En route to BKK via Scoot!

The dreamliner is one of Daniel's favourite planes to ever take (high humidity level, WiFi movies) so he's pretty stoked as usual 🙈

I think most of you are pretty tired of reading my BKK posts so I don't think I'll be updating much!


I wanted to share about my virgin eyelash extending experience yesterday!

Here's how my lashes look like now!

Considering how I have crazy straight and thin lashes, I'm really really liking my eyelashes now!!!

This post isn't sponsored ah! But I ended up not paying for it because the extensions couldn't adhere to my lashes properly.

I'll explain why! But I still recommend you girls who are looking for affordable extensions to go find Kelly! #lashextensions #dayrebeauty

So here's how it happened

Last minute, before my BKK trip, I decided I want beautiful lashes 😂, and I've been following quite a feel lash artists on IG (including the very dayre famous @/thelashco)

But the most affordable one was this home based one at Punggol called @_lashbykelly (on IG)

I found her cos one of my friends posted a photo of her extensions done there. AND SHE ALWAYS HAS BEAUTIFUL LASHES.

Initially I was still hesitant la. Cos what if I extend already then I feel super uncomfortable!

Then I will be uncomfortable throughout the trip 🙈

But heck. Sorry beauty over logic 😂 and I went.

I was trying to finish up all the last minute work cos so much to do before flying and ended up being late for my appointment. By 20 mins.

It's damn unlike me! I am usually super punctual but the combi of peak hour traffic and heavy rain killed me.

It started out fine…

I wanted to get my friend's lashes (i.e quite dramatic and longer at the end of the eyes rather than in the middle of the eyes)

But I wear glasses a lot so I couldn't get them as long as hers (13mm) so I let Kelly decide for me la!

I am usually super fidgity and tense when I go through beauty procedures, but I felt better cos Kelly was damn friendly and we were chatting about her daughter, my nephew and….our common friend 😂

Turns out my friend and her were sec school classmates.

It was also through the chatting that I realised she actually attended the lash course from The Lash Co haha and she was full of praise for Fiona's skills in extending lashes.

I initially wanted to make an appointment at Lash Co, but apparently the earliest slot is in September now or something? Haha I cannot plan so far ahead 😂

Anyway, ya! Her lashes are also all from USA and not from Taobao even tho uh I have nothing against Taobao.

Halfway through the procedure, my right eye started tearing

Even though I felt minimal discomfort.

I think it's cos my eyes are naturally sensitive (looking at bright lights can make me tear) and I tear a lot.


Kelly kept saying that DK why every time she combed through my lashes they kept falling off on one side. Then she realised I was tearing.

Probably cos my eye area very sensitive and there were too many things going on (eye mask, lashes) so it started tearing.

Left eye was completely fine tho!

Fyi I tear when I get my brows plucked or threaded and also tested as though I got bullied when I was getting my eyeliner tattoo done.

I kept apologising cos omg my scumbag eyes. But Kelly kept apologising also?

It was like

"Paiseh leh…"

"Omg no I more paiseh"

So we paused for awhile to let the lashes dry and for me to take a rest and Kelly kept trying again.

But by then it was already 2.5 hours into my appointment and she had another customer.

Yet she never once hurried me?? She just asked if I could still lie down (cos sometimes lie too long very Sian) and then told me if I had another 30 mins she will try her best.

In the end she said she won't be charging and asked me not to pay cos she felt her she couldn't give me a full set of lashes.

Excuse me how is this not a full set???

So apparently she charges $38 for unlimited lashes in which she sticks a strand of extension on every single lash you have.


What. Some more got places that charge by number of lashes. This Kelly just give you all 😂.

She kept apologising and even followed up with a text to say sorry for wasting my time.

But I thought it was quite well done already leh. Maybe cos I'm not a pro and I don't have very high standards?

Either way I'm pleased with what I got. And I cannot wait to go back for my second appointment.

I'm going to train my eyes to not tear 😂

Or maybe eyelash extensions are not my thing.

But the best thing I liked about Kelly is that she doesn't try to sell you anything?

So for example she mentioned my original lashes are quite weak. And told me to get lash strengthener. But…she doesn't carry it???

She told me it's cos she's from a retail background. So she doesn't like to hard sell and she feels very Sian when people try to hard sell her 😂

Damn good leh. I love it when people don't hard sell 👏👏👏

Anyway so that's my lashing experience la! Boring but just my 2 cents worth! I'm not a beauty pro and it's my first time so I have nothing to compare to.

I'm just sharing my experience!!

And my selfies of course.

My lips have been behaving weirdly recently. I have a patch of dry skin on one side of my lips both the top and bottom that I believe is eczema 😣

My mum has the exact same issue as well. Which is why I kind of expected this 😂

I have ALL of my mum's health issues. Like migraines, gastric problems, and now dry lips 😂😂😂


Ok very weird shot of the lashes.

Life with extensions

My eyes are damn small so I can actually see the lashes Hahahaha. And that takes some getting used to.

I also cannot take it that I cannot rub my eyes 🙁🙁

I love rubbing my eyes so this is really difficult for me. But good la! I used to rub my eyes until I scratched my eyeball 😂

And I don't like how I can't wash my face like flubber flubber flubber. 😣😂😂

But other than that.

I like my extensions!!!

P.S Super greasy but super delicious breakfast 😂

Really super in love with my lashes even though it can be fuller. HAHA.

You girls have really fast fingers leh! I wanted to book a slot at the end of the month and it seems Kelly is super busy Liao!!

Thank you for trusting me and may all of you have beautiful hairy eyes 💕💕 #hairyeyeclub

Please let me know how all your experiences went ok! I can be found on IG at @braintago too!!

Ordered poke bowls for lunch!

Now swatching ohmymatte 💕

I'm a lipstick leopard!!

I missed my naughty baby nephew so much I got my mum to facetime me and send me his photos 😂😂

Super overly attached aunty to the max!!!

Anyway, we are almost done with day 1 and uh tbh we didn't even have much a plan and neither did we accomplish much but WE HAD SO MUCH FUN.

Sometimes just wandering about aimlessly is pretty fun too. Hehe I am so lazy I just want to laze here tonight but Daniel wants to head out to the night markets. 😂

I'm already bathed and in my PJs 😂 cos I didn't wanna dirty the bed by lying down on it in dirty clothes.

Anyone else does the same????

What I love most about Bangkok

I've been to this city so many times, yet every time I go, I find more reasons to come back again.

There's this make shift food stall outside our hotel that's almost like a small zichar set up complete with tables and chairs and a menu with dishes.

This isn't like your usual street food stand where it's just one guy and their mobile stand. There's a proper restaurant quality set up.

But they only open at night and if you look closer, you'll realise everything is makeshift.

From the foldable tables to the little wooden planks placed below each table leg to steady it.

The exposed gas tanks and the various ingredients set upon stacked baskets.

Whenever we come back from the night markets around 12-1am, we see them packing up and they told the makeshift tables, roll the gas tanks back, and pack up the tables and chairs customers use.

They wash the floors and by 3am there is no sign they've even been there.

We chat with the hotel staff only to realise that the old couple have a job in the day and set up the stalls at night.

And it's this exact spirit that keeps the city so vibrant and interesting.

You see it in their willingness to adapt and innovate. In the variety and availability of their street food stands and stall vendors.

You see it in their people.

Can you imagine coming home from a day of work just to start another?

To unfold those tables, steady them with make shift wood blocks night after night?

Except that's the reality for alot of Thais. 90% of night market vendors have full time jobs, yet they live their lives with so much spirit.

And maybe that's why we love this place so much. Even if we don't shop that much anymore, even though sometimes we fly down just to spend most of our time walking, looking and then staying in our room.

It's nice to be in a city where people are so…….strong willed.

It's the same way I feel when I'm in China. These people don't have things handed to them on silver platters, but are willing to work in hopes that one day, the platter will be theirs too.

Hustle on!

Anddddd ending off the night with a mask.

We went out to Rod Fai Market again since it's pretty near! It was quite fun to just walk walk and buy things for other people (my mum complained I didn't buy anything for her the last trip) 😂

We reached around 830 and left at 10? Old already come home to recuperate 😂😂

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