Heh just wanted to put up a mini shoutout that the Long Distance Lover is now open for one last backorder on OURBRALETTECLUB.com ✨

If you've been waiting for this, especially after @gilliansng 's post, please do join this BO!

Your orders will be mailed out a little after mid August, but we'll keep you updated if there are any delays!

If you guys need a recap hehe.

This bralette was sold out on the night of launch and it has the same material as the B00BHUGGER except MUCH MUCH firmer and solid!

The colour was also one of the winning aspects of this bralette cos it was so damn gorgeous! ✨

Plus the scalloped hem. Aiyo.

Totally stealing @/gilliansng's photos here haha.

But the three row back hooks also give this bralette a crazy amount of support.

I personally have this in XL size and I think I've managed 50-60 wears in it. Which is a huge fit considering my massive bralette collection 🙈

It's really the epitome of comfort!

This design gets a little looser after a few washes, but not very very much. So do take note! 🙂

The slots for the XL size are already filled up and the M size is only left with a few slots! 🙈

I'm currently doing work in the new house, while Husband Ng and FIL Ng fix up the TV console and I really really really like the view.

The floors are still feeling a little sandy and floury, there is the noise from the NDP carnival rehearsal going on and there's a faint smell of varnish and thinner

But yet it already feels like home!

Psst! For those of you asking, we just opened up a few more slots for the XL size LDL!

Last few slots! ✨

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