We have a new launch on the website today! We rarely release so many new designs at once, but today we did because it's so nice to work with a supplier that has an eye for beauty 💃

I don't usually post about launches here very much anymore because sometimes I feel like it's very repetitive, especially if you girls follow us on IG and FB and Telegram as well (and sign up for our emailer!)

But I wanted to talk about this launch because I had quite a hard time photographing for it 😭

I'm not a model by trade or a model in any way, so posing for all these product listing photos ALWAYS gets to me.

I'm also uncomfortable working with professional models because I always find them a little too polished and it's actually quite hard to find a model that doesn't have the industry specific body type (aka the media's definition of a good body).

So sometimes I find that it's easier if I get friends, family or myself to pose in front of the camera.

I've done it before, but it doesn't mean that it gets easier at all. In fact on some days I'm so dissatisfied with the way I look in photos, or the photographer is so frustrated with my inability to RELAX and MOVE YOUR HANDS THIS WAY that I am almost frustrated to the point of tears and have to reschedule the shooting to another day.

So…I shared this sentiments on our IG stories because…I thought it's something we all face, and I wanted to share some of my thoughts and feelings.

I'm really happy starting OBC allowed me to do my part in promoting body positivity

I wrote about my life as a Pui Pui Girl back in @braintango:150217 and while I've come to terms with the fact that I'm probably gonna be on the plus side for…ever, it doesn't change the fact that sometimes I look into the mirror and I don't like what I see.

I'm not sure if it was the excessive eating in Japan or the fact that I didn't put on much make up that triggered my self loathing (or maybe the fact that I didn't fit into most of the old dresses I packed along for the trip)

But I was seriously upset for a huge part of the trip because…I was ugly and frumpy and not very attractive in ALL the photos we took as a family.

I remember it was this photo!

This photo of me in my new uniqlo dress that made me feel REALLY bad about myself. I felt that I looked huge, and super aunty 😭

The funny thing is that before this photo I actually loved the dress, but now it remains in my wardrobe and it burns to look at it.

I gave up on dressing up for most of the part but realised that when I put on make up and FELT more confident, I also felt more comfortable and happier with the way I looked.

I know I've always pushed for body positivity and to be ok with the way you look no matter what size you are, but I've come to realise that confidence is key and confidence can come to us in many ways.

First is make up, that makes us look beautiful and feel beautiful. Second is clothes, and third is compliments.

While it may be dangerous to rely on external sources to validate your beauty and to help you feel beautiful, I truly believe that when you start to feel good about yourself, it's easier to develop love and then independent confidence about your own body.

And as women, what we can do is to compliment, support and be the voice of body positivity campaigns!

We are all mirrors and showing others that they are beautiful makes you feel that way as well

It's ok to have moments whereby you feel unhappy about your body. And it's ok to sometimes stray away from body positivity.

I'm a huge huge advocate of appreciating our own beauty but sometimes, even I feel sad or not-very-beautiful.

But I'm thankful for the women whom I choose to associate my brand with and for the women who choose to support OBC because they support what we believe in as well.

Just minutes after I shared my experience about feeling horrible during a photoshoot on IG stories, messages started pouring in.

Women telling other women they barely knew that they KNOW for sure that they are beautiful.

It was a wonderful moment and that night, I knew that we have touched the lives of others. And that because of some lace and bralettes, women feel beautiful.

You can be the change you want to see in this world

Daniel has always always always been on my side on this journey to loving my body. When I want to diet and exercise he supports me 100%.

When I give up and decide to live life diet free, he also supports me 100% and tells me I'm beautiful no matter how I look.

But the real change I see is in my family.

You know la. Traditional Chinese families are always about how women should eat less, be slim and slender and presentable.

My brothers and mother used to be the same. My mum always tells me I look super fat in some clothes (brutally honest) and my brothers used to tease me.

But I've noticed that after OBC and after they see the amount of effort I put into ensuring our brand is inclusive and by starting with myself and being a role model, they have changed too.

Recently I told my mum I wanna diet and eat super healthy. (one of those days la 😂) and she actually said no need to diet. Just don't eat fried food.

And on another day, when I told her that I am happy with the way I look and that our brand focuses alot on helping women appreciate their beauty no matter how they look like, she actually said ok. And that she's also ok with the way I look.

I know she's not like crazy about body positivity yet, but baby steps and I'm happy to say that she's moving over to our side.

The other day I asked if she would model for us, and she said "ok can try" and I was shocked and happy.

Happy that my mummy is supportive and is willing to step out in front of cameras to show other women that beauty is not about size, not about age and definitely not about the way you look.

Look how far we've come!

And of course, my brother, who not only helps out and is part of the #obc team, but also a huge huge huge supporter of our body positivity movement now.

It was hilarious because while in Japan and tula-ing, my fats were being squeezed out in a bodycon dress (mummies that baby wear will understand how unflattering a Tula is) 😂 I asked to coverup my bulge.

Guess what he said?

"Cover for what!!! Meimei is BODY BEAUTIFUL (lol his way of saying body positive) no need to cover!!!"

Hahaa it was hilarious but at the same time reminded me that, he's right.

I am body positive (or BODY BEAUTIFUL) and there's nothing wrong with me body and there's nothing to cover up.

So to all my beautiful beautiful beautiful customers, friends, readers, passerbys and women of the world,

You are beautiful.

And you'll find that when you stand up straight and lift your chin up high, that you are most beautiful then 😊

P.S: It's true you can see my stretch marks on my lower back in the photos above, but who cares. Everyone has some sort of mark somewhere. How do you think my husband identifies me in the dark? 😂


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