Hello it's me!

With me uneven eyeliner and new cactus earrings!

Haha damn boliao, went to the earring store at Hua Mum and insisted on getting the most OTT earrings they had there πŸ˜…

I quite like it! And only for 20 baht leh!

I asked Daniel what's a good mexican phrase to write and he told me…."me gusta" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’

But ok la I was gonna write…aloha haha.

Wts so fail.

Btw I really like the lip colour I got from Oh my matte! And really very lasting and transfer proof.

Doesn't feel very very drying also!


I'm always super hesitant posting about beauty or skincare products/tips cos I'm probably like super noob at it ( I only recently started using toner and like those blackhead batches and loose powder πŸ˜‚) and there are so many pros out here on Dayre so haha I scared later I recommend smth and it sucks. πŸ˜‚

Btw just a heads up, I am damn gung-ho about what I put on my face. I used to use Taobao China brands. πŸ˜‚ And nothing happened to me.

But! I definitely don't recommend it to anyone la. I mean haha.

I'm just lucky nothing happened to me and I'm damn yolo.

But now I'm getting more conscientious of what I put on my face!

I still try the local BKK brands or like more popular Chinese brands but not for like foundation or moisturizers!

Haha I remember @tshihhwee laughing at me when I say the eyeliner I super love is NYN.

Yup, NYN ah not NYX πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I was walking at Platinum Mall during one of our BKK trips awhile back and the girl called out to me and recommended me the NYN eyeliner πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

So I just buy la cos……….

Backside itchy.

But it's damn good leh. No joke.

The tip is damn awesome and the ink DOES NOT SMUDGE. Even if it does it flakes off instead of giving you black streaks.

Recently I tried to upgrade and @tshihhwee bought me Mistine which is one of the most popular BKK brands.

They have adverts in the airport!

It's quite good but I find that it stings my eyes a little.

So I went back to NYN HAHAHAHAH.

#ded #notdayrebeauty

I recently found out about concealer and loose powder and I feel that my life has been changed ,πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Last time need to put foundation on the whole face.

Nowadays I just use concealer and loose powder and BYEBYE leave the house. πŸ˜…

Thank you #dayrebeauty for helping me learn more. If not I'll be so lazy idk what to do.


I've been crazy busy since we came back from BKK cos the new swimsuit designs arrived while we were on holiday and I was too excited to leave them.

We are focusing quite a bit on one piece swimsuits this time round, and are more bold in terms of designs!

The cult favourite Scalloped Bow Swimsuit is also now available in another colour!


My favourite of this launch!

I really really like the colour and prints on this piece and the deep V is awesome also hehehehe.

If you're worried about nip slip, there's a detachable halter strap to keep the swimsuit in place.

Super flattering also!!! 😍

@pearlynkmin so many pieces in this collection reminded me of you hehe can't wait to send some over!

The back of his swimsuit is too gorgeous πŸ™ˆ


This one is super bright and bold and I was hesitant in bringing it in but once I saw the samples I was like 😍😍😍

Haha I like how it's off shoulder and the ruffles are big so it looks extremely fabulous.

Confirm a perfect match for the days where you're obviously not gonna swim and only going to show off your fabulous swimsuit and your fabulous self πŸ˜‚


In salmon!

This was super crazy popular when we launched it and even after the restocks!

It's really elegant and cute with the little cut out!

So the new colour has a different material and is ribbed and provides a little texture!

The colour is more feminine and playful! But the cutting is still as dreamy as ever.


We're jumping on the Gingham trend too! This piece is crazy suitable for the TTGs (sizing runs small) and it has A LOT of push at the bust area.

The material is also less stretchy so everything is held together.

All swimsuits are padded but not wired!

The solid colour at the bottom of this swimsuit gives a super slimming effect and looks really retro!

Pair with a red bandana and you'll look swell.


Our only bikini from this collection!

I fell knove with it on first sight and I crazy love the strappy details and the crazy supportive top.

The top is SO FLATTERING and the straps are just 😍😍

I never ever turn to bikinis first but this one just has my heart.

My only gripe is that the bottom can be slightly more high waisted. Otherwise the cutouts at the bottom are crazy cute!!!

The cutouts are only at the front so don't have to worry. Your bum bum is well covered. 😎


This is the first time we'll be selling the tops and bottoms separately so you'll be able to get them in different sizes!

Please pardon my out of shape body πŸ™ˆ


If you're looking out for something simpler and elegant, and you're a TTG them get the Peplum Sweetheart!

The cutting for this is the same as the Gingham Swimsuit and really suits TTGs.

It's similar in cutting to the old Birds of Paradise Swim as well!

Bodice is shorter and the material gives more hold. The cups are also firmer and will fit a TTG well!

The peplum also comes with a super cute accented back instead of the regular one for extra cute points!

Hehe. Never hurt to have a little more detailing in the back especially when the front is simpler!!! 😊

I've been listening to Alessia Cara so much while driving recently that I think it's starting to drive Boshi and Daniel mad.

But I can't help but love the song and the lyrics!

Thank you for leaving the awesome and sweet comments about my body.

You guys are really like the mirror in snow white, except you keep saying I look good!

So let me be your mirror too and let me tell all you girls that…you are all gorgeous too.

Belly fat or not, boobs or not.

All so beautiful 😊

The swimsuits will be launching on Thursday, 20/7/17 at 12 noon! 😍

Eep sorry ah. Turning back time to add on to this post!

Basically we launched Review Rewards awhile back that entitles you to $3 off your next order as long as you post about us!

On IG, Dayre also can! As long as you snap a photo (don't have to wear it) and post something!

To claim the $3 voucher, just head over to our website and click on "Be Rewarded" on the navigation bar! πŸ’•

Remember to hashtag #ourbraletteclub and #obc!

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