My alarm rings at 758 (I like to set my alarms at weird timings don't ask me why 😂😂) and I roll to my side to snooze it.

My mum built up the habit to NEVER snooze back when we were much younger and when my alarm rings, I usually hop out of bed immediately out of reflex.

But ever since I married Daniel (who btw is the KING of snoozing and procrastinating or what my mum calls MOH ZEH) I snooze once.

I'm usually awake during my "snooze" and use the time to slowly wake up my brain by clearing notifications and replying to comments or messages.

THEN I hop out of bed and get around to doing my biznez…in the toilet 😂

Today is a bad day because I have to change the toilet roll.


Daniel says it's because I'm the one that uses damn a lot of it 😥 But…I think I've been the sole toilet roll changer for weeks.

I'm going to leave it empty for husband Ng to change it 😂😂😂😂😂 #weird

To the office!

On weekdays, we stay with my mum because my siblings have all moved out and we converted the entire 3rd story into our office 😂

There's still not enough space for our stock tho, so sometimes we have to shuffle between storage and office.

Today is a pure office day so I'm happy 😂 First thing is to clear emails. If you are doing email marketing, best time to send emails are when people are otw to work so when they sit their ass down to clear emails, they see yours first!

But first, I turn on the song of my week/life and sing and dance along to 2 lines before I sit down to work 😂

Warm up for my body and brain.

TS, I'm not a fan but I love the new you 😉

I was replying just half an email and omg I got distracted by this Husband Ng.

What were we distracted by?

Donald Trump singing look what you made me do #ded 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Done with emails! And it's already 1035 😭😭😭😭😭

Usually the nephew wakes up at this timing so I will leave my seat and creep up on him from upstairs 😂 I will go and do that now.

And come back to finish answering questions from our agency 😂😂😂 been procrastinating on this for like…days 😥

Check out this monkey. 😂

My mum is figuring out how to use the hipseat 😂

Guess which Gugu couldn't resist his smile and climbed 3 floors down to say hi!

Haha it's me -_- and he ended up pooping. So I ran back up and went back to work 😂

I think people think that being self employed is awesome cos you have all the time to do your own stuff and the liberty to decide when you want to work.

But it's also very difficult getting family or friends to understand that you're doing "real work"

Sometimes my mum just randomly asks me to run errands in the middle of the day when we're busy and I'm like…..

I'm working.

Then she rolls her eyes. 😥

You also need to have a crazy high level of self discipline to make it work and clock in enough hours. Nowadays we work from 830 to about 6 and then take a break, afterwards continue to work from 8 to 12am again.


Long hours.

Lunch break!!!

Haha I love working from my mum's place cos she settles my lunch 😂😂

Today we have curry veg and beehoon! Super Singaporean.

I helped with packing today cos of our launch yesterday and DAMN so tiring 😂😂 But all the Unconditional Love bralette orders will be sent out today!

Some of you ordered yesterday and received it today and we've been getting rave feedback.

Nothing is better than awesome feedback!

Uh sorry I forgot to take a pic cos we were too hungry 😂

Btw if you realised, we don't have breakfast but I do usually drink soy milk/coffee/ eat a caffeine pill if not I will have negative energy 😂

I was talking to my friend the other day and he kept talking about this ketosis diet thingy which needs us to drink 1 cup of coffee with BUTTER stirred into it in the morning.

😂 But I need to stay away from carbs. Which I cannot.

So goodbye.

We fully live out our lunch time and it's usually spent talking to the nephew of the mother.

And after work it's back to the office! Daniel does stock take and the other stuff (😂) and I get to go back to my emails and words and writing and designing and drawing 😂

Sometimes I take photos, videos, or do some editing. Sometimes I churn out excel sheets even tho I suck at them.

There was one day I spent the entire afternoon looking at analytics 😂

I scroll through dayre like any other employee that jiak zhua during office hours and I find myself having to hold my tongue about so many matters.

My only stand is that since the users here are predominantly women, we should all support each other.

Because if we don't, who will? I know as girls we love throwing shade and being jealous of each other (trust me, I get jealous all day long 😂) but why?

Why do we need to put down the success of others to make ourselves feel better.

Shared this on our closed FB group last night as well and I will always stand by this. That we should support each other. And say nice things.

Some call it hypocrisy but I call it having a filter and thinking before you speak. We cannot control our innate responses, but that's why we have a brain. So we can filter our words before they leave our mouths and hurt others.

Ok, said too much. Time to put down my phone and look through colour samples.

Replying chats while I have the time and hehehehehehe

I still love chatting with you girls, have already loved it since the shopee days!

We've toyed with the idea of having a loyalty program but we've been having issues defining loyalty because it doesn't mean that being a big sender = loyal customer.

I have some help with replying chats nowadays and I make sure that every customer is profiled and we take note of your likes dislikes and sizing.

Tbh, I admire all the old mama shops and shop owners who can recognize old customers and define loyalty differently from how we perceive it in this day and age.

My mum used to only buy stuff once a month from this particular vendor in our quiet neighbourhood but the owner remembers us and always says hi and makes our visit extra splendid.

It's not always about the rebate, discounts or the exclusive deets. Sometimes it's about the human connection, having someone to talk to.

And that's what I'm trying to build at OBC.

The human connection that comes with online shopping.

A well trained CS team trumps any loyalty program.

Some of our oldest and cutest customers aren't big spenders, but they are some of the sweetest, most polite people. And we definitely make it a point to show our appreciation when they drop by 😊

Post work, we take a trip down to Tampines One for grocery shopping cos we have vouchers from vitality that are expiring!


I used the vouchers to buy cheese.

I love cheese and used to purchase from this specialty cheese stall at Pasar Bella when Daniel was still studying in Clementi.

But now too far lah! And I really miss their aged cheeses 😂😂

The ones on the rack usually only aged for 6 months. Not enough for me!

Super happy to find the 24 month (2 years!!) aged Gouda by Beemster in Cold Storage so I got it.

We're having it now and watching TV! No night shift today 😂 and the cheese is FRIGGIN good.

I would repurchase any time. I love cheese so much! And my favourites are mostly hard cheeses.

I do love a good brie, but hard cheeses are the bomb!

The last time we had an ice cream cheese I think it was the tellagio that was so soft you ate it with a spoon 😂

Ending the night off handling chats

Freaking best part of the day! When everyone goes home and opens their parcels and tries on their bralettes and they come back to tell you. ..

It fits!!!

And that it feels better than not wearing anything!!!! @joyceforensia I give it to you. Best sales pitch ever 😂😂

I'm really encouraged by how well received the unconditional love bralette is! 😊 comfort has always been our focus and I'm really glad we managed to encapsulate that in a design 😍😍

Oh no! 10 minutes to bedtime!

I try to clock 8 hours of sleep everyday so 12am bed time is like a target I try to meet.

But judging from how husband Ng is still in the shower and how I'm still scrolling through Facebook, I doubt that's going to happen!

It's been fun documnetiing my day…and I think I bored you guys out cos I have such BORING days and I'm so bad at documenting!

I'm still stuck in the era where you need a proper topic to write an entry.

I don't know how the others do it! I always forget to take pictures at mealtimes and I forget to take pictures of interesting stuff 😂

I am fully immersed in the moment and I cannot be distracted 😂 like how I was so immersed in having homecooked food for dinner I didn't take a single picture. 🙊

But it's been fun! And I have new respect for the dayre girls who document their daily activities! Really not easy! 😉

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