instead cos we were damn lazy and didn't wanna travel so far to Srinakarin haha.

Had Salt Baked Fish and even tho it doesn't feel the same as the old place, it's yummy all the same!



Spicy tho

I felt like dying halfway through. And now I have a giant ulcer on my tongue 😅

We're back in the hotel now and



My second time eating this from Rod Fai Ratchada and I still love it.

It isn't really like fishball and tastes more like æ˛šéĸį­‹ from China and I freaking love it.

Got S,M,L and jumbo size.

I wanted jumbo but Daniel kept staring daggers at me. Jumbo has 50 pcs HAHAHAHA.

I took M in the end.

Such a compromise.



But actually need more bacon 😅

Btw guys,

Daniel has thrown in the towel.

He wants nothing to do with my balls or my bacon.

Guess who's the clear winner tonight.

Chow 1: Daniel 0

We've declared this a Food Trip because after walking through Rod Fai for 2 hours, we bought nothing.

Except food.

Shit guys,

Forgot to mention, I also have this XL sized coconut shake to conquer.


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