Guys…I need an intervention…

I cannot stop looking at gowns

Even tho I already have enough, I just keep scrolling and scrolling and looking for gowns!! 😢 It's an addiction.

Ok la, not just gowns but all wedding related things. Like shoes, hair accessories, bridesmaid dresses and stuff.

#dayrebrides #bridalfever

I'm thinking of sharing some of the options I super love but cannot justify getting because omg I don't want to end up having 5 cream/white gowns hanging at home 😂

Should I try holding taobao bridal consult sessions after my wedding ends 😂 because I JUST CANNOT STOP SCROLLING omg and adding everything to my cart.

Kill me now. 😂

Anyway, so after looking through so many gowns and purchasing and returning multiple times from TB, here are some of the tips I have for all the #BTB that are thinking of getting their PWS or dinner gowns from online!

I'm actually quite sick of all the bridal talk already. 😂 I actually didn't do any wedding prep until the end of last month. But I think I caught the wedding fever again and I'm just scrolling non stop 😂

Go for shops with lots of review photos

For example, this dress looks ok right?

Like I actually quite like it and I'm convinced because they didn't use like a Pinterest photo (Taobao sellers always kope similar Pinterest photos to use then the end product is like 90% different).

This legit looks like a BTB in a bridal studio.

But then from review photos you can see that the lace under the tulle layer is actually uh not very nice 😂

It wasn't that obvious in the product photo but cos of the way this bride is sitting you can see it very clearly 😢

It looks abit like spiderwebs ah 😂

From another review pic you can also see that the lining and padding in the bodice wasn't done very well. So it's very obvious that you have two padding covering the boobs 😢

Actually this was exactly what happened for my solemnization gown. The tailor just anyhow sew two padding into the chest area so it looked like 2 perfect circles on my chest wts 😂

In the end I chopped the entire dress into half and only used the skirt and matched it with a bodysuit of my own 🙄

Another example, this is the product photo.

I think the winning points for this dress are that you can clearly still see the lace detailing on the bottom part of the gown and it looks very luxurious. I also quite like the colour ah, I never liked full white gowns 😂 idk why.

But from a reviewer's photo you can tell that the lace they use isn't exactly the same as the product picture.

It's more sparse and a little bit too even. 😂 The product picture, the applique detail seems to be more concentrated at the waist and spread out after. But the actual piece doesn't appear that way.

It's not that bad, but definitely not the same as the product photo.

I think looking at the reviews gives you a more realistic expectation of how the gown will look like when it comes.

It takes me freaking long to decide on a gown that's worth the buy because I really try to go through all the photos and reviews before deciding. 😂

If not later end up like the Taobao fails meme then I will cry. 😂

Ask for actual product photos

I loved this dress on first look! I think it's friggin gorgeous and I love all these bohemian looking gowns with the see through look / nude lining.

I think the appeal is in how the dress looks like it's a strapless off shoulder?

Here's the photo of their actual product!

I actually think it's not bad! Except that the illusion neckline is more obvious here and the floral embellishments don't look as ethereal.

But not bad la! Got 90% similarity? 😊

But, this is the back for the modelled photo, and if you stare a little closer, you can see that she put on a nude piece under the sheer gown.

The most obvious part would be the lace up at the back and how the panel under the armpit is unlined/showing the nude piece below.

On the actual product tho, there's no nude inner lining with the corset like lace up and the sides of the dress are lined with cream lining.

It's a small difference but because the lining is cream instead of nude, you don't get that see thru effect as much as in the original product picture.

HAHA I'M NOT USUALLY SO DETAILED AND CAREFUL WHEN I BUY STUFF ON TB but my experience with shitty gowns have taught me well 🤣

What if you like a dress with no actual pictures or reviews?

I tell you, all these bridal shops on Taobao are FREAKING smart.

So most of them are tailor shops that custom make gowns. So they will just kope designs from the greater web and use them as product pictures.


They have never made the gown before ah!

So if you ask the seller for 实拍照 (actual product photos) they will say they don't have it, but don't worry they know how to make and it will look the same.

Which is what happened for my solemnization gown la!

It was supposed to look like this!

Ended up like this! This was after multiple alterations ah mind you 🤣

And after removing the entire bodice of the dress which the tailor gave zero fucks to making. He literally took a piece of chiffon and cut it into a spaghetti top shape and sewed it to the dress. Even though I repeatedly told them that the top and the skirt has to be separate to give the effect.

Aiya, but they don't listen one. If you're intending to have your dress made to measure, remember to ask for progress photos!

I did appreciate how they probably used like 200 metres of chiffon and lace and tulle on the skirt tho because it weighed a ton and was damn bloody hot underneath.

But the weightiness of it really shows and adds to it looking luxe instead of cheapskate la.

So always tell your tailor you want many many many layers 🤣

Hahaha in this unglam shot, you can see the lace on my bodysuit! 🤣

I freaking love my bodysuits (I think I might be the only one) but they are so versatile and always adds a touch of extra something to your outfit.

I'm damn excited to be wearing #obc's bridal lingerie sample pieces during my own banquet hahaha. But I will miss this bodysuit 🤣

Oh and you can see my beaded mesh vest top thing and the scalloped hem which was swallowed by my body in most other shots 🤣

Sometimes I wonder to myself if I'd be a happier bride if I didn't have to save 💰 and could just go for any bridal package

I already can hear what some of the naysayers are thinking…a wedding is a once in a lifetime experience, but everything also want to scrimp and save. Worth it meh?

Sometimes I also think about what it would be like to waltz into a bridal studio and choose from all the gowns available. To see all the final products in real life rather than swiping from the phone.

Then I visualize myself putting on the gown and someone telling me wah your skin so fair wear this gown really very nice 😂

Instead of having to see Husband Ng's trying not to laugh face when I first put on my gown, crumpled from the mail, before alterations.

I think about how I can stop praying that the pair of size 40 wedding shoes will fit me when they arrive and that the sole doesn't just fall off when I walk my first few steps.

I think about not having to worry about delayed shipments, peak shopping seasons (curse you 1111!!!) and unresponsive sellers (who say they ship my shit out via DHL but actually sent it to some other address in China)

But I also think about the thousands of dollars I don't have 😂

And I realise.

Ok la it's true, I wouldn't have it any other way. It might be a tedious, unconventional and somewhat weird way, but so far, it's been serving us so well, we don't have to entertain thoughts of alternative ways.

But of course, every bride is different and a wedding is once in a lifetime, so just go and do whatever you want ok!

I also have my moments one la! Like how I already carried out 3 sets of hair accessories even though I only got 1 head and 2 of them are the same pattern just in different colours 🤣

So have fun and just do what you feel is the best thing for your wedding, and hopefully it'll be enough to last your marriage a lifetime 😉😉

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