WoooOooOoO. I am completely pooped! Travelling with a baby is really very tiring even though we don't do as much as we would have without.

I'm not complaining! I am just documenting hehe. We spent a good part of the day exploring Shibuya (saw hachiko but didn't take a photo cos so many people!) And experienced the legendary Shibuya crossing.


We didn't get to shop much except for at uniqlo!

But first, breakfast! We walked from Shinjuku Granbell which is our hotel all the way to this restaurant called Shimpachi!

We didn't plan anything so I did some last minute googling and decided to come here for their rice sets.

We walked so far omg. Haha I miss the cheap Grabs in BKK so much 😭😂

But it was actually pretty worth it! Bad thing was that because I didn't do in depth research, I didn't know it was going to be a bar seating with only 20 seats max 😂😂

Lucky baby was napping and just nice there were 6 seats in a row for us.

They basically have ALOT of different grilled fish sets and 1 pork, 1 beef and 1 chicken set.

I tried the fish set of the day and it was Saba simmered in miso!

The Saba here is very different from the ones in SG. Daniel says it's cos the ones they usually in SG is actually mackerel. The distinctive taste is not so strong here!

Hehe I liked our breakfast. It was yummy!

My dad's pork miso set that he had to cut himself 😂😂😂 my dad is a super traditional guy so he was shocked he had to DIY his meal. I think he half wanted to ask my mum to cut for him but my mum just ignored 😂😂😂

You also have the option to half the rice and deduct 70yen! 😎

Daniel's grilled beef set. He also added on a raw egg to mix into his rice.

This dude LOVES his Jap rice omg. I think he's eaten so much until idk what alr. He finishes all the rice I cannot finish hahaha.

After lunch, we took the train to Shibuya and went uniqlo shopping 😂 I was so glad that my mum actually likes uniqlo. We had alot of fun digging through the sale racks and omg she picked out 2 super on point pieces for me.

I think I miss shopping with my mama. 😭 When I was younger we used to go shopping together. It was always a chore cos as a kid I was overgrown for my age and she always has difficulty finding clothes for my size in the children's section 😂😂😂

Quite nice to have someone pick out your outfits for you again!

No pictures Shibuya – lunch because we were hunting down a lunch spot but it ended up being closed.

The random ramen stall we decided to pop into was GREAT but the service was non existent (I wasn't even expecting service I just didn't want to be yelled at or chided for sitting at the bar instead of squeezing in a booth with too many people and bags) so that was uneventful.

Our first ramen in Tokyo tho! And am secretly happy that it was actually really good.

Oh ya forgot to talk about the coke in the picture 😂😂😂

So Japan actually has this coke variation called plus that contains DIETARY FIBRE WTFFFFF.

I tried it and it just takes like regular coke except it has no calories and has 4g of dietary fibre (I think)

Apparently good for reducing fat absorption or something 😂 but so cool!

The elusive king crab dinner

One of my father's to-dos this trip was to eat a good king crab themed meal and we were headed over to a specialty chain at about 5pm to have dinner but upon arriving it was apparently fully booked.

And was fully booked for the next 2 weeks because of the peak Chinese tourism period.


My father was so so upset because ALL the branches (8 btw) seemed fully booked and the staff were not apologetic, really arrogant and not helpful.

Since we couldn't get king crabs for dinner we decided to fulfill his next to do list item which was to have fugu for dinner.

Btw by this time, we had already walked like 2km to the king crab restaurant and I was baby wearing the nephew who was sleeping.

We proceeded to walk another 15-20 minutes to the fugu restaurant and omg I have a newfound respect for mummies who babywear and walk EVERYWHERE.

My back and legs were breaking 😂😂

Said baby sleeping in my arms/chest 😂

So precious la. It is really really tiring to travel with a baby (or even raise a kid) but they really bring you so much joy. It is like a totally new experience and you cannot replace the journey with anything else.

I sound like a mum right? But today after cleaning baby shit and having them on my hand, I think I might be ready. 😂😂😂

In another 5 years maybe. 😂😂

Back to fugu! Appetizers of fugu skin with ponzu!

Fugu sashimi which was SO SO SO GOOD btw.

Also, it was also about this point that I kinda realised I was allergic to something at dinner. My upper palate was super itchy and my nose was starting to behave like when I get an allergy attack.

So I stopped.

SO SAD THO OMG. Fugu is so expensive and so so yummy 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 and I only ate the rice soup after that 😂

But oh well! If anyone wants to try fugu, I really recommend this place!

They also have a fugu hotpot set that is really good (smelled really good 😂) and then they put rice into the soup and beat an egg in and it's like the most amazing thing in the world when eaten with pickles.

I loved it so much!!!

Hehe but really very tired la. 😂

We walked to the big uniqlo thing at Shinjuku to shop thereafter but omg my legs really cannot already 😂😂 #weak #dayretravel

I wanted to buy a new humidifier (LOL more excited shopping for a humidifier than new clothes) but realised the voltage difference would have been a problem.

My brother's slow cooker couldn't work because of the voltage difference so baby has been eating cereals and packed food instead of his slow cooked porridge 😂

My supper for tonight! Haha. Allergic to fugu and MSG but completely ok with convenience store food all day every day.

This cheese baked rice was good even though it didn't even have any meat 😭😂

I think it's the Jap rice and maybe the Jap air.

I also had an oden 😂😂 so yummy leh. Now I'm lying in bed and prepping to sleep because we have a day tour tomorrow wahaha. I'm so bad at planning trips for countries where I don't know much about and has a language barrier.

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