Launching tomorrow (13 Sept) at 12 noon!

Have you guys seen our new emailer?? 😍

Haha, we're launching a new OBClassic on site tomorrow and it's been a super exciting launch prep so far.

Mainly because I'm obsessed with this bralette's material and colours and I can't stop touching and looking at it 😂

THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE was designed to be a mummy's bralette but it turned out so so so so well that it's been receiving so much positive response online!

Tbh there's no such thing as a mummy bralette on OBC cos almost all our bralettes can be worn for breastfeeding or during pregnancy.

But when we design a bralette with mummies in mind, comfort is ALWAYS a priority. #dayremummies

The material is truly a dream to wear!

Think the softness of the B00BHUGGER with the thickness of the LDL.

I've always found the LDL to be slightly stiffer so when we found this material, I HAD to use it. 😂

I even went a little mad and overordered cos we wanted to change all the lining for our OBClassics to this new material.

I've already been wearing it for almost 1.5 months and I love it. But I'm looking forward to hearing feedback too!

I'm still undecided if I like this seafoam more or the mauve 😂

But these two colours turned out SPECTACULARLY! The bands have a small white strip at the top and bottom because we wanted it to look a little more fun and sporty.

The bands on both the coloured versions are slightly stretchier than the black one due to the dyeing pricess, so mummies if you're going for comfort, the coloured versions will be better!

Some of you were asking about whether the mesh will hold up, especially since there's a sizable cutout, but yes!!

Mine has been machine washed for quite a few washes and still in good condition!

The mesh is held together by numerous stitches so it feels very very sturdy so don't worry!

Also very in love with the deep red.

Not bright and when paired with the gold hardware, it's like 😍😍😍

Haha I was joking with some girls that this can be worn for CNY or when you need abit of lady luck on your side!

I think we do red very sparingly, but when done right it can really be quite alluring.

The red and gold pairing is a dream!

Hehe I always get sucked in by the tiny details, so this is a yes for me! 😉

Btw these have adjustable shoulder straps (of course!)

The cut out is very very flattering and you don't feel it at all.

There's no reduced support due to the cut out and it's still as comfortable! (We tried both variations, with and without the cut out!)

It's classy with a hint of cheeky and so cute! 😘

The seafoam is really soft and gentle and the red is really passionate. So different even though they are the same designs! 😊

And of course it's also available in classic black la!

I know alot of you girls always turn to black as an everyday colour so we had to make it in this versatile colour.

I think the black one gives off a different vibe and looks very very strong even with the soft mesh.

I was telling the girls in the #OBCHICKS group that the proudest moment of my new entrepreneur journey thus far was when my mum put on the new bralette and gave me a thumbs up.

I think I've brought my family honour. 😂

I'm also really happy that @/tieponytail and @/themerrymaker both find these as wonderful companions on their mummy journey. 😊

If you purchase 3 pieces of the bralette, you'll receive an OBC travel pouch and a discount!

A set of 3 is going for $52.80 instead of $56.40! And will include registered courier mail!


On another note,

I’m in love with the new Taylor Swift.

Never used to be a fan of her sappy love songs and good girl image, but her new single and MV?

Huge huge huge convert.

What can I say? I’m in love with the new Taylor.

She’s no longer the Regina George in sheep’s clothing. She’s JUST REGINA GEORGE now, and that confidence and self awareness is so refreshing.

I think it reminded me of who I used to be and the person I’ve lost after running a business. I now know better than ever, what it feels like to have to hold your tongue back so intensely you can feel it bleed. And I know how it feels like to have justice, honour and ethics on your side, but end up having to sit down and shut up all the same.

I’m not proud of who I am, but I also know that sometimes it’s good to have your sharp edges sanded down and how it’s sometimes easier to fit into society’s prescribed mould.

I don’t think I’ve lost the entirety of the person I used to be, I just try my best to keep that part away from social media’s watchful, omni-judging eyes.

It’s made me lacklustre for sure, but perhaps that’s a good thing.

Sometimes I feel it creep beneath my skin, the urge to stand up, say the exact things running through my mind and having the confidence and courage to take ownership of both the good and bad. And I think that one day, I might just be able to find that person I used to be and stand up for the things I believe in, whether anyone else likes it or not.

But for now, I’m content looping Taylor’s brand new single and silently sending her nods of approval.

Guess what TS? We're actually more similar than I thought.

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