Good morning!!!

I'm riding on cloud 900 today because we're finally done prepping for the launch of the OBClassic Lattice and I can finally share some photos!!!

What an awesome way to end the week 😊

I've been keeping this secret for so long, but the OBClassic Lattice comes in this Blue and Nude colour that is CRAZY GORGEOUS. πŸ’•πŸ’•

We played with contrasting lace and lining colours this time round and I'm happy with how this turned out!

This piece is also available in black, but I'm just personally obsessed with the blue and nude piece 😍

Haha so pardon my obsession and photo spam!

This design has actually been improved so the cups are wider and more supportive (I'm confident of it fitting up to an E-F cup for the L-XL size) and I'm in love with the double lining.

It's comfortable and weighty enough to feel like your boobs are in safe hands. 😊

I paired it with a simple button down and popped open one too many buttons to show off the nude straps and



Haha. I love how the nude is sophisticated without being too showy. And it makes you look edgey without going over the top 😍😍😍😍

I just love it la!!

Here's what it looks like when worn πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

Aiyo, my heart. I cannot πŸ˜‚

Besides being pretty, this piece is really super functional.

The shoulder straps cut inwards so for narrower tops, this works pretty well too! 😊

You'll be surprised by how sturdy this piece feels!! πŸ’•

I don't lie when I say this bralette provides full coverage πŸ’―

And super badass looking!

Such a stark contrast to the blue and nude version that is so soft and elegant!

Close up of the lace on this piece!

The black one is also super versatile and is perfect for the girls who die also must wear black bralette

Ahem @tshihhwee


And comes with the classic rose gold hardware πŸ’•

The edges on these are less scallopy and slightly more edgey to go with the 4 cross straps.

I always feel like this design is more confident and strong, rather than intricate and feminine.

Especially in black!

I feel super badass when I wear the black one.

The band is thick and sturdy and made of an almost satin like material.

So smooth!

Quite like the b00bhugger but much sturdier.

Anyway, these both come with double row back hooks!! πŸ’•

So to the traditionalists who don't like the sports bra cutting, this one is for you!

Lastly, I'm really excited and thankful to have the opportunity to churn out new designs that carry the OBC label.

Couldn't have done this without you and I'm immensely thankful that doing this has thrown the best people my way.

To the new customer whom I've had a chance to speak to whIle it was my turn to man the chats, thank you for acknowledging our service and letting me know that the effort we put into chatting with you makes your day.

You don't know me, to you, I'm just a stranger, but thank you for telling me your problems and your insecurities.

I love this part of my job the most sometimes and coming from a customer service background really helps.

So thank you.

Every chat we serve, we learn so much more about you guys πŸ’•

If you've purchased the Pick Me Up Padding, you'll know that it comes in a super cute peach print pouch that's reusable and great for travelling (I have 5 for myself πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

We're making more of these pouches in different sizes, and one of them is gonna be in this super cute fig print!

I'm thinking of sending these out with the preorder lattice bralettes in blue to apologise for the long wait and I hope these come in time!!! πŸ’•

Hehe I love cute pouches πŸ’•πŸ˜Š

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