Hello guys!!

It's meeee. I'm back haha.

I've been so lazy to type these days, because I'm not sure if I'm STILL not used to my Huawei (that I've gotten since Feb this year) or if it's because age is catching up to me, but typing on my phone is such a chore nowadays.

I think my thumbs are too fat and clumsy to accurately push all the right alphabets and it doesn't help that autocorrect…is not very smart.

Sometimes when I'm doing work, I use voice to text and it saves me so much time. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…


I'm updating because the office computer is windows and I can download the Dayre app to update! Hehe.

Both Daniel and I use Macbooks so there's no Dayre app. When I was previously using the Xiaomi, it was a breeze to update cos you can just type.

If anyone is looking out for an easy way to update lengthy posts, can try using the desktop app! It used to crash quite a bit, from my memory, but now it's doing much better!

I'm actually here to share my travel must haves cos I'm preparing for my trip to Japan, Tokyo with the entire fambam at the end of the month. AND I'M SO HAPPY that I can actually copy and paste Taobao links on the desktop app as well!

The Taobao app update is such a bitch cos you used to be able to copy shortened URLs and paste them, but now they've upgraded their technology and it's no longer a URL, just a bunch of text.

Apparently when you copy the text on your mobile phone and you already have the TB app installed, a popup will appear and once you click on it, the app will open the product you copied.


Magic, but apparently it didn't work for you guys cos the last time I did that…I think nobody managed to open the link LOL.

Anyway, just to get a few updates out of the way…

Quite a few of you have been asking me about the link for the laser measuring tape that I use (which I thought I included in my previous post but I obviously didn't) so here it is!

This is the model I use and here's the link!


The last time I bough it it was 120 yuan wtf fml.

But now it's only 75yuan!

Battery operated and accuracy is really quite good!

I think it's a decent investment if you're intending to do ALOT of DIY for your home renovations. Someone mentioned that they wanted to gift it to their ID boyfriend and I thought that was super sweet!

It has saved my life on multiple occasions, especially when I was alone. I DON'T KNOW HOW PEOPLE USE TRADITIONAL MEASURING TAPES.

It's super scary and often takes 2 noob people to take 1 measurement LOL. I give up. Plus when it retracts, it scares me to death πŸ˜…

We also put up the Black version of the LDL up on site, so if you've been lusting over the LDL but wanted a more functional colour, it doesn't get better than black!

Haha, one of you girls came to tell me that you needed an LDL in black to match the colour of your soul. GURLLLL, now you can slayyyyy in this black one!

Seamless LDL material and coloured panties are also up on the site now!

I'm also super blessed to have been given a GIV GIV box to giveaway to one of you guys!

If you don't already know, Giv Giv is the end to your headaches when it comes to gift giving.


I don't know if it's because I don't know people well enough, or if I'm too cheapskate or I'm too lazy, but I always find it super difficult to buy someone gifts that suits them well.

So I actually honestly find Giv Giv convenient! Instead of having to start with a blank canvas, you can actually look through their website for suggestions on what to gift to…your mother, brother, sister, teacher, husband or even…a housewarming gift!

I've been asking myself…what I'd be happy to receive as a housewarming gift. And…actually I myself also dunno. πŸ˜…

So far, we've had a few visitors at the new place already and I think the most common gift is always…a bottle of wine or alcohol!

Which to be honest, although is super practical (and I appreciate ok!) is sometimes…a little boring.

Of course, nobody can beat @chenshiqi and boyfriend who gifted Daniel and I a ROBOT VACUUM for our house warming when we first bought our place……….1 year ago. HAHA. The vacuum has been super useful in the office.

Anyway, I digress.

So when Estee, from Giv Giv asked me to build a house warming gift (WORTH $90 OK, SUPER GENEROUS) for you guys, I was like YESSSSZZZZ.

Firstly, it's because I feel like all of you have been with me on my house renovation and furnishing journey and it really feels like I have you guys with me as we move into our new place as well. πŸ™‚

It was super fun building the box becasue everytime I picked something I was like…hmm…..will I want to have this in my home? Would it be useful?

I am a crazy practical person, so most of the items I chose are…crazy practical as well HAHA. Sorry…if you're looking for like pretty things and a super pretty box…..


I might disappoint you πŸ˜‚

So the first thing I got was this RAINDROP RING DISH.

Haha, I know I said this would be practical…IT IS. Let me explain why.

I am going to build a landing strip (out of open wood shelving) for my home for us to put our barang barang once we get home. And I felt that this dish would be PERFECT for my house keys and car keys.

I ALWAYS forget to take my keys when I switch bags so I always get locked out of the house and Daniel is even worse. He doesn't bring keys at all.

So having this key dish (HAHA omg I repurposed it) would be amazing in building a habit out of putting our keys back at the same place so we can bring it out easily!

Plus, hello, this is damn cute. It would match any scandi theme (LOL MY OWN THEME).

Practicality 9/10, Aesthetics 10/10

The next thing I chose was a candle!


I used to think that candles were useless ( I like them but I don't use them enough) until I moved over to the new place.


You know how after a renovation your house smells like 10000 types of industrial paints, thinner, carpentry glue?

Ya, I certainly do.

During our first night, I felt like I was inhaling carpentry glue the entire night. Even putting charcoal in our wardrobes weren't enough.

So Daniel dug out the Fossil candle we got from Perth previously and we burnt it and instantly, it smells 100% better.

Also, I realised you don't care about how your house smells until it's YOUR house.

For me previously, even if I burnt candles in my room, once I leave, the house smells like…whatever my mum wants it to smell like. LAME.

But now that I have my own place, making it smell good and feel good is actually of importance to me! So if you're buying a house warming gift or building a givbox with GIVGIV, candles are a yes for housewarming.


The next thing I picked was these super cute ANG KU KUEH coasters from Red Republic!


Cos…we have a solid wood table at home and everytime someone leaves their cold drink on the table without a coaster, I die a little inside.

Ok actually, I just yell at them to use a coaster.

We actually mass bought a bunch of cork coasters from IKEA a while back, but the quality was shit and we had to throw a couple of em out after the first use.

Also, idk if it's cos it looks damn ugly, nobody actually wanted to use it?

If someone gave me these SKK coasters as a housewarming gift, I would be damn happy. Plus, I can also force the person who gave them to me to use them EVERY TIME. No more wet tables. #smart

Practicality 10/10, cuteness 10/10

If you're coming to my house, please gift me more of these, cos one box only got 2 LOL

The next thing I picked is the Seven Secrets Tea from Kittea.

Haha, so punny. KIT TEA -_-

But anyway, after you become a homeowner, you will slowly realise how useful tea is. You think it's enough to stock up your fridge with alcohol and soft drinks? Wait until your older relatives come over and tell you they don't take "sweet stuff" and "cold drinks"


So if you gave me this tea, I'd be damn happy. Tea is a must have in your house la, especially when it's housewarming period and you have a varied selection of guests!

Plus, according to the site, it contains "Lychee, Mango, Wolfberries, Safflower, Rose Petals, Jasmine Blossoms, Jasmine Green Tea, Gunpowder Green Tea, Chun Mee Green Tea, Mao Feng Green Tea, Sencha, Se Chung Oolong Tea, Pai Mu Tan White Tea" which sounds DELICIOUS???

I could have picked something simpler, but lychee and mango called out to me :p

And the last thing I picked out was this Edible Garden set! 🀣🀣

Really damn practical! I actually got the idea to start my own edible garden because after reading about some Dayreans who planted their own veggies, I thought it would be a good idea too!

We never saw the need to do it previously because when we were staying with my mum, she'd just use up whatever ingredients we couldn't finish using. But if we're only cooking for 2, using up everything is gonna be a small problem.

So planting some in your kitchen sounds like an awesome plan! This kit has 3 veggies, Chinese Kale, Malabar Spinach and Water Spinach so uh I think if you plant all at the same time, and they grow abit, you can combine all 3 and fry it up!

The kit also contains everything you need to plant and grow them!

This is how the set looks like! Hehe

I really like how they put it in a box and ship it out. It's also great for a group of friends who wanna chip in to gift a presentable gift!

And GIV GIV is generous enough to give one of these boxes to one of you guys!!!

All you have to do is comment on this post and let me know which item you love the most and why, and also, show GIV GIV some love! They are on IG as @givgiv.co 😊

I'll close the giveaway at the end of the week (Sunday)!

Always very hesistant to accept giveaways cos…………………what if no one participates ah. πŸ˜‚

#malu πŸ˜‚

Wanna know what's on the top of my travel list?


We're buying refurbished sets from Taobao to reminisce the old days. I was a huge Nintendo geek and I got so excited telling Daniel about all the games I used to play.

Btw, super Mario pro here!!


Daniel on the other hand loves PokΓ©mon πŸ˜‚


Gaming consoles are the best for long haul flights and trips with lots and lots of travelling!

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