Good morning! (Or afternoon)

Breakfast of champions, included bacon again as usual.

I love bacon and jam on toast.

I think I'm a huge lover of salty and sweet things going together.

Probably why I'm so in love with the Garlic Snowing Pizza from Mad For Garlic. The bomb best pizza ever.

Btw, if you're intending to stay at Klub Hotel, pls note that the walls are damn thin.

The entire night I was listening to my very Singaporean next door neighbours shout across the corridors to each other's rooms about whether they chong liang already.

And then this morning they were having a battle of who could slam the doors harder.


First stop was to Eve and Boy to grab some gifts, but I find the stuff there quite overpriced as compared to Beautrium.

Wanted to get the Sailormoon eyeliner for my SIL but it's a whopping 50-60 baht more expensive at Eve and Boy I think.

Anyway, if you're looking to buy some stuff can try Beautrium at Siam Centre point!

But I'm not a beauty pro and I'm very adventurous when it comes to trying new and unknown brands haha.

So I might not be your best bet for traditional beauty tips la 😅

Headed over to terminal 21 for after you!

The Hokkaido Toast can be quite jelat for 2 so we tried the figgy pudding this time round.

It's nice!

But of course not as BOOMX as the toast 🙈😅

And an earl grey squash jelly drink that was…ok lor.

Not amazing and tastes like bbt haha. Not worth $6 😅😅😅😅

Tried out the new nude lip I got from Oh My Matte and I really quite like it!!

Only $7 some more.

I feel like heading back to get more 😅

Back in the hotel nua-ing and we decided to get some UBEREATS just cos….


And also cos…


$300baht for these.

Ok what!!! And pretty quick too!

Btw wanted to tell you guys, if you ever buy pork rinds, must look for this kind of thin ones that have fat and skin together.

Most places only sell those super airy rinds that I don't like cos it's not as…nice textured?

These kinds are damn awesome. I brought back 4 packs as gifts.

Truly the best kind of rinds.

We're thinking of heading out to Srinakarin tonight but not sure if it's open on Sunday?

I'd be so bummed if we cabbed super far out just to find out it's closed 😅


Best decision of this trip is to make the journey to Hua Mum.

It's amazing and I love it! @woyaokuaile thank you for recommending!

We found our favorite berry smoothie store on arrival!

The one I posted about in my previous BKK trip!

It must be fate. 😍😍✨ We went to Artbox previously and didn't find it.

Soooo happy!

This market is so cool. They have sushi bars and ramen bars!

Most stalls have their own sitting spaces don't have to worry that you have to carry your food and walk around.

Not game enough to try sashimi 😅

Dinner was sukiyaki!

The dry version was CRAZY amazing. It had this wok hei that was just…..amazing.

Idk how to describe la. Just super smokey and sweet and tasty.

You gotta have it! They have the pork, chicken, seafood or the mix.

We got the mix and nom nom no regrets at all.

Soup version was also good but not that yummy when you eat together with the fried version.

They have this pink sauce which is like our fermented bean sauce we eat with teochew porridge.


Btw! Forgot to add that there's a pretty good crepe store in Siam Central!

My favourite crepe combination is either Nutella or chocolate sauce with FOI THONG.


At least I think that's how it's spelt.

It's sweet egg yolk gloss!!

It's this sweet yellow thing that's damn delicious!

The locals have a snack that is basically crepe, coconut cream and this yellow floss and it's DELICOUS

hehe sorry I fat fat.


Being back in SG and nosediving into work makes me want to throw up 🙈

Didn't want to start a new post cos…nothing much happened and we spent most of our day prepping from the flight then getting back on track with work!

Is it just me or I just have severe kanchiongness whenever I have a flight to catch?

I always aim to reach the airport 2 hours before departure time,

But no matter how early I seem to start getting ready, we still don't have enough time to leisurely stroll through the airport and window shop.

I only feel "safe" when I'm at the boarding gate and we waste so much time sitting there doing nothing just cos I need to feel safe.


I'm damn boliao

I find the food at BKK airport super expensive (as compared to DMK) so we usually buy Mac's or dabao something to eat at the gate.

This time I ordered UBEREATS cos our hotel is quite far from everything (even 711) and no time to go anywhere else.

The bagels were awesome! I got a smoked meat + saukerkaut and Daniel got the BLT one. Both were great!

If you're taking a flight from BKK airport can consider dabaoing!

Our first time at BKK, we spent 1000baht on 2 BK meals. That's 40SGD

Bloody expensive 🙈

Also tried the Nasi Lemak burger today after landing, while running errands.

And my verdict?

Ok lor

But I guess for a dish as complex as nasi lemak, it's a feat in itself to make a burger that isn't offensive hah.

I found the burger very bland? Not sure if it's cos I used a fork and knife to eat it instead of chomping on it whole.

Or generally, coconut flavours in a burger just…seems…weird.

Either way, I didn't like it much!

The Chendol Mcflurry tho!!!!! 😍😍😍


I don't even like Chendol that much, but I appreciated how the Mcflurry was really rich and adaquately salty.

Also had crunchy coconut bits and the green jelly thing was solid!

Coconut pie is so so

Chendol Mcflurry is 💯!!!

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