Waking up with another bubbly! āœØ

Every time I wake up in BKK and look at my watch I'm like.


Let's go for breakfast NOW

Only to realise actually

We're one hour ahead šŸ˜…

Feels like I gained an hour by doing nothing.


I've been trying to find someone who shares my condition for like ever.

But so far no leh.

I've had no nose hair and super dry nasal passages ever since I did a procedure that chemically burnt away my blood vessels in the nose to prevent nose bleeding.

Now EVERYTIME I sleep in an aircon room, my nasal passage will dry up and I'll develop an infection.

Fever, flu etc follows.


and I hate it.

Like last night, I had my regular humidifier turned on at full blast but I still woke up multiple times thanks to my throat and nose being SO DAMN DRY.


Our breakfast has a live noodle and egg station!



I always think of Po (Kungfu Panda's dad) when I eat noodles soup.

"The secret ingredient to the noodle is…



More noms

Bacon is lyfe

Daniel's lump of toast

Chatuchak situation today šŸ˜…

Wearing a mask cos apparently it helps maintain moisture in my nostrils.

And also cos we want to conquer the vintage section. So mask up if not confirm kena dust allergies.


Underneath those smiley eyes

I'm sweating like a little bitch.

We entered from our usual ending gate this time round so you do what you gotta do and start your JJ jotuney with a bowl of grumpy cat red ruby.

Why grumpy cat?

There used to be an old chef that sells this here and he has the grumpiest face ever.

He's super cute but

Still grumpy.

Btw if you see this, please eat it.

It's nothing like the red ruby you've tried.

The coconut soup is SOOOOOO smokey and delicious.

The water chestnut is damn crunchy

And the tapioca coconut cake thing is damn delicious.

No regrets.

If you're too full, dabao. I feel like the dabao version has more liao haha.

Btw my main aim for this trip is to SCAVENGE the vintage section.

(Section 5,6 and 7 I think)

I'm so sick of buying clothes from BKK that I can barely squeeze into and look so weird on me as compared to the other girls on the streets.

So ok la I purposely avoided sections 2 and 3 cos they have all the new designs and new clothes that are free sized.

So much denim.


Actually I have no qualms about wearing second hand or recycled clothes la.

I think the vintage in Chatuchak is damn authentic.

100 baht denims confirm will have stains.

490 baht ones will be in pristine condition.

Just go home and wash in high temp + drop dettol and they are as good as new.

But if you're not comfy, then just go get the new ones!


Btw after trying this on, I sprayed myself down with alcohol and took a bath šŸ˜…

I am damn sanitary one ok. I santizie my hands EVERYTIME I touch money or outside clothes šŸ˜…

Lunch time at our usual hole in the wall!

My favourite is the squid fried rice.

I like my fried rice wet and sticky hehe.

While my mum…likes it dry and separated. Individual grains of rice independent of the rest around it.

Chinese style la. šŸ˜…

She used to say my fried rice sucks. But I like it hehe. Don't care her.

The vermicelli salad here is good also! If you're interested, it's near toilet 3 and opposite the fashion shops with bear headed mannequins and beside a store with cowboy stuff.

We spent the rest of the afternoon indoors, combing Siam area again šŸ˜…

Dinner was the 7 time gyoza champion store.

Which uh

I cannot rmb the name of.

But it's at the basement of Siam Paragon and has mentaiko cheese gyoza!!

Said mentaiko cheese gyoza

It was super delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The skin super duper thin and crispy and the meat was damn sweet and juicy.

Shunbian shop at the Melissa sales after.

Nothing much la cos @tshihhwee already brought a pair back for me the last time hehe.

I wanted to get these for my mum but she dowan.

Then I wanted to get for myself.

But the arch for these are super high and make me wanna kill myself.

Dunno why they make this arch so high when most of their shoes are flat footed ā˜¹ļø

So sad you are not to be mine.

My flat feet cannot tank

Spent the rest of the night in the hotel after a brief visit to neon.

All our favourite stalls are gone now ā˜¹ļøā˜¹ļøā˜¹ļø

I feel so sad and it was raining with puddles everywhere.

But we're back in the hotel now with McDonald's and 7-11 and snuggled in the sheets!

– Harmless truths?-

Anyway, something for you guys to chew on.

If you have information about something that when told to someone can change their life for the worse (not in a super dramatic way, but maybe make them feel uneasy or upset) will you tell them?

This is assuming that

1) The person can live without that knowledge and live happily for the rest of their life.

2) Its not a moral dilemma. It's more of like a "omg you like to eat century eggs? You know they are made from horse piss?" Kind of information.

3) You know that person can't do anything to change the situation they are in/cannot prevent anything/cannot reverse the situation.

Would you still tell them?

I won't la.

I think when you do tell them even if it does not benefit, you're just being a dick.

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