Holy smokes guys

Is it just me or is today just SWELTERING hot

Like so hot I can feel my thin cotton t shirt stick to my skin and I'm perspiring 24/7 ☹️

It is literally so so so hot.

And then as if it's not hot enough.

I decided to eat Tom Yam Cup noodles. 😂

SERIOUSLY backside itchy.

Btw nissin Tom yam noodles are one of the best. I like how the noodle texture is different from the usual.

It's quite flat and slippery and thinner than the usual instant noodles. And the Tom yam is legit.

I especially like the prawns and little squid flakes they include. ✨✨✨

Magic in a cup

Ooh they changed the recipe so the crabmeat is fatter now


It used to be super slim sticks hehe.

Flat slurpy noodles


My life is now about instant noodles 😂

But the queen of instant noodles has got to be this lah.

If you've never eaten this before…you're missing out on one of life's greatest gifts.

The noodles are crazy chewy and bouncy and idk what is in the sauce but it's sweet and saltyyyy.

They also give you a pack of shallots that are *surprise* still super crispy after you mix it into the sauce.

Really is sedap.

All the flavours are good (there's a green chilli one that is really quite green) but the original is bomb.

Plus it's only 1.50 for a pack of 4 😂😂😂😂😂

People talking about fashion and clothes.

I'm talking about.


Since I'm already too deep into this instant noodle post, please just indulge me 😂


I used to eat it plain, then I watched XX's video on it and now, adding cabbage, hua diao jie and egg changes it completely.

She also adds coconut milk.

But the crux lies in the HUA DIAO JIU.

One large generous capful and you're on the road to yummy heaven 😂

I feel like I am sponsored by these brands.



Haha, I'm cooking calamari tonight for dinner and I'll share the recipe later (easiest recipe ever).

But I thought I'd just share my calmari love story 😂😂

Back when Daniel and I were still friends but 暧昧, I mentioned once that I was cooking calamari and he was like


I want.

And I was like uh? You come my house take but I can only give you three rings cos, I don't have enough for my family 😂

Dude was on the way to booking into camp

And made his father detour to my place to pick up 3 rings of calamari,

Which I put into a paper cup and gave him a tooth pick 😂😂😂

He proceeded to say it's the best calamari he's ever eaten in his life. And how he thought about it all weekend.

That's also kind of when I knew he liked me. .

Ok wait. Maybe this was when we were already together?

Sorry my timeline is as messed up as my old woman brain 😂

Anyway, sorry time for a half time advert before posting recipes.


Another couple bites the dust.

And they were SO GOOD together (from an outsider perspective la ☹️)

Ok you prepare the batter. Or in this case, just flour.

It's plain flour with a copious amounts of parsley leaves (dried) and salt.

Oh and pepper.

How much salt and pepper you eyeball la hor.

For the flour, usually half cup for one squid is a good estimate. Always better to have more than less. If not you have to make more and you can't catch the same taste again.

For the parsley, you add ALOT until the flour looks like this when mixed.

White peppered with lots of green.

You'll need about 1/4 bottle of the McCormick parsley bottle to achieve this with 1.5 cups of flour!

You prepare the squid…

But my mum did it this time cos her hands were already dirty 😂

You cut out the eyeball and all the innards and the MOUTH of the squid.

And peel off the skin as well as you can!

Cut into small pieces!

I like mine small so there's more to go around 😂

Heat up oil in a small pot (you need less oil in a small pot to reach the depth enough to cook one squid piece evenly)

Then on medium high heat, coat your chopsticks with the flour and test if the flour sizzles in the oil.

If it does, put in the squid batches at a time. Don't crowd the pot!!!

And tadah!

Restaurant quality calamari.

Alot of people like to use kitchen towels to absorb the oil, but I find that that causes fried food to become soggy super quickly.

So I just let it drip oil in a sieve and transfer to a plate!

Squeeze some lemon juice and you're done!! ✨

P.S: I had too much flour so I mixed in some water and made parsley fritters 😂 #asian

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